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Mp4 vs MOV Files: What Are the Differences?

Computers have become an essential tool for the proliferation of information and entertainment in our everyday life. Often we will upload and download things regularly to and from the internet.

Many kinds of files are used to send and receive these kinds of files, but the most regularly used are MP4 files and MOV files. Which one is the best to use though?

Here is a quick guide to the MP4 vs MOV debate about which one is the best file to use.

What Is an MP4 File?

The MP4 file, which stands for MPEG-4 (itself meaning Moving Pictures Expert Group 4), is a multimedia format that is by and large the most widely used format file to download and contains various kinds of multimedia.

Although MP4 means MPEG-4, they are not technically the same. MP4 refers to a specific file, namely the MPEG-4 part 14. The former is used to compress visual and audio data. Whereas MP4 was based on the MOV file, making downloading and sharing files online far less difficult.

You can save audio and music, videos, text, and more through this format. It has a wide range of applications that can open and use its formatting.

What Is a MOV File?

A MOV is a video file format that was developed by Apple. Essentially it was a type of MPEG-4 container that does a similar job to MP4 files where it can hold a wide range of multimedia, including videos, music, and other audio, text, etc., in one file.

The good thing is they store high-quality files, the bad thing is that they also have a habit of being quite large. Also, it might be difficult to open them on another platform because Apple specifically formatted them for their app Quicktime.

However, MOV files are great for watching or listening to various multimedia mediums that have a high definition and file size.

How to Make the Change

Which one is better? Well, it depends. Mac users will have an easier time with MOV since they’re Apple products, and PC users would prefer MP4 files.

Despite this, you can change MOV to MP4 relatively easily. There are many MP4 converters you can find online or even buy one if you have to make conversions regularly.

All you have to do is upload your files to the converter and then wait for them to do the work for you. Depending on the size and quality, it might be more efficient and secure to purchase a converter so that your files cannot get corrupted.

Choosing MP4 vs MOV

When choosing MP4 vs MOV files to use on your computer, consider the kind that you have. Mac users will have an easier time with MOV files, whereas PC users will swear by MP4.

However, be sure to have a converter so that you can make the switch to whichever one would be right for you. Don’t get stuck with your computer collapsing in on itself because you have to open a large MOV file.

Get a converter and start using both of these great storage files. For more articles about the many kinds of software files, be sure to visit the rest of our blog.

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