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Most Famous Food Items Of Uttarakhand

List of Famous Cuisines Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is famous for its breath-taking views, beautiful lakes, mesmerizing hill stations and for delicious foods items. Whether it is a square meal or a snack or a sweet dish, each and every food items in Uttarakhand has its own taste and aroma, which is mesmerizing.

List of Famous Food Items in Uttarakhand

Swastik Holiday is a best tour and travel agency in Mumbai. Here we will discuss the list of famous food items of Uttarakhand that you must taste while travel to Uttarakhand. Some of them are given below:-


Kafuli is the most traditional food of Uttarakhand from Kumauni Region. It is a mixture of Green leafy vegetables like Spinach Leaves, Mustard Leaves and Fenugreek Leaves that cooked with salt and spices. It is a rich source of healthy nutrients that mostly takes in winter season. For better taste it is tempered of garlic and butter. If you travel to uttarakhand then you should taste this famous blend of green leafy vegetables. It is popularly known as the State Food of Uttarakhand that can be served with the rice or Chapatti.

Bhang Jeera Ki chutney

Bhang Jeera Ki Chutney is a famous food of Uttarakhand offered to the travelers by the locals. It made from different ingredients like Bhang seeds, Cumin Seeds, Lemon, Red Chilies, Tamarind & some spicy condiments and served as a sauce with the Pahadi food that delivers the tangy tamarind taste.


Phaanu is a famous dish in the Garhwali region of Uttarakhand. It is prepared by mixing different varieties of lentils like Arhar & Gahat soaked overnight in water and then cooked with Oil, Spices and Turmeric. Phaanu is soup type dish that mostly served with rice and improves your taste buds.

Rasmi Badi (Kofta)

Baadi is considered as best traditional Food of Garhwal region in Uttarakhand. It is very popular food in Uttarakhand due to its delicious taste. It is full of nutrients which are required for human body.


Chainsoo is one of the most popular food items of the Garhwali region in Uttarakhand. It is prepared from Dal-e-Urad that keeps in an iron kadai on slow flame. This delicacy of uttarakhand has a totally earthy flavor that contains a lot of protein & nutrients so it is hard to digest for most of peoples. It has a tough competition with Punjabi’s Maa Ki Dal. If you are traveling for Uttarakhand Holiday Packages then you must taste the aromatic flavor of this famous delicacy of Uttarakhand.

Garhwal ka Fannah

Garhwal ka Fannah is one of the most delicious Garhwali food items in uttarakhand that considered as staple food in Mussoorie. This delicious dish is enough to satiate your eyes and stomach. Be it any small occasion or a large gathering of people or a restaurant, It become a must food item in the menu card due to its divine taste and aroma.

Kandalee Ka Saag

Kandalee Ka Saag is highly popular food of Uttarakhand among localoids and tourists. It is a green leafy vegetable prepares in an ordinary way like all the other vegetables, whose main ingredient is Bichhu Ghas (a green leafy veggie) that makes it different from the rest. It is also rich in nutrients like other foods in uttarakhand that is essential for your immune system.


Dubuk is the tastiest and most popular food items out of all the delicious dishes in Uttarakhand that make it the state food of Uttarakhand. It is prepare by Arhar Ki Dal that converts into fine paste and then cooks slowly in a kadai with Spices. It serves with rice and Bhang Ki Chutney that gives mesmerizing taste that is commendable, especially during winter time.

Kumaoni Raita

Kumaoni Raita is a famous cuisine of Kumaoni region in uttarakhand. It is prepare by curd, turmeric, and cucumber. It is one of the most famous food items in uttarakhand always found with every dish just like Bhang Ki Chutney, whose divine taste makes your mouth watering and keeps you healthy.

Thhatwani or Rus

Thhatwani is one of the tastiest cuisines or food Items of Uttarakhand State. It is a fine soup that prepares with rice paste, lentils stock and pulses which is highly rich in the nutrients. The pulses are soaks overnight in water and then boil & cooks with herbs and masala in an iron kadhai. It is a famous food Item of Uttarakhand that you should taste at least once.

Aaloo Gutook or Aloo Gutka

Aaloo Gutook or Aloo Gutka is a purely mesmerizing and incredible regional food of Kumaon region in uttarakhand that specially made on all occasions like birthdays and family functions. It is one of the delicious food items in Uttarakhand prepare by the boil/steam potatoes garnish with red chilies and coriander leaves. It can serve with Bhang ki chutney, Pooris and famous Kumaon Raita that will give you a decent flavor.

Aaloo Tamatar Ka Jhol

Jhol is the meaning of gravy. As its name, it is the gravy with Tomato’s and Potato’s. Aaloo Tamatar Ka Jhol is one of the most popular cuisines or food Items of Uttarakhand that has highly incredible aroma and mouth-watering flavors. The unique specialty of this delicey is that it may prepare in the least time. It can be serves with many varieties of pooris or Chapatis.


Chudkaani is one of the most famous food items of uttarakhand in winter season. Black color soya bean uses to make this dish. The dish is prepare by bhattdal mix with some spices, coriander, turmeric and chili and cooks in an iron kadhai to bring a strong flavor to the dish. It has a unique flavor that comes from an indigenous Tibetan herb “Jamboo” that is highly nutritious.

Jhangora Ki Kheer

It is the most famous Garhwali delicey that is prepare with the help of millet, milk, sugar and some dry fruits. It is one of the famous sweet dishes or food Items of uttarakhand with unforgettable taste and aroma. Its rich texture and the goodness of milk will make you crazy for it. The Garhwali people mostly take it after their square meal which is full of nutrients.


Gulgula is one of the most popular delicey sweet dishes or food items of uttarakhand amongst the locals as well as visitors. This is a very common dish or food Item that is prepare by wheat flour, jiggery and fennel seeds. It can be take either as a breakfast. Gulgula is now famous in many parts of North India as a delicious sweet.


Arsa is one of the famous sweet dishes or food items of Uttarakhand with low calories that has made in every household. Without the presence of this sweet dish every festival in uttarakhand seems incomplete. It prepares with the rice flour, Jiggery, Coconut Powder and Raisins.


Singori is a famous food item in Almora located in in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. It is also name as called Singodi or Singauri. It is one of the famous sweet dishes or food items of Uttarakhand that is prepare by “Khoa” (a dairy product of thickened milk). The specialty of this sweet savory food item is that it wraps cone-shape in Maalu leaf. And then serve to the peoples.


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