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Monsoon Getaways Near Pune

Pune, commonly referred to as Mumbai’s twin city, is the ideal exit from the hectic pace of Mumbai. Pune not only has a tonne of places to unwind, but there are also a tonne of monsoon getaways near Pune. You will be astounded by the variety of bright vistas that nature has bestowed onto this coastal city. Vacations close to Pune and Mumbai are a tonne of fun for tourists of all ages. There are numerous activities one can take part in in these locations, such as hiking, waterfall visits, and temple tours.

Fun Monsoon Vacations Near Pune

Looking for the top vacation spots close to Mumbai and Pune? You must visit these 17 intriguing locations around Pune and Mumbai during the monsoon season, so call your pals and make plans to go. For traveling to nearby places near Pune you can book outstation taxi from Bharat Taxi. They provide the most hassle free taxi service in Pune. You can book cab through there website or on call and tour monsoon getaways near Pune. Book now and enjoy an amazing ride ahead.

Thosegar Falls

The roaring waterfall is one of the most stunning spots to visit in Pune during the monsoon season. Satara, the valley of flowers in Maharashtra, is also nearby. The Thosegar falls are located in Kaaswhic. To take in the breathtaking views, ascend the picturesque plateau of Kas, which is covered in a variety of blooming plants.

Things to do:

Take in the inspiring vista of Kaas Lake, which frequently attracts a number of migratory species.

Enjoy the stunning vistas of the flower-covered One of the best spots to explore nearby Pune or Mumbai in the rainy season is the Kaas plateau.

Relish the roaring Thosegar falls

Visit the Samahdi of Shivaji’s spiritual guide Samarth Ramdas Swami in Sajjangad.

Trek to the top of Sajjangad to see the stunning valley covered in flowers.


Tapola, a popular day-trip destination for picnics near Pune during the monsoon, is hailed as the Kashmir of the western coast. It is a pastoral community distinguished by Shivsagar, a magnificent lake. Mahabaleshwar to Tapola is a picturesque, pleasant route that offers plenty of scenic vistas. In the monsoon, this tranquil area between Mumbai and Pune is a wonderful hideaway for relaxation.

Things to do:

Tapola, a trekking paradise, provides wonderful opportunities for trekking across heavily forested slopes.

Enjoy the stunning views of the Koyana and Solshi River dam.

Enjoy a bicycle ride from Satara Pass to Bamnoli before arriving at the breathtaking monsoon hideaway of Tapola, which is accessible from Pune and Mumbai.

Take a trip on Tapola’s Shivsagar Lake in a speedboat you may rent.


Despite being a place of worship, it is a popular road trip destination because of its breathtaking routes. One of Lord Shiva’s twelve Jyotirlinga Temples is located in Bhimashankar. In addition to being a hub for pilgrimage, Bhimashankar is also endowed with breathtaking natural beauty, making it a well-liked monsoon hideaway from Pune and Mumbai.

Things to do:

Pay respects at the Bhimashankar temple devoted to Lord Shiva’s 12 Jyotirlinga temples.

View some of the most endangered animals, including the Giant Indian Squirrel, at the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary. This is one of the top places for a monsoon picnic close to Mumbai and Pune.

Plan a hike from Shidi ghat to Ganesh ghat during the monsoon season, when it is most enjoyable and exciting.

Enjoy the most amazing waterfalls and gushing streams.


Spend some time at the revitalising and relaxing monsoon getaway close to Mumbai and Pune. The lovely sound of birds chirping may be heard throughout the city of Karnala. Enjoy the scenery of the flora and fauna’s rich natural habitat. In Maharashtra, Karnala is one of the best spots to travel during the monsoon season.

Things to do:

Investigate the Karnala fort remains, which originally made up a Maratha bastion. Throughout the Middle Ages, it changed ownership frequently.

Take part in a hike to the well-known Karnala Pinnacle, which serves as a sanctuary for vultures, eagles, and other birds of endangered species.

Admire the aerial view of Mumbai’s shoreline as it emerges from the Sahyadri hills’ lush vegetation from the Pinnacle.

More than 40 species of migratory birds call the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, which is located near the Mumbai-Goa Highway, home.


