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Morocco: cost of living for russians

How much does it cost to rent accommodation and groceries in Morocco? What is the budget for restaurants and entertainment? How much do Moroccans earn? Find out all about the cost of living and traveling in Morocco!
Surely every traveler going to Morocco is interested to know: what is the standard of living in the country? How much does public transport, food in a restaurant, rent, medicine cost? Especially for you, we have prepared an overview of prices in Morocco for the main items of expenditure in travel and everyday life. Prices are for 2020.
  • *1 euro is approximately equal to 11 Moroccan dirhams
  • *1 dollar is approximately equal to 10 Moroccan dirhams

Food prices in supermarkets

Food prices in Morocco are roughly comparable to Russian ones. However, the choice and quality of vegetables, fruits, meat, and seafood in Morocco are much better. Here are some grocery prices in Morocco:

  • oranges: 4-6 DH/kg
  • apples: 10-15 DH/kg
  • strawberry: 15-25 DH/kg
  • potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers: 4-6 dx/kg
  • beef (on the bone / tenderloin): 60-120 dx/kg
  • fish: 60-120 DH/kg
  • chicken: 40 DH/kg
  • eggs (ten): 15 DH
  • milk (liter): 7 DH
  • bread (round Moroccan or baguette): 2-6 dx
  • bottle of mineral water 0.5 l: 2.5-3.5 DH
  • butter: 20 dx/200 g
  • imported cheese: from 200 dx/kg

Prices in restaurants and cafes:

You can eat or eat in Morocco from 10 to 1000 dirhams. For 10 dirhams in a street restaurant, you can buy a plate of beans in tomato sauce, a sandwich, or a couple of hearty spring rolls (Msmen). For 50 h you can dine like an average office worker: take a snack, tajine, and tea in a simple restaurant. At 100 dx you can dine like a tourist or a Moroccan with an upper-middle income: in a clean restaurant with an interesting interior and view and a menu that offers a large selection. For 250-450 h you can eat in an upscale restaurant with entertainment and alcohol. Well, a dinner in one of the best gastronomic restaurants in the country will cost 1000 dx!
A cup of coffee or a pot of Moroccan tea at a street cafe costs an average of 10 to 20 dirhams. For the same price, you can drink a glass of excellent freshly squeezed juice (special establishments offer up to 20-30 varieties). For Morocco tours, check the 3 days tour from Marrakech to Merzouga.

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Rental prices:

Many travelers like Morocco so much that they involuntarily think about staying there for the winter or moving there permanently. In this case, the main expense item, of course, will be rent. In major cities (Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech…) the cost of renting an apartment with 1 bedroom and the living room starts from 2000 HH per month for an unfurnished apartment in a remote area. A budget apartment with furniture near the center can be rented from 4000 dx. Expat housing options in good areas, luxury residences, with quality finishes and furnishings, start at 6,000 HH and go up to 10,000 HH in Casablanca. For 10,000 AH you can also rent a villa with a pool near the ocean in the suburbs of Rabat or Casablanca. To the cost of renting an apartment, you must add the payment for water, electricity, internet, and concierge.

The cost of mobile communications and the Internet in Morocco

Depending on your needs, a mobile Internet connection in Morocco will cost 100-200 dirhams per month (10-20 hours of calls + 10-20 GB of the internet). Home ADSL Internet will cost 100-200 dx per month. Fiber optic Internet with a speed of 100-200 Mbps and unlimited phone calls – 500-1000 dx per month.

Public transport prices

The most popular urban transport in Morocco is a small taxi (petit taxi). A trip by such a taxi around the city will cost 10-20 dirhams (payment by the meter). Since urban public transport in Morocco is poorly developed, there are practically no alternatives to a small taxi, and several trips a day can result in a decent amount. You can travel between cities by bus or train. Check this agency that offers transportation, ‘Around Morocco Travel

Train travel cost:

  • Casablanca – Rabat (1 hour): 45 days
  • Casablanca – Marrakesh (2.5-3 hours): 100 dh
  • Casablanca – Fes (4 hours): 120 dh

Bus travel cost:

  • Marrakesh – Agadir (3h): 100dh
  • Marrakesh – Essaouira (3h): 80-100 Dh
  • Marrakesh – Ouarzazate (4.5 h): 100 DH

Prices for alcohol and cigarettes

Alcohol and cigarettes in Morocco are sold in a limited number of stores, are subject to high excise taxes, and are quite expensive. Approximate prices:

  • beer Heineken or Casablanca (0.25 l): 20-25 dx
  • local wine of average or good quality (0.75 l): 100-150 h
  • Marlboro cigarettes: 33 DH

The cost of leisure, sports, culture, and nightlife

In Morocco, leisure and entertainment can be a big expense. An annual subscription to a fitness club of the standard we are used to will cost 10,000 HH per year. You can go to a fitness club for 2000 dx a year, but you have to put up with poor hygiene, cramped rooms, lack of ventilation, and air conditioning.

So popular with us, yoga is an exotic hobby for the wealthy in Morocco. One lesson in a yoga studio will cost 150-200 dirhams. If you like running or cycling, there are few places in Morocco that are suitable for this. There are just as few opportunities to develop your talents in music, dance, drawing, and other hobbies.

Nightlife in Morocco– an expensive pleasure and is actually concentrated only in 2 cities: Casablanca and Marrakech. A license to sell alcohol is difficult to obtain and expensive, hence the high cost of nightlife. A bottle of beer, coca-cola, or water in a nightclub will cost 100 dirhams, and stronger alcohol will cost even more. Some establishments may charge an additional entrance fee of 100-200 dirhams. Of course, there are cheaper bars and clubs, but you probably don’t want to go to them.

Cultural life in the cities of Morocco is not as rich as ours, but it has enough interesting events. For a nominal fee of 20 to 100 dx, you can watch concerts and performances in theaters and cultural centers of Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, and Tangier. Major cities of Morocco host many interesting music festivals with the participation of world stars: Mawazine in Rabat, Tanjazz in Tangier, Jazzablanca in Casablanca, and others. Many of these events are free or more affordable than ours.

Prices for car rental and gasoline

Renting a small car in Morocco will cost from 200 HH per day. It is better to rent in small agencies that offer lower prices and flexible conditions (look for recommendations on travel forums). For 300 HH per day, you can rent a Dacia Duster diesel car. The cost of a liter of gasoline in Morocco is 10 DH, diesel – 8 DH.

The budget for traveling by car must also include parking, which is paid for absolutely everywhere in Morocco. For each stop (even for 5 minutes) you will have to pay parking attendants 2 dirhams, for fenced parking near tourist attractions – from 10 hh, for overnight parking – from 20 hh.

Expresswaysbetween major cities in Morocco are also paid. For travel on each of them, you will have to pay from 20 to 80 dex.

The cost of medicine

Getting sick in Morocco is expensive. Foreigners in Morocco and Moroccans who can afford it prefer to use better quality private healthcare. A visit to a therapist or specialist will cost 200-300 dirhams. Blood tests, ultrasound, x-rays, and other diagnostics will cost even more. Finally, medicines are also quite expensive in the country. Moroccans, for whom the employer makes contributions to the social insurance fund, receive compensation for most of the costs of doctors and medicines. However, this system does not cover everyone.

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