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Myths That You Have Been Led To Believe About Pizza St Kilda Road

Pizza is one of the food that almost everyone knows and loves around the world. Its cheesy, delicious, and yummy flavor is just about everywhere. Cravings for this never ends. Pizza St Kilda Road  is available in different flavors with various toppings. It looks attractive and tastes great that makes it a favorite meal for many people around the world. It seems like everyone has a different opinion on pizza facts. There is abundant misinformation on the internet. When it comes to pizza, there is a lot of myth that is propagated as truth. To help things clear for you, here is a compilation of the most common pizza myths out there. Here are some falsehoods you have been led to believe.

Myths You have heard about Pizza St Kilda Road

Having Pizza makes you Fat:

When it comes to health, pizza has got a bad name that is the food that one wants to get rid of when one wants to avoid weight gain. But this is completely undeserved. Is well known that eating too much-packed foods, makes you add a few pounds? So, it is all about moderation. Like the saying, “Too much of anything is good for nothing”, when you eat pizza daily or frequently, definitely it puts weight. You don’t have to completely deprive yourself of eating pizza, but you should be conscious of the amount you eat and how you balance it with healthier and nutrient-rich foods.

Pizza should only be eaten for dinner and lunch:

Pizza is often relegated to later hours of the day, but it shouldn’t be. Contrary to the belief, it is a perfectly acceptable breakfast. The most important meal of the day is breakfast. So, there is nothing more than having the breakfast that you desire. There is nothing that could be qualified for having breakfast. Moreover, it is a more nutritious food than other most popular morning foods. It is a balanced breakfast choice. It has a more equitable mix of macronutrients than other traditional options. Going for pizza for breakfast route, you can toss on some veggies and incorporating a whole grain crust in the morning.

Pizza is Junk Food:  

It can be a super-healthy food as it includes three important food groups- grains, dairy, and vegetables. Healthy pizza starts with a thin crust-make it whole wheat for extra fiber. It is a quick meal to have at any time of the day and limiting it to two slices is important. Pair it up with veggies or salads to have a balanced meal. Having all the essential nutrients it can be a good meal for the day.

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Pizza should only be reheated in the microwave or oven:

Yes, these two, microwave or oven are great options but so is the grill. For those who have tried reheating pizzas in the oven, they know that this is a myth. It is probably the worst vehicle to reheat your pizza. It tends to turn your pizza crust soggy and cheese rubbery. So, instead of an oven, try to warm it up in a skillet few minutes. It ensures that the cheese is extra gooey and crispy.

The pizza was invented by Italians:

This is a technicality but is an important one. Flatbreads with toppings were initially consumed by ancient Egyptians and Greeks. These tomato saucy, cheesy pizza as we know them, have their roots in Naples.

Last Say:

Thus, many myths have been said about pizza. Knowing the truth, you can get your favorite pizza anywhere around the world. We, Flames Pizzeria, pizza st Kilda road, offers you delicious pizzas that are prepared with fresh dough and ingredients. We offer all varieties of pizza that is delivered to you. The varieties displayed over here are mind-blowing that makes you tempt instantly. So, don’t let your tongue gets compromise with the taste and aroma that needs to be there must. If you are a pizza lover, get this yummy treat from us at and have a happy meal.

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