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One Glance at All Gemstones and Metals

When it comes to metals and gemstones, you as a buyer or an Ideal Customer have a wide range to choose from. Regardless of whether it should be a warm golden shine, a sparkling play of light or superficial elegance – we will deliver you an outline of the most popular jewelry materials. You Should Know How many Gemstones and Metals are Available for making your Jewelry perfect and Give an Elegant Look. It Gives a Better idea that which one you should choose for yourself. Let’s have a Look at the Article.

Overview of All Gemstones

Gemstones have fascinated people since the beginning of history with their rarity and sparkling shine. The following variants are usually employed for fine jewelry Pieces.


The January birthstone is the red garnet. This lucky stone is supposed to give strength for a new beginning and thus symbolizes the beginning of the year. The garnet reaches from the Latin word “granatum”. It is partly assumed that the name can be traced back to the similarity of the pomegranate fruit. The gemstone is expressed to get renewed options in the New Year and is also a symbol of health, wealth and stability.


The birthstone for February is the amethyst. This quartz gemstone is characterized by a purple color and high light transmission. Ecclesiastical dignitaries, in particular, used to wear this gemstone. Today, amethysts are the preferred choice for silver rings, chains and earrings. They are perfect for festive occasions and bring out the feminine side of every lady.


Centuries ago the aquamarine was revered as a symbol, protection and healing stone. Because a legend says that the gemstone comes from a mermaid’s treasure chest. Even back then it was considered a lucky stone that gives balance, love and purity. In the middle Ages, the gemstone was seen as a symbol of chastity and used as a healing stone to strengthen eyesight. Whoever has the blue aquamarine as a fortunate stone should be shielded from dishonesty and forgery in particular. The stone also stands for clarity – both in love and about the mind.


Those born in April have the purest, most valuable gemstone as a lucky stone. It is a symbol of purity and virtue and is regarded as an insignia of infinite love. The diamond should not only give its wearer fulfilling partnerships, but it should generally give him strength and prosperity.

This classic gemstone is particularly popular for Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands. This is not only due to its brilliant shine but also to its longevity: no other gemstone is harder than a diamond. So it is not surprising that the prices are in the upper segment.

Even the Greeks and Egyptians revered diamonds as the king of precious stones. The name is derived from the Greek word ‘Adamas’ and translates as ‘the indomitable’ because it is considered the hardest stone and therefore lasts for eternity. The healing stone stands for beauty, strength and invincibility.


Beauty, justice and harmony – this is what this gemstone with the deep green color stands for. It is characterized by a high degree of hardness and can be brought into a variety of shapes. The stronger the color, the more expensive the emerald. In terms of price, it is quite comparable to diamonds and rubies.

The emerald is considered to be one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. It is a symbol of beauty, hope and harmony. The healing stone is also known under the name ‘mother of all gemstones’. If your birthday is in May, the green emerald is your lucky stone. This gemstone should give you balance and harmony it also makes it a sign of fertility. It is also supposed to strengthen intuition and it stands for wisdom and patience.


Pearls are also called the ‘tears of the sea’ because they are created in shells. Various pieces of jewelry have been made from them for centuries. Centuries ago they were a symbol of perfection. The pearl, an organic gemstone for June Birthstone, is also particularly precious and a beautiful symbol of loyalty.


If the budget does not allow for a real diamond, there is a great alternative: Zirconia is crystals cut to perfection that can almost compete with the original in terms of brilliance and hardness – at a fraction of the price.


Unlike mineral stones, amber feels warm and impresses with its lightweight. Inclusions in the shiny golden material give each stone a very individual look. This also explains the price, which is now even ahead of real gold.


This gemstone is unmistakable due to its deep red color. People once suspected that it had an internal fire that could even be used to heat kettles. And this type of gemstone scores with its tremendous radiance. That has its price: Rubies are among the most expensive colored gemstones of all.

The ruby is considered to be one of the strongest healing stones for love and intimately but is also known as a stone of luck against evil. The ruby earned its title because of its color, which is emanated from the Latin word ‘Rubeus’ (red).

In the middle ages, it was known as carbuncle, a general term that was used for all red gemstones during this period. Whoever has the red ruby as a lucky stone can hope for numerous admirers and great prosperity. In addition, this gem is a symbol of fearlessness and power and it is said to protect its wearer from evil. The ruby is also particularly associated with energy and passion. That’s why Wearing Red Ruby Engagement Rings is Best Option for that.


The opal already had the meaning of a protective stone in ancient times. In Greek mythology, the opal holds the tears of the god Zeus captive. The opal is a soul stone that is used to perceive real love. The colorful opal is an indication of hope and belief and October Birthstone. In addition, it should be able to calm the wearer’s nerves and not only strengthen his creativity, but also his memory.


Those who love the blue of the sea are guaranteed to be happy with this gemstone. But there are also red, yellow-green or purple variants. Sapphires are among the most expensive gemstones in the world and are often used in wedding rings – for example in the legendary engagement jewelry of Princess Diana.

Other Gemstones

  • Turquoise: gemstone with a rather matt, glossy, multi-faceted surface
  • Topaz: a gemstone in different colors from blue to red; Topazes sometimes show different colors from different angles.
  • Peridot: light green stone with a high radiance
  • Tanzanite: mostly blue, but also multicolored gemstone from Tanzania.

Overview of All Metals


Silver is a soft precious metal that can be perfectly shaped into jewelry. It looks rather simple and is therefore often worn in everyday life. 925 Sterling Silver jewelry can tarnish over time and must be polished. The precious metal is also relatively prone to scratches.


There is something mystical about this metal that was once reserved for the rich and powerful. It impresses with its warm shine and robustness. However, jewelry today is only a fraction of pure gold. Instead, goldsmiths add other metals to achieve the desired color:

Copper, zinc and silver additives give the alloys yellow gold; red gold and rose gold they’re naturally warm color. White gold, on the other hand, has a cool, silvery sheen, which is created by adding palladium. By the way, gold is a soft metal. That is why gold jewelry can easily be decorated with engravings and letters. Based on Today’s Trend Rose Gold Engagement Rings is Much Popular.


Platinum is a very hard material that is even rarer than gold and therefore achieves high prices. Platinum is almost immune to acids, scratches and discoloration. Its white-grey color looks simple and elegant – perfect if you want to show exclusive taste without showing off. By the way: titanium looks similar, but is even harder.

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