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National Self Care Awareness Month

National Self Care Awareness Month

Self-care is defined as the deliberate act of taking care of one’s self with deliberate activities that promote good health and active control of disease when it strikes. All humans engage in some form of self-care every day with proper diet choices, nutritious exercise, healthy sleep, and regular dental care. Unfortunately, self-care is often done without conscious thought or consideration of our long-term physical and mental health.  Check with your state health department for help.  Many states like Texas offer plans that you can compare with your current rate of help.

 1. September Is National Self Care Awareness Month

 Self-care starts with self-awareness. Self-awareness is all about learning how to better understand who you are and why you act and react in a certain way. Once you start to learn this concept very quickly you then have more control over your life and the ability to alter things about yourself positively, thereby enabling you to make a life for yourself which you desire. One of the most powerful self-care awareness tools is positive thinking. In order to build a self-care routine, you need to be convinced that you are in control and capable of doing all that is required. To do this you must believe that your thoughts have power, and the more of these you think the more positive things will happen in your life.

Another self-awareness technique is to be aware of both your strengths and weaknesses. We are all unique individuals so everyone has a different but crucial set of strengths and weaknesses. If you only focus on your weaknesses in life this will lead to negative self-talk, and as a result, you will lack self-awareness. On the other hand, if you acknowledge your strong points you will start to see them more clearly, and as a result, you will gain self-awareness. We offer a number of services here at Insight Into Self Care to get you onto the path of Health & Wellness. We have Iridology, Sclerology, Lymphatic Massage, Relaxation Massage, and our famous online Self Care shop where you will find all your alternative self-care products.

As you start to gain greater self-awareness you will find that your thoughts are changing for the better. This means that you can then begin to use mindfulness. By taking the time to really examine your thoughts you will soon discover how they affect you and the people around you. If you think about your thoughts you will soon start to notice when they cause negative emotions, or which thoughts bring you closer to feelings of success and happiness. By learning how to use mindfulness you will then be able to see how your thoughts affect others. By changing your thinking habits you can change your own emotional state and this, in turn, has the potential to change your life for the better.

Self-awareness does not mean you ignore your own thoughts. Rather it means that you are more aware of how these thoughts affect you and the people in your life. This self-awareness will enable you to be able to make changes so that they are in line with your strengths and weaknesses. As your life becomes more balanced you will find that things will go much more smoothly.

One of the ways in which you can use self-awareness is to watch the way you respond to others when they make comments about you or mention your weaknesses. You might note when you overreact or underreact to criticism. For example, if someone says something bad about you might immediately start to feel bad and negative in response. However, if you used the time to observe your reaction and thought about your reaction you would soon realize that the criticism wasn’t directed at you but rather at the people making the comments.

Self-awareness is also a vital step for those who need to develop their own personal self-confidence. Once you start to see your own faults you can begin to overcome them and create loving feelings towards yourself and others. If you take the time to listen to your inner child and connect with what it is that your inner child is feeling you will be much more able to understand what is happening in your relationships.

 2. Benefits Of Self Care  

There are many benefits of self-care from improved physical and mental health. Self-care can look relaxing, vacations and it can also look like planning and budgeting. For instance, if you are struggling financially self-care can be sitting down and focusing on budgeting and thinking of ways to save on your Reliant Energy and other household bills.

When we are in touch with our inner world we realize that they are much more colorful and interesting than the limited thoughts that pass through our conscious minds. For example, when you are in a meeting with someone from Texas, you realize that your energy focus on your stereo-types of a Texan. However, if you are actually in the present moment and your mind isn’t focusing on past or future feelings but on the immediate here and now, you will be able to accept people for who they are.

  3. What A Self Care Plan Looks Like  

The more you practice self-care awareness the more chance you have of making changes that result in improving your quality of life. This first step is a crucial one because otherwise, you will find that even the most beneficial changes don’t work. Self-awareness, if it is not practiced regularly, can take years before it has any noticeable effect.

 To achieve self-care, one must learn to: Choose a healthy and balanced diet that includes lean protein, whole-grain foods, and moderate fat intake. Be sure to get enough daily exercise to maintain health and fitness levels. Learn how to engage in relaxation techniques to promote mental health and inner peace. Remember to take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Check out 15Minutes Fried Chicken Breast with Asparagus.

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