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Most Powerful Shock Troopers- Star Wars

Most Powerful Shock Troopers- Star Wars

Due to being outnumbered and outgunned against the Empire, the Rebel Alliance had to depend on its troopers’ talents and skillsets heavily. Most Powerful Shock Troopers- Star Wars

It harnessed by focusing on training and direct battle experience rather than on equipment and traditional war tactics. Thus, the Rebels ended up having some of the most battle-hardened and experienced soldiers during the war.

But which among them were the most dangerous and powerful shock trooper the Alliance had at its disposal? One of the most effective units the Alliance deployed was the Rebel Assault Troopers when it came to massive ground invasions.

These were highly trained commandos known to charge head-on toward the enemy, pushing through their defenses no matter the cost. They were among the most dedicated soldiers to the cause and were willing to die without hesitation.

Lets Start The Counting

Due to being the vanguard of an invasion, the Assault Troopers were equipped with far more advanced and protective armor than the regular rebel as a means to increase their survivability during frontal attacks.

Next are the SpecForce Marines. They were a division within the Alliance special forces.

They were primarily used for onboard combat ships, with their tasks typically requiring them to take over or to destroy enemy ships from the inside. The Troopers are similar to the characters with the tiefling names.

Due to the very nature of their missions, the SpecForce Marines were almost always heavily outnumbered against the countless Imperials they faced within Star Destroyers and the like.

Only the bravest and most talented were chosen for the Marines, with many of its members having past military experience and formal training from either the Republic days or even the Imperial army of those who defected.

They excelled in close-quarters fighting, hand-to-hand combat, and zero-gravity engagements. Their equipment varied depending on the job, but they usually went in with light armor for more agility.

According To Some Mission

However, on some missions, they were given heavily armored spacesuits, which were likely the most expensive and advanced armor the rebel Alliance had. The heavy armor allowed them to operate in the vacuum of space, and it provided excellent protection against most blasters and hand weapons. Next are the Infiltrators.

These guys were among the most feared rebels by high ranking Imperial governors and off. Although the Infiltrators were not as proficient in direct combat as the last two on this list, they could bring down entire Imperial local governments and settlements by planting Rebellion seeds within the affected civilian populations.

It wasn’t uncommon for a few infiltrators to enter a system and lead a small uprising against the local Imperial governor a few months later. Other missions they were sent to accomplish included causing absolute chaos on Imperial worlds to distract the Empire to focus on within before an attack by the main Rebel Forces.

Infiltrators were also known to sabotage Imperial installations and ships. Other things they did included kidnapping, and in rarer cases, assassination jobs. Next are the Heavy Weapon Specialists.

Who Is Better Than Rebel Special Forces

Apart from the Rebel Special Forces, these guys likely delt the most significant amount of firepower on this entire list as they speaziliced in heavy weaponry. Rapid-fire blasters, heavy chain guns, rocket launchers, anything that caused a considerable amount of damage these guys used during missions.

They were among the most violent units in the Rebel army. They were out for Imperial blood and the most sacrificing as they were known for purposefully drawing attention to themselves to allow nearby friendly squads to escape dire situations.

Only the biggest and physically most robust, the Rebel Alliance, could join the Heavy Weapons Specialist division, and it was home to some of the larger alien species within the Rebellion like the Wookiees. And finally, for this article, we have the Rebel Honor Guards.

These guys served as close bodyguards for the most prominent leaders of the Alliance. They were usually found doing their role during large ceremonies but were also known to perform their duty during active battles.

Members of this unit came from numerous planetary royal guard branches, like Alderaan, with a few even former members of the Senate Guard during the Republic. As such, they were regarded as highly trained and experts in their field of guardianship.

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