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Moving is tough but the toughest task during the relocation process is to move certain items. yes, there are always some items that are difficult to relocate than the others like when you move clothing items then you don’t need to pay much attention while when it comes to fragile items then you need to be a hundred percent attentive. If you don’t pay much attention to it then it will end up damaged and breakage. One of the best ways to eliminate the chances of damage is by hiring the best moving labor services. They know how to pack and move such items with their expertise and can handle the entire relocation process with ease. Check out these items which are complex to relocate:

House Plants

While plants seem to be the simplest items to shift, they can be tricky to handle. House plants are very sensitive and require much protection making them one of the most difficult items to move. The plants are living things and are placed in containers full of mud. When moving them in the moving truck, remember that the trucks are not climate controlled and any casualness towards the plants can result in their damage to the new space. Therefore, always try to transfer plants in a temperature-controlled environment.


Artworks are valuable not only in terms of money but also they have of sentimental value for you. Either way, you can’t afford to lose your precious artworks during the move. While some of your artworks may be lightweight and framed, there may be some artworks that are heavy-weighted and unusually shaped making them difficult to pack and move. You must pack your artwork more carefully so that any type of damages can be avoided. When placing the artworks in the moving boxes, make sure to pack them properly, and provide extra cushioning to them.


Furniture is considered the most difficult item to move, especially the large and bulky ones. It can be complicated to pack the furniture as there are no packing materials that are specifically manufactured for packing them. Also, it is a very exhausting and time-consuming process to pack and move the furniture. You will need assistance to move the heavy furniture. The large-sized furniture is first disassembled into smaller parts, then the parts are packed and loaded into the truck. The packing process doesn’t end here, the parts that were disassembled, are to be assembled again after reaching the new home. Remember that furniture if not packed properly is prone to damages, so it is essential to protect them.


Pianos are large in size and heavy in weight requiring much energy to move them. Also, pianos are equipped with small and moving parts inside that are prone to damage when in transit. Many people [prefer to sell their old piano rather than take it with them to the new place. But if you want to move it, then it is suggested to get professional help. No matter how strong you are or you have helpers, not only you can damage your piano but your house (hallways, doorways, staircases). Professional movers are specifically trained in packing and shifting large and heavy items like pianos, so let them handle it.

Electronic items

Packing, loading, and moving large-sized and sensitive electronic items can be a tough task. A small sort of mishandling can result in greater loss to your valuable electronic items. If you are moving your house o your own, then see to it that proper packing is provided to these items. You can wrap the electronic items in the blanket after removing the cables and then tape them carefully. The next alternative is to pack them in the moving boxes with extra cushioning. If you are not experienced in handling such items, then just hire a professional moving company. Being experienced in providing packing and moving services, they will handle your electronic items in such a way that all possibilities of the items getting damaged are eliminated.


Relocating your pets is not at all an easy thing to do and if you don’t have any planning ahead of the time then it will not be even feasible to move them completely safe. You need to consider their comfort and safety. First, ensure that the pet is good in health by visiting the vet and also asking for advice. Pick up the right size of crate, prepare food and toys which will make the pet feel comfortable during transportation. You should relocate your pet along with you in your vehicle.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Moving is a painful and daunting process. There is always a risk of damage to goods in transit if they are not packed properly. Though no items are easy to move, some are more difficult. The above list of items requires additional efforts and the help of additional hands to relocate with ease.

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