Kamshet is without a doubt the ideal hideaway if you want to pause and take in the lovely migratory bird song amidst the breathtaking scenery, especially during the monsoon season. It is without a doubt one of the monsoon destinations nearby Pune where you may have a tonne of fun with your loved ones.

Things to do:

A number of temples can be seen at Kamshet, including the Sant Tukaram on the Bhandar Dongar and the Kondeshwar temple, which both perfectly capture the panache of the prehistoric Hemadpanthi culture.

Visit the caves in Bhairi, Karla, Bhaja, and Bhedsa.

Participate in sports like advanced kiteboarding and ridge dancing on the artificial lake created by the Pavana Dam, Pavana Lake.

A stroll to the forts of Lohgad, Tikona, and Tungi is a wonderful way to take in both the architectural innovations and the surrounding natural splendour.

Visit the Shinde Wadi Hills and give paragliding a try.


Sinhagad is a fort located on the Sahyadri Hills and is one of the best spots to visit around Pune during the monsoon season. It’s one of the best locations for a weekend getaway near Mumbai during the monsoon. What could be more ideal than organising a fort walk during the monsoon getaways near Pune?

Things to do:

The Sinhagad fort should be at the top of your list of monsoon-season attractions near Pune and Mumbai.

Trek from Katraj to Sinhagad while taking in the rain and the nice wind.

Visit Panshet, a pleasant, tranquil lake made possible by the Pavana dam on the river.


This Dam is a true hidden gem in opulent surroundings, located a few hours outside of Pune. Mulshi Dam is a fantastic place to visit, especially in the monsoon season. You two may unwind together for hours while admiring the natural beauty.

Things to do:

Large woods and forts like Dhangad and Koraigadh, which are encircled by the Sahyadri Hills, are perfect for trekking.

Engaging in bird watching in this charmingly dainty setting is obvious.

Pay respects at the ‘Vanjai’ mata shrine, which dates back at least a century.

Take a trip through the breathtakingly beautiful valleys and cliffs.

Mulshi, close to Pune, is a popular tourist destination during the rainy season because of its numerous waterfalls.


Kolad is the ideal getaway if you’re looking to participate in some water activities. It is the ideal weekend getaway since it offers excitement, breathtaking natural scenery, ancient caverns and forts, temples, and monasteries.

Things to do:

Rowing, kayaking, rafting, camping, river crossing, and rappelling are all associated with Kolad.

Discover the Tala and Ghosala forts, which are both known for their architecture.

Visit the Kuda Caves, a collection of 13 Buddhist-built rock caverns.

A excellent place to stop is at the Bhira and Dholwal dams to see some migratory birds.

A lovely view is promised by Tamhini Fall, while adjacent hot springs at Uddhar and the Kansai Waterfalls are also worth seeing.


The twin hill stations of Lonavala and Khandala, which are nestled in the Sahyadri Hills, are renowned for their picturesque beauty and abundant wildlife. The breathtaking vistas of the mountain range, the glistening lakes, and the historical significance of the caves and forts will astound you. Your must-see list of monsoon getaways near Pune must include Lonavala.

Things to do:

Increase the flow of the many water streams emerging from the Bushy dam.

The hill city of Khandala’s most breathtaking natural beauty is provided by The Duke Nose.

The Sausage Hills, which have a sausage-like shape and are a must-see location, offer several opportunities to see uncommon birds.

Enjoy the stunning views of the Pawna Lake, a man-made lake created by a dam on the river Pawna.

Trek to magnificent forts like Tung Fort and Tikona Fort.

Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat has a wide variety of adventure activities available, including camping, hiking, and mountain climbing. Don’t pass up the chance to photograph the wintertime migration of pink flamingos. Malshej can be the ideal for you if you’re looking for monsoon getaways near Pune to visit for two days.

Things to see:

During the monsoons, Malshej Falls are in full swing and offer a mystic vista.

Birdwatching can be done at Malshej Ghat.

Trekking, hiking, and camping activities are permitted inside the mountain range.

Take pictures of the beautiful flamingos at the flamingo resort.

Visit the Shivnero Fort, the legendary Shivaji Maharaj’s birthplace.

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