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Need to know about the top Coming Reggaeton Artists to Watch

Daddy Yankee rose to prominence a decade ago, along with fellow superstars and trailblazers Don Omar, Tito el Bambino, and Wisin & Yandel, among many others. Today, these acts maintain reggaeton’s beat alive on the charts with big, uptempo hits that blur the lines between pop, tropical and urban. But a new generation of reggaeton acts from Puerto Rico and beyond is quickly catching on. While their essence is the rough, sometimes gangsta street reggaeton artist, they’ve learned to be commercially savvy and are increasingly making chart inroads with catchy tracks that range from danceable to romantic, but still preserve reggaeton’s street beat and street creed.Top Hit Reggaeton Artists

Danay Suarez

Danay Suarez first attracted Reggaeton Artists’ international attention on Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura albums, and with her buzzing upcoming solo release Palabras Manuales, she is sure to draw comparisons to female MCs Ana Tijoux and Mala Rodriguez. But Suarez’s vocal reach and versatility transcend that comparison. A veteran of Havana’s rap movement, Suarez fuses hip-hop with jazz and Cuban music, and, as heard on “Flores,” fronts a reggae track with a whole lot of soul.


Farruko’s “Passion Whine” (feat. Sean Paul) is sitting pretty atop Billboard’s Rhythm Airplay chart. The mix of Spanish and English, reggaeton artist. and reggae has a fresh pop appeal that characterizes the 23-year-old Puerto Rican singer’s sound (think “6 AM,” his track with J Balvin. As for Daddy Yankee. Farruko says, he was a mentor, letting him use his studio for free, lending him concert production equipment, and featuring in his tracks.

Gente de Zona

Gente de Zona came out of the Havana projects’ hip-hop scene, and they’ve kept on going. The duo is featured with fellow Cuban Descemer Bueno on Enrique Iglesias’ summer smash “Bailando.” A worldwide hit that marks its 12th week at No. 1 on Hot Latin Songs. Gente de Zona founder Alexander Delgado is famous and top reggaeton artists today and his current collaborator. Former timba group Charanga Habanera singer Randy Malcom, infuse reggaeton’s typical dancehall roots with Cuban Sabor, performing with a live band. They’ve seduced other big-name Latin artists like Pitbull, who join Gente de Zona on their latest single “Yo Quiero,” which rises to no. 19 on the Tropical Airplay chart this week. After playing some opening dates with Enrique Iglesias, Gente de Zona is off on a solo tour in Europe.

J Alvarez

The two J’s Balvin and Alvarez are buds who’ve worked hard together to scale the charts. And like Balvin, Alvarez evolved from street hip-hop to more romantic fare. But Alvarez’s sound leans most famous reggaeton artist, albeit with a more marked. Jamaican influence that lends an easy fresh swing to his music, as evidenced in his breakaway 2013 single “La Pregunta.”

J Balvin

Colombia’s J Balvin rose to stardom throughout Latin America and is now poise to do the same here. His runaway hit, “6 AM” (featuring Farruko) has spent 16 weeks on the Top 10 of Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart. And his new single, “Ay Vamo,” is quickly rising. A reggaeton artist who’s finessed his sound to achieve what he calls “elegant street.” Balvin has a good ear for catchy hooks and is a dynamic performer who will open up the Enrique Iglesias/Pitbull tour that launches in September.

Justin Quiles

Justin Quiles is the boy next door of reggaeton artist. The video for his latest single, “Maria,” screens more like an episode of “Glee” than a scene from “Fast and Furious.” The Connecticut-born, Puerto Rico-raised 24-year-old was previously known as J Quiles. He returned to his given name after confronting a reggaeton revival curiously full of Js (J Balvin and J Alvarez). Justin just might be a better choice for Quiles, whose teen-friendly sound slides easily from reggaeton into romantic tropipop territory.


Colombia’s Maluma may be a newcomer to U.S. airwaves, but in Colombia he’s very much the star. Boasting 1.2 million Twitter followers and seven million likes on Facebook. Originally a straight-ahead urban/reggaeton artist act, Maluma has been morphing his sound into more pop-leaning urban, collaborating with the likes of Elvis Crespo and Jorge Villamizar while his own single the very uptempo “La Temperatura” (featuring Eli Palacios) reached No. 4 on Latin Rhythm Airplay. Maluma, about to start a stint as a judge on La Voz Kids in Colombia, will release his next album, Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy, in the fall.

Poeta Callejero

Gerardo Gabriel Santana wears his stage name Poeta Callejero (Street Poet) with pride. A famous reggaeton artist whose first tracks were undergroun hits that spoke about injustice and disenfranchisement. he’s continued to espouse his brand of “Street poetry,” as he calls it, even as he’s sought to mix it up with more commercial fare. The blend of cred with mass appeal landed him a deal with Meccalani, the new Universal Music Latino imprint, which will release his first album this fall.

Richest Reggaeton artist in the World

Reggaeton has come a long way. Back in the 1990s, the Latin music genre was officially bann by the Puerto Rican government. For being too crude and explicit. That’s hard to believe considering that it’s now one of the most popular music styles in the world. The genre was invented in Puerto Rico by artists that still dominate the scene. and because It then spread throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, and United States. In the past decade, reggaeton has become popular in every continent. With some reggaeton singers achieving notoriety comparable to that of Latin pop singers like Shakira and Enrique Iglesias. And  In fact, many pop singers from different countries have done collaborations with reggaeton artists. These are the richest reggaeton artist.

Natti Natasha

One of the most popular reggaeton artist of the moment, Natti Natasha has risen to fame relatively fast. She began pursuing a career in 2010 but had her breakthrough in 2017 with the song “Criminal,”. And released with Ozuna. Since then, she’s enjoyed massive success. Collaborating in hits like “Sin pajama” and “Ram Pam” with Becky G, “Impossible Amor” with Maluma, and “Runaway” with Daddy Yankee, Sebastian Yatra. And the Jonas Brothers.


A relative newcomer to the reggaeton scene, Sech has been pursuing music since 2014. In that short amount of time, he’s manage to land collaborations with reggaeton giants like Daddy Yankee and J. Balvin in “Sal y perrea” and “Una nota” again with the latter. Other hits of his include “911” and “Relacion.


Lennox is one half of the legendary duo Zion & Lennox, which were one of the first breakthrough reggaeton artists. Unlike other famous duos (which we’ll see later on this list), and they are still together and continue producing hits.  Zion & Lennox are responsible for reggaeton classics like “Doncella” and “Yo voy”. And helped define the genre in its early years. Today, they continue topping the charts with songs like “La Player.”

Tego Calderon

Reggaeton legend Tego Calderon is one of the pioneers of the genre. At the beginning of his career. He came out with songs that would defy the genre and that are now consider classics, like that  “Metele sazon” and “Pa que se lo gozen.” He is also partially accredite with bringing reggaeton artist to the United States. Through the years, he’s focuse more on other genres, while not leaving reggaeton behind. He also played Leo Tego in two movies of the “Fast & Furious” franchise.

Don Omar

He may not be the wealthiest, but Don Omar is one of the most top reggaeton artists today. His rivalry with Daddy Yankee for the number one spot as the king of reggaeton is legendary.  Born William Omar Landrón Rivera. Don Omar holds the highest-ranking reggaeton album of all time, “King of Kings.” Songs like “Danza kuduro.” “Salio el sol” and “Pobre diabla” have been international hits.  and He also played Rico Santos in the “Fast and Furious” franchise.


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