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Which I actually mentioned before on the acoustics front. if you look at the bottom you can find a singular speaker here with uh pretty big holes. There’s no audio jack here. no audio jack at the top probably. The device is too slim to host that. once again a singular speaker & Cell phone parts. 

We don’t have any love for stereo experiences. Here now on the side, you can find the power button. Which has the fingerprint scanner embedded these are the volume buttons.  This here is an extra physical button. which you’ve guessed it it’s meant for the google assistant feature at the bottom. You can find the speaker microphone USB c port. and a sim tray at the top a microphone. 

that’s about it on the connectivity front believe it or not this phone has 5g connectivity.  Also, wi-fi 6e if understood correctly this y56 is for sure and at the same time. We also have Bluetooth 5.2. and GPS NFC and USB. As I mentioned before at the top side here in the dead center of the screen there is a cutout.

I would also say it’s a pretty small cutout for a 32-megapixel camera. And moving to the backside things get interesting. As we have a triple camera setup with a generous dual-led dual-tone flash.

And a big screen is a no-brainer. this is improved over last year. It is faster than last year. But here’s my pet peeve here this is to Motorola. when you are the value king you have to think about people’s rights you have to make a phone that everyone wants to buy. And they say wow look at all these great features for the price well the speakers on this Cell phone parts are okay this phone does not have nfc. It would be nice it has no wireless charging which would be nice it has no water resistance

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 108 megapixels written here so the main camera draws quite a bit of dust here in length it uses a 108-megapixel sensor with face detection autofocus then comes the telephoto camera optical excuse me. the telephoto camera with 8-megapixel resolution.

  • 3x optical zoom and finally uh a 16-megapixel ultra-wide shooter. By the way the telephoto camera also has optical image stabilization. Not just optical zoom. so that’s nice to see keep in mind that we have 3x optical zoom which is something the galaxy s21.
  • S21 plus does not have we have 4k 30 frames per second video captured here and android 11 in a pretty clean experience but as usual, Samsung phone parts lets you tailor the experience with this Cell phone parts app with some customization options which you can find here.
  •  We should be able to get started pretty fast with fonts colors accents layout and so forth then we have the gestures then we have the tips then.
  • We have the display features peak display adapted display then we have the gaming features with a focus on game time which has a lot of settings for the gamers okay. so that’s pretty much it a quick glance at the camera interface it’s here it has been changed a bit from the last year but only a bit.

Parts for Motorola cell phones

  • Here you can see the main options we still have spot color panorama live filter dual capture cutout cinemagraph ultra race there’s night vision as well or pro mode.
  • Dual capture for video as well this is the photo area and this is the video area and if you pull this you can see the resolution and frame rate and so forth. I can actually see you can also film in the macro so that’s nice to see.
  • We can alternate between 3x zoom white whether. it’s ultrawide and macro in a pretty fast manner okay so oddly enough this uh little thingy for the exposure appears on the screen um okay so that’s pretty much it as far as the Motorola h20 is concerned one of the slimmest and lightest phones around it.
  • Beats expectations is definitely more interesting and prettier than the renders there is a lot of galaxy note vibe here galaxy note 2 e1 or note 3 the ones from back in the day still at the same time it has its own novelties that Cell phone repair parts proposes like the fact for example.

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We have it ready for a wireless version. so you can connect this phone to your pc or to a monitor display and turn it into a pc replacement. if you want to this time without a wire without a cable from USB-C to hdmi. and you can even easily use the Cell phone parts as a webcam connected to that pc.

it’s only available on the Motorola h20.  I’ll be back with the full review pretty soon. so far this was like a solid mid-range phone. it seems Taylor made to fight phones like the Xiaomi mi 11 lite 5g with an extra refresh rate. 

As well again you’re getting a middle ground phone the emphasis is not on the camera on this phone it’s not the worst out there.

I would absolutely use it daily for myself but it wouldn’t be my favorite camera either so that should be a consideration if you love photos

now the one other thing with this phone is the battery life it does have a 4 000 milliamp battery. the battery life is great.

Parts for the Motorola Screen 

My screen time would be around six to eight hours. I ended a day with a battery charge of almost fifty percent.

My screen time was a little over four hours. Therefore, this phone will last a very very long time. It does turbocharge or fast charge as well. With the fast charger, it can now be charged at 18 watts. It also comes with a 10-watt charger. Just keep that in mind, you got a good camera and a good battery.

good screen and a stylus. so this is a good phone overall. so if I want to give you some advice some buying advice.   At around 250 dollars, this phone fits in really well. If you see this phone for that price. The price is reasonable. It’s a very good phone at that price. Many tech reviewers compare it to the latest and greatest.

Well, this phone is a 300 phone okay. And compared to the other 300 phones it fits in pretty well overall. But it really depends on your use case. If you want a big screen. If you want a stylus this phone is definitely going to be the Cell phone part for you. if you are looking 300 or less and you want a stylus.

You would give me a sub to my channel that would be great. Give a like to this video that would be great. As well I’ve also got links in the description to really everything. I’ve talked about it in this video. It was my own money that I spent on this phone. I was not paid for this review or anything like that. If you decide to buy any item from the links in my description. These links are affiliate links.

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