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Mobile App Marketing – Best ways to get more downloads for your Android App

increasing downloads and increasing engagement with your mobile app

Users have a plethora of alternatives for mobile shopping, entertainment. Health, productivity, money. Many other activities with approximately. 4 million applications accessible in the Apple App Store. Google Play Store. With the increasing number of apps available on the market, it’s more important than ever for small business owners. Marketers to build a mobile app marketing plan.

For your app to acquire attention and more users to find and use it. All it needs is a little traction. So. How can you stand out in a saturated app market?

Here are suggestions for increasing downloads and increasing engagement with your mobile app


  •  Select an app icon that is well-designed

Consumer behaviour is influencing visual signals. That means your app icon shouldn’t throw together at the last minute. Ensure your app’s icon is aesthetically pleasing. It is the first thing a potential customer sees. Whenever they visit an app store.

The emblem you pick should be easily recognised and appealing to the eye. To put it another way. Your symbol should offer customers a good indication should a clear representation of.  Your brand as well as the app’s function. of what they’ll get when they download and use your programme.

  • Make app store optimization a top priority

Most marketers are familiar with search engine optimization (SEO), but app developers who want more downloads need to learn about App Store Optimization (Aso).


While the two are comparable. ASO is gearing to boost your app’s exposure in the marketplace.

  • Optimizing the keywords you use in your app’s title and. The description is one of the most critical things you can do. Use Google’s Ads keyword research tool or. A keyword tracker likes Sensor Tower or. App Monitor to locate the most appropriate search keywords
  • When submitting your software to an app store, select your categories carefully and strategically. Make sure the category you pick is appropriate for your app while also not being saturated.
  • Downloads of your app: The number of users who download your app will have an impact on your overall rating.
  • Positive feedback: As your app receives more positive comments, it will be rated higher, which will automatically increase download numbers. Prompting in-app reviews at key stages of the app’s life cycle can help boost ratings.
  • Location: Consider where your target audience is situated and adjust your app description accordingly. This might entail changing your app store description into a different language or choosing photos that are relevant and acceptable for that location.
  • App usage: The number of people who use your app, as well as the percentage of individuals who download it and subsequently delete it, have an influence on its ranking. As a result, make sure you’re regularly connecting with your app’s users.
  • Social proof: Your app’s popularity on social media might have an impact on its rating.Make a separate profile for your application on social media or incorporate it in your company’s updates.
  • Create a website and a blog for Mobile app marketing

Making a decent app isn’t enough for effective mobile app marketing; you also need to make sure it’s easy to locate. You can broaden the reach of your app and better target your potential clients by tying it to a website and blog, according to marketing guru Neil Patel.

When people are seeking solutions to their problems, they typically access the web first. If you don’t have a visibility online, you’re missing out on a huge percentage of your audience, if they’re seeking help with shopping, scheduling, productivity, or entertainment.

You may make an SEO-friendly website to go along with the information in your app store listing. Consider having a blog on your website to show off different applications for your app and to assist you to attract people who are looking for information on topics relating to your services.

  • Make a demonstration video

Not everyone will grasp all of your app’s advantages simply by reading a brief description or looking at a few screenshots. Creating a sample video is yet another technique to promote your software and boost downloads.

Create a 30-second video that describes what the programme does, how it works, and why it works. Make usability and the most famous features of your product a priority. After you’ve done your movie, post it on your website and on social media, and don’t forget to add it to your app store listing.

  • Performance may be tracked using analytical tools and identification procedures

You may make the most of your marketing efforts by monitoring and attributing downloads so you can learn about and invest in the most productive channels while making required modifications to the ones that aren’t

You may correlate your app’s installation to a certain ad type, target demographic, or platform using a mobile attribution tool, allowing you to improve your marketing efforts.

  • Take use of mobile communication channels for Mobile app marketing

Another option is to connect with your existing consumers directly on their mobile devices. Whether it’s in-app messaging or push notifications, mobile-specific channels let you reach out to your consumers with a personalised message at the right time.

Consider referring them to a newly launched feature or prompting them with instructions in a difficult-to-navigate section of the programme. You may also utilise in-app messaging and push notifications to urge current users to share your app on social media, suggest a friend, or provide feedback in the app store to help you advertise it. These are excellent strategies to keep users engaged and promote your software, ensuring that it receives the push it requires to go viral.

  • Deep linkages to your app should be created

Another technique to significantly boost app downloads is to provide deep links in your application that enable users to quickly jump into the mobile experience. This service is provided by companies like Branch and Kochava, and it enables a more smooth transition from online to the app. This increases the visibility and accessibility of your mobile app to users regardless of the platform they discover you on. They can also assist you in tracking the statistics, enabling you to see where and how users interact with your app.

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  • Use social media to promote by Mobile app marketing

Because there are over 3.5 billion social media users on the planet, it’s critical to market your app on at least one of these sites. Over 70% of internet firms utilise social media for Mobile App Marketing, according to Mobile App Daily. Where do you begin, though?

The first step should be to determine who your target audience is. You could wish to market your app on LinkedIn or Twitter if your intended audience is other companies or industry experts. Individual customers who have expressed interest in items or services comparable. Yours can found on Facebook and Instagram. on the other hand.

Then, to generate pre-launch excitement. increase brand recognition. or advertise new and enhanced features. you may use hashtagged social media campaigns.

  • Using Facebook. create a mix of sponsored articles and promoted posts that are targeting mobile news feeds.
  • Promoted tweets on Twitter can help you get more people to download your app.
  • Look into influencer marketing, especially on social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Run competitions to encourage users to download and try your app.
  • Encourage users to create content to demonstrate the app’s worth.
  • To establish oneself as a specialised authority, use sites like Quora and Reddit.

Wrapping Up

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