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Movers Review To Help You Select The Right Company

Be advised that this article will only discuss the top moving companies in the US, as I wouldn’t be able to review all the US companies, let alone in the world. This article’s discussion will be based on online reviews and personal experiences, as I have lived in different cities country-wide and have used various moving companies over the years. Let us begin.

Move 4 Less

The exciting thing about this company is that it is small. Everybody and their mom know that this means dedicated customer service. Small companies cannot risk losing a potential client because of lousy service. Allow me to do the math for you. 1 in 10 reviews is 10% of the total grade. 1 in 1000 reviews is 0.01% of the total rating. The same case can be made for revenue. $1 is 1% of 100, but it is 20% of $5. Your revenue matters more to the smaller players. offers cheap moves at a reasonable price and offers you full insurance. Though, it doesn’t provide the ability to track your belongings. However, for the price, it delivers value for your money. They have a quote response time of 30 minutes, and the crew is incredibly efficient and courteous, and my experience with them has been positive, to say the least. I moved to Nevada three months ago, and they send two guys to move my stuff. They were very thorough and professional, so if you are looking for an affordable move, this is the company to contact.


Mayflower is one of the better-known moving companies in the US and is founded in Indianapolis. It has extensive experience in moving, partly because it has existed in the industry for the past 90 years and partly because of its ability to move unusual items like hot tubs and boats. The company has a plethora of equipment for dealing with unique things, so you can rest assured that they will move you. However, the company has an inconvenient quote process. Its customers have reported that the process takes unnecessarily long. Which will be typical of large moving companies, exactly where smaller companies will thrive. 

Allied Van Lines

Contrary to Mayflower, Allied Van Lines has a rapid quote process, and it gives the customers the benefit of online tracking. However, these perks come with an added cost because Allied is one of the most expensive US carriers that many movers do not prefer. On top of the rent and the security paid in two places, a high moving cost for online tracking is not something many customers want. Nevertheless, they have had very positive reviews, and their crew is considered very professional. One bedroom-local move costs between $500-600, whereas a large, long-distance move costs between $2000 and $6000. I had used their service last year, and they held up to their reputation.

United Van Lines 

Like Allied, United is expensive, with a typical three-bedroom apartment long-distance move, including packing, costing around $4300-6200. The company is comprehensive with its quotes, though, as rather than giving the estimates upfront. United prefers to conduct an in-home investigation. For the price tag, you get terrific features such as insurance and online tracking. It might be suitable to have online monitoring for long-distance moves, but the statistics for moving companies do not point to the idea that there is a high chance of robbery during moves. Therefore, online tracking’s utility might be limited to travel time estimates, which is too much of a bargain for $6000.

I did say that the list was not going to be exhaustive, but I have included a mixture of moving companies in the discussion and have listed the pros and cons of each so that you can decide on the best moving company for your needs. Have a great day!


Often, moving companies are not as generous with the packing. Some moving companies have a separate packing cost, which would be reasonable if the moving price was reasonable. Most companies try to rob you by charging high for the move by promising excellent value-added services and then do not pack your stuff for you. Therefore, you should try to find a moving company that is transparent about its pricing and provides value-adding services, like packing, at a reasonable price. I stress again that the moving company’s premium is not reflected in the price; instead, the service is reflected in the price. In that, a premium moving company is one that justifies the higher-than-average price.

Insurance of your stuff

Insurance is one of the most critical premium services offered by a mover. It represents how much confidence the moving company has in its ability to manifest the move well, that is, without damaging anything or losing something. Moving belongings without any damage or loss are the gold standard for a moving company, and only the best of the best have so much faith in their enterprise that they are willing to bet the price of your belongings if something terrible happens. The better the insurance offered, the more premium the mover.

Professional Trained Staff

The most premium moving companies will have the most well-trained staff, who are competent at the job and courteous in their interactions with the customers. My friend had a terrible experience with a moving company in which the staff was so concerned about getting the job done on time and maintain their track record that they didn’t weren’t careful with the loading and unloading. Her one-of-a-kind timepiece was one of the most precious things damaged during the move. It is not the case that insurance money will substitute the damage entirely because some items hold more emotional value than market value. This is why we need the staff to handle our belongings with care and patience during the move. To pack things in a way that ensures their safety and transport them responsibly to our next home.

The staff’s professionalism is challenging to know beforehand. Also, the moving company with the most premium staff doesn’t necessarily have the most premium phone operator or the most premium website. So how can you figure out which company is the right one for you?


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