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Movie affect us on our daily basis ? and Benefits of watching movies.

Movie affect us on our daily basis ? and Benefits of watching movies. 

A Perfect movie can give you lots of entertainment, education and inspire us in many ways. For example, you can see how Bollywood songs have an impact on us, while listening to music we also think the same as the singers say.

Movies make us compassionate and inspire us for doing good things. Every movie is different from one another. Every movie shows us different cultures. Movies are a part of our life. Movies show real life in a different way. Sometimes in movies, there are many scenes that force us to think about life. Movies give us lots of knowledge if we want to take it.

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Now get back to the topic.

In movies, there are many genres like Comedy, thriller, romantic, drama, action, and suspense. let’s talk about some Movie genres.

Comedy Genre

while watching a comedy movie we laugh that’s why it is a comedy movie. Many people love comedy movies and if you are under stress and in a lot of tension I recommend you to watch some comedy movies and comedy serials. Here is the best comedy series named “Chakkappazham” its An Indian television Malayalam-language serial which is directed by R. Unnikrishnan, and this show telecast on the channel “Flowers”.  This show was released on 10 August 2020 on television and you can watch it on Hotstar as well.  It’s a comedy serial and audiences love it.

Romantic Genre

Romantic movies give us relaxation and we realize that how love is also important in our life. When you are in love it seems that everything is perfect that feeling is very different. we can’t define love.

Thriller Genre

Thrillers movies can give you Goosebumps and you can go to the “edge of the seats”. And when the movie goes to the end this will creates a different level of suspense. This will sometimes horrify us as well.

Action Genre

Action Movies is that movie where you see lots of violence, fight scene, and murders and many more. In these types of movies, there is a hero and villain and fights between them.

Some bad effects of movies

Audiences try to mimic their favorite actor or actress whom they have seen in cinema. Some people watch action movies and try to do the things in real life which they have seen in movies. Some people see themselves as the movie character.

Movies can ruin our health also. Like there are many people who get scared after watching Horror movies while watching horror movies some people think that someone is watching them and some people start seeing ghosts in their house which makes them stressed and tensed. Some studies show that people get heart attacks while watching something horrifying. Instead of watching horror movies, you can watch comedy movies, it helps to lower our blood pressure and make our blood vessels dilate.

Some Benefits of watching movies

1Movies change people

Movies can change people from bad to good and from good to bad. It totally depends upon us that what are we watching and get inspired.

2. Movies can give us lots of laughter

Many studies show us that 15 to 20 minutes of laughing while watching a movie have the same effect on the cardiovascular system as exercising.

3. Movies on a daily basis

Many people see movies on a daily basis. As we know the film industry is very big and people get influence by watching movies. Movies can affect us in both positive and negative too. Movies can make people do violence and many people learn bad things from movies as well. Many movies can give a bad message to the audience. But it totally depends upon the person who is watching movies that from which part of the movie he or she is getting inspired.

4. Movies give you lots of information

There are many movies that are full of information and knowledge. For example – 3idiots best movie I have ever seen. If you really want to get inspire watch this movie you will get lots of information and you will get a lesson for your life. You can watch this movie with your family.

5. Movie can give you releif from boredom

If you are sitting free and you have nothing to do, just go and watch some informative movies which will give you some information.

6. Movie is best friend while travelling

If you are traveling on a train or bus and you get bored by watching out from the window, at that time just pull out your laptop and headphones and watch your favorite movie. This will definitely fade your boredom and you feel relaxed. See that how movies help us from not getting bored.

7. Movie gives you enjoyement

If you are feeling low and depressed from life, lots of negative thoughts are coming, just go and watch your favorite movie. Just watching our favorite movie can make our mood so fresh. movies are not just for fun, they are therapy for some people who are dealing with stress.

8. Romantic and comedy movie

Romantic and comedies movies can overcome the stress of our life. It is proven that watching a comedy movie can decrease our stress levels and control our blood pressure. And a movie night can bring families and friends together. This brings closeness and makes everyone comfortable.

9. Favourite movie and quote

Everyone has a favorite movie and a quote from that movie. Why that movie and quote is your favorite because you can relate to real-life in that movie and you get inspire from that quote and apply that in your real life. Movies give us inspiration and help us to become better person. Watching a good movie can make us think that what is good or bad for us. It motivates us.

10. You can learn new things

The best benefit of watching movies is that you can learn new things. And you can teach new things to your children also. Watch some kids’ friendly movies with your children as well. If you want an easy way to teach your children English just go and watch some kids-friendly English movies with your children. This is the easiest way to teach them English. You can show them some historical animated movies. It will entertain them and teach them as well.

11. Movies change our perspective

Movies can change our perspective and can make us good human beings also. Many things we can learn from movies like different country cultures, their history and many more. Movies can make us creative person too.

12. Movies for knowledge

Not always for entertainment sometimes you just watch movies to gain some knowledge about the world or want to get some information about our history. you are getting entertain and doing your work also. Movies create an aura of happiness all around. Sometimes we get sad and didn’t know that how to deal with that sadness. So in that case just go and watch your favorite movie, this will automatically make your mood fresh and make you feel happier. Movies aware us from social topics. Many movies are made from real-life incidents which will make us closer to the world.

13. watching Movie for relaxation in emotion

Watching movies encourage our emotions. Many people start crying while watching a movie, it will give them relief from stress. This makes the person more expressive and now that person can show his emotion without getting stressed. It really helps that person in his real life.


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