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Most Helpful Guidelines For Beginner’s To Advertise On Instagram

After the start of Instagram, it became the sixth most famous social media platform around the globe. Moreover, Instagram has got more than 800 million monthly active users. It drives a massive e-commerce business into the picture, where Instagram serves as an advertising channel. 

Do you wish to advertise on Instagram yet don’t know absolutely where to begin, then here’s the beginner’s guide emphasizing the reasons why Instagram is one of the hugely prominent advertising platforms and how your online store can get an advantage from Instagram? At the end of this guide, you’ll experience the confidence on how to advertise on Instagram, enhance your online store, engage with your target audience, and push your e-commerce shop. 


What do you need to advertise on Instagram?

Globally, 40% of other social media marketers trust that Instagram generates the third-best advertising return on investment, that is, ROI. Additionally, there are higher than two million Instagrammers promoting their business. Moreover, Instagram advertising ranks the fourth highest conversion rate. 

Types of Instagram Ads: There are five types of ads that you can conduct on Instagram that can be combined into Instagram feeds and stories:

Photo ads:

Likely to a regular post, your ad will be displayed as a single image. Photo ads let e-commerce stores communicate with their target audience in a visual form. Say, for example, Sovest, and a new Russian innovative financing system focused on women and men in Russian aged between 21 to 45 years. Do you want to target more IG story views on your Instagram ads? It makes your products and services among customers and how retailers can use the card to save. Moreover, Instagram’s single photo ad obtained 15% of their new customers. 

Video Ads:

Do you want to know that your photo ads to cover more audience? Then video ads help you to share a video ad up to 60 sec longer. A perfect example is how Victorinox advertisement its watches using an Instagram video ad focused on displaying the watch’s beautiful design. Moreover, the video ad was a success among the 9.8 million people reached. 

Carousel Ads:

Another ad format activates the online stores to shows longer ads than what a single photo can give is using carousel ads. By using this, you can make an ad with several more than two scrollable videos or images. 

The best example of Fizzy Goblet, an ideal footwear brand that ran a series of Instagram carousel ads; where focusing its already existing audience and reaching new markets. 

Thus, the Instagram carousel ads displayed their favorite products and featured their larger styles. It results in a website traffic rate by 40% and increased sales rate by 50% 

Story Ads:

Instagram Stories is a full-screen and immersive experience for the audience, where you conduct both videos and photos for your Stories ads. 

Young and Reckless, a street motivated lifestyle brand, included animated texts ti the still images to make animated GIFs and then conduct them as Stories ads. It is an ingenious method to advertise and accomplish six times return on investment for ad spent. 

Slideshow Ads:

It is a hybrid process between the video and carousel ads. You can combine up to ten photos that will automatically start rolling your video. It is used to give any connection speed and as an alternative to videos. 

Say, for example, Stance, an American brand of underwear and socks, uses slideshow ads to attract their target audience. 

As they need not have the luxury of time and money to film a photo or video, it used their existing still product images to enhance slideshow advertisements. It increases their return on investment ad spending by 1.48 times. 

Thanks for reading. Start your Instagram advertisement using the concept of beginner guidelines. 


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