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Well, the world is filled with different kinds of cuisines and various ways of celebrating the new year. One thing that we all are always excited about is food. The food just makes everything better and that’s why we say that “the food is bae”.


The new year does not only mark the new beginnings but also gives us the excuse of just enjoying the food with our family members. The decorations are there, the people are there, the new year cakes are being presented and the whole crows wait for midnight, and as soon as the new year begins everyone just cheers loudly.

The food plays an important role everywhere, the only thing in the new year is the new year delicacies that we will be able to eat. Well, the best part here I that the list of some countries and their food traditions in the world has been mentioned below so you can always have a look at it and maybe plan your next trip to that country and just enjoy the lip-smacking delicacy that is available there:
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The soba noodles are eaten just on the New Year’s Eve, this custom dates back to the 17th century where it is said that the noodles are known to symbolize the longevity and the prosperity in the person’s life. Another custom that is famous is the preparation of the rice cakes. The rice is soaked and steamed and then the rice is molded into small buns which are later eaten as a dessert. The noodles are really famous in Tokyo and this can also be a way of bidding farewell to the new year and just welcoming the year with open arms.


Now, this is a wreath cake which means the cake is made in such a way that it has the shape of the ring, but when we talk about the kransekage the cake is a tower cake, these wreath cakes are just out together to create a tower and this cake is eaten on the new year’s or on the special occasions that have been taking place. These are the perfect times when people are just celebrating it all. The cake is made while using the marzipan and a bottle of wine is also used to make it. it Is a perfect delicacy for you to try out if you ever make it to Copenhagen.


These are just perfect giving the person the Christmas vibes and the best part is that they are not really hard to find as if you ever visit the Netherlands during Christmas you can always find these delicacies being sold in the trailer or little shacks which have been made temporarily. These are just sweet and have been deep-fried for Christmas and they are often eaten with the powdered sugar that is sprinkled over them.  As these are sold in packets and are not something that is really heavy you can always get online flower delivery in Bangalore and just gift these oliebollen to your loved ones a perfect gift for the new year!


When we are talking about the new year’s this gets a little different for the people of Germany as they also call it the eve of Saint Sylvester or the Sylvesterbend but the tradition is just as beautiful the new year’s, the good luck pigs are gifted to everyone in Germany and Austria. These are the times when they just enjoy and decorate their houses with the marzipan pigs.


This cake is just known to encompass all the cultures that are there and this cake is just such a delight. The cake is often eaten around the new years’ time and is one of the most famous christmas cakes online available to be eaten and around this time the cake is often being eaten in Greece, France and Spain many countries. You can always visit these regions and just get these cakes for your loved one as these are the cakes that they are just bound to enjoy.

These cultures and cuisines are just fascinating in themselves and you can always have them to yourselves and get some for your loved ones as well. You will be surprised at the things that you will experience daily and will just marvel over them. The world of food and cakes is just a lot amazing and this new year you can always have a taste of them. Happy new year!

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