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Microsoft Surfaces No Ryzen 5000 2021

Microsoft Surfaces No Ryzen 5000. The most significant battle for CPUs in 2021 doesn’t happen on desktop computers, but rather in notebooks, which currently have a larger market share. In a matter of minutes, AMD has managed to bring their notebook CPUs to the top spot of manufacturers. However, all indications suggest it is likely that Microsoft will not utilize AMD’s Ryzen 5000 in its Surface Laptop 4.

It is clear that we’re facing an acute shortage of hardware which has resulted in the quantity of hardware that comes from factories smaller. This has forced many businesses in the sector to find alternatives and one of these is to benefit from the current circumstances to get rid of obsolete products to reduce their debts through stocks.

The brand new Microsoft Surface, without AMD Ryzen 5000?

Surface Laptop 4 Surface Laptop 4 will not utilize the AMD Ryzen 5000 SoCs but it will offer two choices that are part of that “previous” generation. The first is an AMD Ryzen 5 4680U with an initial rate of clocking at 2 GHZ and the Boost speed being 4.4 GHz. The other option is an AMD Ryzen 7 4980U with clock speeds that are not yet determined.

This suggests that Microsoft isn’t planning to introduce the latest Ryzen 5000U processor in its fourth-generation of laptops with the Surface brand, but rather the Ryzen 4000. This is a bit surprising given the latest announcement of AMD Ryzen 5000U that are laptop SoCs that have a 15 W TDP. They also include the AMD Ryzen 5500H which are specifically designed for high-performance laptops that consume 45 W.

In light of the fact that many laptop manufacturers have already released models built in Ryzen 5000. SoC model of Ryzen 5000, it is odd that Microsoft’s popular line of laptops hasn’t been able to make the switch to these processors. Particularly if we consider that the processor works with Ryzen 4000 socket and motherboard.

Stock shortage or a technical issue?

In the spectrum of monolithic CPUs and SoCs designed for Ryzen laptops, we have three distinct ranges:

  • Lucienne These are in fact Ryzen 4000 renamed Ryzen 5000 and are therefore built in Zen 2. It is essential to note it is not the case that all Ryzen 5000U versions have Zen 3. Zen 3.
  • Cezanne-U It is the SoC models that have Zen 3 CPU, but with a TDP of just 15W and are mixed in with Lucienne models that are part of the Ryzen 5000 U range.
  • Cezanne H: A high-performance high-performance monolithic CPUs designed for laptops built upon Zen 3.

While Lucienne is an X86-based processor, based in Zen 2, it has minor improvements that make it a bit superior to Ryzen 4000, so AMD might have decided to sell the PC models manufactured by the manufacturer of its currently-in-stock Ryzen 4000 before shipping to the. the Ryzen range of laptops.

Ryzen 4000

It is also important to remember it is the case that the Ryzen 4000 series and the Ryzen 5000 series for laptops make use of the TSMC 7nm node. Therefore, it’s normal for them to be manufactured at some time AMD will allow models from the Ryzen 4000 models be manufactured to be replaced by the Ryzen 5000 in the production chain which was contracted by TSMC.

Now a days it’s difficult to find best laptop for zoom.But now with Epha tech. Because we have covered a list of best laptop for zoom meetings for all.

The launch of the RTX 2000 back in 2018 saw the entry of several technologies that users of low-end gaming PCs could not enjoy. The appearance of the NVIDIA RTX 3050 in a benchmark database means the definitive end of the NVIDIA GTX. Are we approaching a direct war between NVIDIA and AMD on the more modest gaming PC?

All the elements that make up this bar are perfectly packed inside the box, and protected by porexpan. In addition, all of them come inside a plastic bag (Creative has not skimped on spending plastic precisely) to protect the bar and the subwoofer from dust and possible scratches that may occur during transport.

What’s Inside

Inside the box, the first thing we are going to find are the accessories. And the first thing will be two rubber temples, which we can place on the soundbar to give it an upward inclination instead of having it parallel to the table.

If we look at the vast majority of gaming laptops and pre-built PCs on the market we will see a common element, if they have a dedicated NVIDIA graphics card it is usually a GTX 16. Well, soon this situation could change completely with the appearance of a card of NVIDIA’s low-end, the first finished in 50 after the launch of the 1050.

The NVIDIA RTX 3050 gets closer to notebooks

RTX 3050 Laptop

The existence of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 is something that had been ringing in recent days and that has just been unofficially confirmed thanks to a result in Geekbench, where we have also been able to know the specifications of this new NVIDIA GPU, with which for the first Maybe we will have the technologies of the NVIDIA RTX after being disappointed with the non-launch of an RTX 2050 and having to settle for the GTX 16.

Connectivity is another of the strengths of this sound system. In the soundbar we will find a connection for the subwoofer, an optical audio input, two HDMI 2.0 HDCP 2.2 inputs (and a joint HDMI 2.0 HDCP 2.2 ARC output), and a power input. In addition, we will also have the possibility of connecting any audio device through Bluetooth 5.0 as long as it supports the A2DP profile.

GPU Specification

The GPU specifications indicate a configuration of 16 Compute Units or SM in the NVIDIA jargon. Where if we take into account the configuration of the GeForce Ampere we are talking about up to 128 CUDA “cores” or 32-bit floating point units per YE. Making a total of 2048 of this type of units. Compared to the GTX 1660 Ti, which it will replace on the market, we are talking about an increase in this type of units of 33%.

Other details that we can obtain is its 4 GB configuration. Since the minimum configuration of the GDDR6 chips is 1 GB, it indicates a 128-bit configuration. Its VRAM memory configuration together with that of its SM units makes us think that we are facing a new GPU within the GeForce Ampere, probably the GA107 or GA108, which would accompany the GA102, GA104, GA106 GPUs and the variants of each one. . In addition, the name RTX 3050 gives us to think that there could be an RTX 3050 Ti, but based on GA106.

Only for laptops?


Due to the high consumption of high-end GPUs, it is not possible to fit these graphics cards. In a laptop and even the high-end versions for laptops differ slightly from desktop equivalents. An example of this is the GA104 variation of the RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 Mobils. Which adds elements previously not available in the desktop version. Which are specially designed for consumption and temperature.

But as we go through the range from top to bottom, the energy consumption of the different graphics cards goes down and it becomes possible to launch the same chip. In both laptops and desktops without having to separate production. In addition, we cannot forget that the GTX 16 has had enormous popularity due to its low price. So we cannot rule out the launch of an RTX 3050 in the form of a graphics card for the low-end PC.


Although Ray Tracing requires great computing power. And very high settings to perform well even at lower resolutions than it is intended for. The fact that DLSS technology and other NVIDIA RTX technologies reach the PC Gaming with fewer resources It is appreciated. Especially after the announcement of its support under Unreal Engine , especially in Fortnite.

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