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Most common house styles in Virginia

Buying a new house in Virginia is an exciting event and gives you a lot of possibilities. However, it’s sometimes difficult to pick the style of your new home, since there are many good ones. However, we wanted to make this choice easier for you. Here’s a list of the most common house styles in Virginia and everything you need to know about them. This way you can inform a bit more about the housing market in this southeastern state and what are your options when it comes to the house styles.

House styles in Virginia – what are the most common house types?

When you visit most of the Virginia cities, there are many different houses you can choose to be your new home. However, you’ll notice a certain pattern in the way houses are built and styled. These usually depend on the time they were built, as different eras bring different ways houses are built. Here are the most popular house types you can find all across the state of Virginia.

A wooden house with blue shutters.
There is a great variety of house styles in Virginia.

American Forusquare houses

One of the oldest types of homes you can find in Virginia is American Foursquare houses. The name comes from the house’s shape – usually, these were built in a rectangular shape to use as much lot as possible. The houses were very popular in the 1880s until the 1930s and built-in Craftsman and the Praire School styles, which were joined in the Transitional Period style.

One of the most common house styles in Virginia has one or two stories, and a boxy, square look. The focus is on the interior space and maximum use of the lot. Often, the porch is huge and runs along the whole front side of the house. The woodwork is heavy, handcrafted, and shows the Victorian era the best way possible.

A big family house in one of the most common house styles in Virginia.
Big, spacious properties are characteristic of the most common house styles in Virginia.

Bungalow houses

Bungalow-type homes in Virginia usually have one and a half stories with a gabled roof. The focus on the Bungalow design is the front porch and its size. Also, another characteristic of these houses is hardwood floors, and many built-in cabinets, bookcases, benches, etc. Another focus is on the natural lights and openness to the outdoor part of the home. Bungalow homes are strong and durable, where residents can use the space efficiently, without any waste.

Federal-style houses

One of the most common house styles in Virginia is Federal or Adam’s Style. This style was popular in 1780-1840, where European ideas made a change in American architecture. Robert Adam was a British owner of a huge architectural company, who effected American house taste in the late 1700s. These homes are slightly bigger, often with two or three stories. Some of the characteristics are:

  • symmetrical shuttered windows
  • low pitched roof
  • red brick
  • curved steps with iron railings in front of the house
  • columns.

Georgian houses

Another example of common house styles in Virginia is the Georgian Style. The main focus of this style is symmetry – placement of windows, doors, and general building mass. Houses are generally made of brick and stone, giving them classical look. Another important part of this style are embellishments of the entrance – arched tops and pediments. Georgian style has been a favorite among Americans for many years, and it’s surely one of the popular designs in Virginia.

 A Victorian house.
Choosing a favorite house is not easy – Virginia real estate market offers many beautiful properties.

Buying a house and moving to Virginia

After picking one of the styles – it’s time to purchase your dream house. Buying a home is a process that needs to be planned to detail, as well as relocation. Luckily, you can move in this state hassle-free, with the help of skillful pros. Here are some tips on buying a home and moving to Virginia without trouble.

An experienced real estate agent can make everything easier

You may know whats’s your favorite among the most common house styles in Virginia, but with so many housing options – it’s not easy to find the right one. An experienced realtor can make the whole process a lot smoother, find you a perfect home, the right house inspector, and get you the best deal. Also, local Virginia realtors know the neighborhoods very well and can recommend the one that suits your family.

Watch the housing market

When making a huge investment like this, you need to know everything about the real estate market in Virginia. This way, you’ll choose the best time to buy a house and get the most for your money.

Make a detailed plan of your budget

To make sure everything goes according to the plan, make sure you have a detailed plan of your house-buying and moving budget. Saving enough money for all the small and big costs will help you move in fast and stress-free. Also, if you need to apply for a loan, be sure to do it on time. And to have all the money ready, make sure you create a list of payments you need to make in the upcoming period.

Hire the right movers

After picking one of the common house styles in Virginia and finding your perfect home – it’s time to start planning the move. We recommend trusting professional moving experts Best Cross Country Movers suggest. This way, you will be sure you’re moving into the new house quickly, and that your belongings are in safe hands.

Pack wisely

Buying a new home is a fresh start. You need to remember this when packing for the move and declutter your home beforehand. Getting rid of all the items you don’t need will make more space in your new Virginia home and give you a more comfortable home.

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