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Unsurprisingly, the second film in the Star Wars sequel series is much more complex than the first. You can watch serials of all time and the best movies on this moviesverse In Episode VIII, which many expected and some feared would follow Episode V, Rey (Daisy Ridley) finds herself alone on a desert planet where a hardened old Jedi master (Mark Hamill) teaches her to master the Force while her allies face the threat of the First Order.

The similarities between this movie and The Empire Strikes

Leia (Carrie Fisher), Po (Oscar Isaac), Finn (John Boyega), newcomer Rose (Kelly Marie Tran), and BB-8 must find a way to save the Resistance from destruction as General Hax (Domhnall Gleeson) chases them through space and slowly runs out of fuel. Meanwhile, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), antagonized by Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis) and contacted by Ray via random Force-like Skype calls, is having a moviesverse existential crisis. Will he join the light side? Or will Ray join the dark side? The parallels between this film and The Empire Strikes Back are pretty clear, if generalized, and even when things end where we thought they would, it’s often unexpected.

Unexpected solutions in such a unique way

I’m sure that unexpected twists were eagerly sought after when writing this book. Everything we’ve had to think about over the past two years has been resolved in ways no one expected. Like when Luke threw his lightsaber off the cliff after Rhea gave it to him. Everyone speculated freely about who Rey’s parents were, and it turned out to be nobody. I don’t have a strong opinion on the plot, but the unexpected resolution in such a unique way bothered me at times. A clearer, the more direct path would have helped with what I think is the biggest hurdle in the film, like the middle section.

The result would be the same

Halfway through the movie, I looked up and realized that nothing had happened for at least half an hour. Rey was still on the planet with Luke, who still refused to train her. Poo was still trying to save the situation “the wrong way”, while Finn and Rose were wasting time on their task, which turned out to be completely useless. If they had stayed on board and followed orders, the outcome would have been the same. I like characters to fail, but it moviesverse has to be in a way that affects the plot. Pooh was my favorite character in The Force Awakens, so I expected him to have a bigger role this time around. It’s disappointing that he blew it and was lectured like a little kid.

The moment he took off his helmet at TFA

He didn’t learn anything, he was just told. On the one hand, they tried to give him at least an arc, but on the other hand, I wish they hadn’t. Most of the other characters weren’t to some extent, but I didn’t identify with them that much and expected less from them. Rey does some interesting things, and the dynamic between her and Kyle was good. Luke is cooler than he ever was in the moviesverse original trilogy, and that’s a good thing. He’s a very annoying teacher, and I saw him coaching Rey throughout the film – if he coaches her at all! Honestly, Kylo Ren is the best. From the moment he took off his helmet in TFA, he knew he had a long road ahead of him, and it’s a rich and rewarding road.

Hooks looked stunning with those dark circles under his eyes

Everything he does seems natural and expected, but he goes in unexpected and exciting directions. The film is about him. He is involved in the most compelling dramatic scenes and takes part in two stunning fight scenes. Hux looked fantastic with those dark circles under his eyes. He was a little handicapped, but he was more useful than Finn and Rose. They were trying to give Finn something to do, poor guy, and they wasted it. The look on his face was heartbreaking, but it served its purpose. In its best moments, it becomes intense and blends with stunning, overflowing beauty – but the terrible situations never get their full power.

I just wanted to be one thing and that’s it

They highlight the good people who manage to fail but ultimately win – not just escape after a defeat. Very little that happens has a significant impact on the story. Rey is always good and Kylo is always bad. Luke is dead after providing some epic scenes in the story. In Falcon, everything is in rebuilding mode, with no major losses or urgent tasks. Poe and Rae finally get to say goodbye, and that made me happier than anything else in the movie. I just wanted one thing to happen and that’s it. But I digress. None of the moviesverse characters changed permanently, except Kylo. That’s the only thing that happened here. Snoke is dead, and I don’t know where that’s going to lead Kylo.

His allies will appear in the next film

The resistance is less important now, but it will probably reconstitute itself when its allies appear in the next movie, and their location has changed, but that’s not important either. “The Last Jedi” is a classic mid-movie syndrome, with very little to do and a lot of time to do it, with no definite starting or ending point. Rian Johnson did a good job of at least giving it a sense of being a complete film, and it was certainly beautiful. That moment when the ship passed the destroyer…. man moviesverse. He was able to make it work, just because. I also appreciated that he spent less time pleasing the fans and more time trying new directions. I wish he would have gone in one of those directions.

Oh it didn’t affect my happiness much

I felt like he pushed the envelope but brought it back. I’d like to say it was due to the constraints of the studio, but I’m not sure. I know I love him as a director, and when moviesverse I noticed his style here, it felt good. But all of his previous films have been flawed and this one is no different. My overall impression of the film is positive. I expected half the mistakes, so they didn’t affect my enjoyment too much, and there are a few great moments worth revisiting through the slower ones.

The great scheme of things

I suppose the same goal could have been achieved better – and certainly faster – but this is by no means a glaring flaw. It’s a classic flaw of franchise films of this kind: the script and the expected effects. It tries very hard to subvert expectations, but only succeeds in the details. You can watch serials of all time and the best movies on this cloudy In the grand scheme of things, everything stays the same, everything is expected and there is nothing new. There are very few ways in which a Star Wars movie can truly disappoint.

Shining starship battles spaceships

The production is top-notch, the cinematography is impressive. The sci-fi world is rich and detailed, the themes of good and evil are classic, and you can’t get enough of the glowing starship battles, flying spaceships, and rocky adventures. It’s not the best Star Wars expected, or even the best it could be, which is unfortunate. Star Wars is a low-risk franchise with a solid safety net. “The Last movieverse Jedi” produces a few misfires, but only hurts itself, and ultimately makes up for it with extremely respectable achievements. And isn’t that how the Force works?

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