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{No 1 Tool} Best YouTube Tag Extractor For Videos 2022

YouTube Tag Extractor

Our Youtube Tag Extractor tool helps you to check tags of any youtube video. You can copy and use tags on your youtube video to get higher ranking. This tool can extract tags from a Youtube video. Just enter the URL and ur tool does the rest.

YouTube Tag Extractor – Free Extract Video Tags & Keywords

Youtube Video Tag Finder Or YouTube Tag Extractor – To generate best tags for your video enter the video title below and click “Generate Tags”. Meta tags are specific snippets of text and image content that provide a summary for a webpage.

About YouTube Tag Extractor Tool

YouTube Tag Extractor is a free online tool for video content creators to extract tags from YouTube videos by entering the YouTube URL.

There are numerous video makers who despite making quality content can’t grab the attention of viewers. This is the barrier that can be pushed through with the help of video tags. When you are surfing through Google or YouTube, you must have noticed the platform using autocomplete to ease your browsing experience. It helps users like you and me find videos faster and more efficiently by recommending related keywords while typing in the search query.

Tags are an opportunity to give YouTube and Google information about a video including the video’s topic, category, and more. Using tags (like “Painting tips” or “how to edit a video”) provides YouTube information about the core content. So, it is important to point out related tags that are more general, along with a few specific tags that lead directly to your video and thus ensure more views.

YouTube Tag Extractor finds tags from videos that are able to bring remarkable traffic and you can copy these tags to your video. This way you can make your videos more reachable making it easier for viewers to find.

Optimize Video Keyword for YouTube SEO

People often fail to grasp the idea of content sustainability on YouTube; achieving success on YouTube isn’t about posting content, rather it is about optimizing content. YouTube SEO is the process of optimizing your digital content (video, playlist, channel etc.) so that the platform likes to show it as a top result for searches of a particular keyword or phrase.

When you ask for tips on bringing traffic to your content, you’d generally be told about assuring quality of your content, knowing your target audience, spending on sponsored advertisements and so on. Yes, these are in fact very important and can act as propellers for optimizing your video. But a very lucrative and viable option is often overlooked which is Optimization of Video Keywords.

  1. Using the right keywords in your tags can bring a fortune for your video’s online existence (Generally, it is
  2. better considering only using about 10 of the most relevant keywords.)
  3. Descriptive titles with suitable keywords make a big difference in YouTube channel traffic
  4. A description with appropriate keywords works alongside your video title to draw more people in

What are YouTube Tags?

The confusing thing about YouTube is there are two types of tags:

Tags: which are the invisible “meta” Tags associated with a video. This is what the Tag Extractor extracts
HashTags: which are the visible tags shown above a video title. See more information about YouTube HashTags.

Tags are added to a video when it is uploaded on YouTube. Unlike HashTags, they do not have pound (#) signs in front of them and they can also contain spaces to encompass a string of multiple words. Best practice is to use all lowercase Tags with alpha-numeric characters.

  • Since these Tags are invisible on the actual video page, our friends at SEOptimer generously shared some screenshots with us so we can peek behind the scenes at how they tagged their videos.
  • In YouTube Studio, at the bottom of the “Video details” page is a hyperlink “Show More”:
  • Once this is clicked, it expands further options including “Tags”:

A YouTube video can have up to 500 characters worth of Tags – which is a lot! In the example above, we can see the SEOptimer video has 11 Tags. Altogether these Tags only take up 164 characters of the 500 limit, so there’s room for many more.

Now here comes the magic. Using the YouTube Tag Extractor, we can easily reveal these hidden meta tags with the click of a button:

You’ll notice, the Tags are importantly extracted in exactly the same order that the author has used. This gives you a really great insight about what the author thinks is (a) the most important topics in the video and; (b) the highest priority tags for video SEO.

5 Steps For Choosing Best Youtube Tag Extractor

1. Run YouTube tags generator to get a rough list of keywords ideas.
2. Go through the list and remove irrelevant tags.
3. Look up the tags used by competing videos for more ideas.
4. Add your target keyword from the title as the first tag.
5. Add your brand keywords, including common variations and alternative spelling.

YouTube tags are the hidden metatags associated with videos on YouTube. Not all videos have these tags as it’s up to the video publisher to add them when they upload the video.

