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Nasal Filters – Your Defense against Air Pollution

Air pollution is an unfortunate reality of our lives. Besides harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, it is the exponential increase of particulate matter in the air that is affecting our health to a large extent. So how can we protect ourselves against air pollution? The answer to your question is Nasal Filter. It is one of the most effective ways to reduce the harmful effects of air pollution. To learn more about it, read on.

What is a Nasal Filter?

Nasal filter, also known as Nose Filter, is a small respiratory filter that restricts particulate matter from entering your nose, which is where you mostly intake air. It protects you from various breathing problems caused by dust, pollen, mould, dander and other particulate matter and airborne bacteria and viruses. The filtration product is specifically designed with an anatomical and flexible shape to fit just inside your nose. Since every nose is different, it comes in custom sizes to give you a comfortable fit. While most designs have a centre clip for easy removal and insertion, some designs even have an adhesive tab or a flexible metal bridge to make the product stays in place.

Why buy Nasal Filters over other Filtration Products?

To help you breathe clean air, there are a wide variety of air filtration products available in the market such as face pollution masks and indoor air purifiers. What makes Nasal filters better than other air filters is given as follows:

  • Anatomical design: A common problem with face masks is that it does not fit your face perfectly, which results in leaking of air. On the other hand, Nasal filters’ anatomical design seals your nostrils perfectly and ensures you inhale only filtered air.
  • Replaceable filters: Unlike pollution masks, which has to be thrown away once it has been used enough, a set of Nasal Filters can be reused as many times as you want. When you see colour change in the used set of filter, you can replace them.
  • Discrete and almost invisible design: When you use filtration masks, half of your face is covered, which can make people feel claustrophobic or conscious and uncomfortable when out in the public. But there are many Nasal Filter brands like Clenare that offers discreet and almost invisible nose air filters to their customers.
  • Safe use: Nasal filters do not include the use of chemicals or adhesives. It does not cause skin irritation and has no side effects of drugs or other medications. It also prevents your spectacles from fogging up (happens usually in the case of face masks), which might be dangerous in situations such as operating a machine, riding a bike and driving a car.
  • Comfortable and sure fit: Nasal filters are designed with a soft and flexible membrane, which makes the product comfortable to wear even when talking, eating, etc. Since nostril sizes vary from one individual to another, nasal filters are offered in custom sizes to ensure perfect fit without worrying about discomfort or falling out.

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