The Tag Extractor tool is a handy way of extracting and revealing these meta tags associated with any public video. Extracting YouTube Tags can be very insightful to understand how competitor videos and other high-performing videos are using these tags to boost their performance.

Why are YouTube Tags important?

So now we know the YouTube Tag Extractor works like magic on any public YouTube video and extracts the invisible meta tags whilst maintaining the order of those Tags as denoted by the author of the video.

But why is this important? You’re likely reading this page at the moment because you’re interested in the overall topic of Video SEO. We know from YouTube themselves that many signals contribute to the overall ranking in the search result page (title, description, hashtags, thumbnail, tags, quality of video, etc).

How do you get the YouTube video tags?

We are using the YouTube Data API v3 to get the video tags. In YouTube docs you can find it under “Videos: list” and you need to perform a request with part=snippet and id=videoID.

Do you have an YouTube Tag Extractor API or tool?

Sorry, we don’t have a public API or an tool available to get the video tags.
You can use the YouTube Data API v3 to get tags from a YouTube video or bookmark/save our website, so you can quickly use the YouTube Tag Finder tool.

How do I extract tags from my YouTube channel?

How to extract tags from YouTube Video?

Get the URL of the YouTube video.
Enter the YouTube URL in the text field.
Press the button Extract tags YouTube video.
Grab or copy YouTube video tags.

How do I see what tags Youtubers use?

Firstly, go to YouTube video, which you want to see tags (Recommended Browser: Chrome or Firefox). Right-click on the page and click the “View page source” option. Press Ctrl + F and search with the word “Keywords“. The texts showing inside the brackets are the mentioned tags on the video (separated by comma).

What is the best YouTube tag generator?

Best YouTube Tag Generators

  1. (Top Choice)
  2. VidIQ.
  3. Rapidtags.
  4. TunePocket.
  5. Kparser.
  6. Keyword Tool.
  7. Mobile Tag Apps.
  8. Related Posts.

The YouTube Tag Extractor tool is a handy way of extracting and revealing meta tags associated with any public video. This tool can extract tags from a Youtube video. Just enter the URL and our tool does the rest.

Find and analyze the tags used by some Youtuber will improve the ones you use. You must optimize your tags to improve the position for your video in search results (SEO) both of Youtube, but also on Google and other search engines.

Youtube video tag extractor online tool can extract youtube video tag from any Youtube video you want.

The process of extracting tags is very straight forward, just enter the URL of the youtube video and hit button. You may copy all tags with just one click by clicking the Copy button.

YouTube Tags strategy

There are some strategic considerations when extracting Tags from competitor videos. There are two possible scenarios when extracting Tags from a YouTube video using this tool:

One final consideration in thinking about your Tags is what YouTube describe directly above the Tags input box:

“Tags can be useful if content in your video is commonly misspelt”.

Since these Tags are hidden on the page, they are perfect for including common misspellings of your brand, product or service including other usage like colloquialisms, slang or other “internet language” used around your organization.

People online commonly abbreviate and use informal terms, so depending on your video, including some of these terms in the Tags field might be beneficial if it’s relevant.

FAQ – YouTube Tag Extractor

Is tool #1 a tags generator?

No, it isn’t a generator. The tool doesn’t invent tags, it gets a list of popular videos, that are already in the YouTube top on the keyword you specify, collects all their tags, calculates their popularity, and finally gives you a list of tags sorted in descending order of popularity.

How to watch tags from any YouTube video manually?

Open interested video on in browser, open “source code” of the page, make a search for “og:video:tag” – all what you will find in the field “content” near the “og:video:tag” is a tags for this video.

How many tags are better used in Youtube video?

There are many different opinions about proper quantity of tags. I guess, nobody can know 100% exact information, I’m usually specify 15-20 tags to every video – choosing most popular tags among full list of tags, that are suitable to my video in meaning.

Where / how to add tags to the video?

Tags should be added separated by commas in special field on the interface, this field is located right below “Description” field:

YouTube Tag Extractor - youtube tag extractor - This tool can extract tags from a Youtube video. Just enter the YouTube URL and Click "Find" button Extract tags from YouTube video.

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