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Online Car Insurance: Advantages, Fears, Contractual Procedure

What is online car insurance? How are they stipulated? What are the most common fears about it? What are the advantages? How to insure a vintage car online? In short, everything you need to know about online car insurance, explained in summary, practical and detailed guide.
The advent of the internet has completely changed everyone’s life. With a few clicks and straightforward steps you can get all the information you want. The world of insurance has also entered the web, offering itself faster, cheaper and more alternative.


Online car insurance allows customers to buy insurance for their motor vehicle from the comfort of their home. Buying insurance online reduces price and timeframe. This service is provided by companies in the sector, which have invested on the web to sell their insurance products, reduce brokerage and distribution costs, and make policies more competitive on the market.

Therefore, the purchase of online insurance is part of the transactions carried out through e-commerce (communication no. 157/1997). Therefore it is regulate with specific laws for the virtual market.

Consequently, thanks to this precise regulation, online policies are define to all intents and purposes as secure transactions. Clearly, it is essential to rely on well-known companies, known banking or financial institutions, or rely on the latter.

With the abolition of tacit renewal, all insurances do not extend at the end of their validity. Therefore, even for the renewal of online policies, the customer must pay the insurance premium. Also, possibly carry out the extension procedure online or on the telephone.
Before signing an insurance contract, it is important to carefully compare all the quotes offered by online insurance companies to choose the best suits your needs. Sometimes, the use of online insurance comparators is an effective method for comparing multiple sections simultaneously.

Online insurance companies have also adapted to the new technological devices. They offer functions that allow you to manage your RCA policy through an app and to control. For example, check the position of your car, which is helpful in the event of theft.

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Online car insurance policies represent a fast and economical way to ensure your motor vehicle, directly on the web, without the mediation of an agency. In this way, the insured customer can earn both over time and economically. Online insurance, compared to traditional ones, is very advantageous if we consider the following aspects:

  • as we have already said, speed, since within a few minutes it is possible to obtain a quote without any purchase commitment, as well as compare numerous proposals, choose the one that best suits your needs and save on management and structure costs;
  • convenience, as it is possible to subscribe to the policy directly from home by connecting to the web portal of the chosen insurance company;
  • simplicity, since online car policies are simple to subscribe by following a procedure on the web, entering the requested data, and forwarding the signed documentation to the company;
  • customization, as each customer can choose the clauses and ancillary guarantees to include themselves in their car policy to have coverage that complies with their driving needs;
  • the telematic assistance companies offer, which is provided both via the internet and by telephone, the insurance companies, in this way, can follow the customer throughout the purchase transaction of the car policy;
  • economic savings, as management and structure costs, are halved and positively affect the insurance premium to be paid.
    This last factor is significant, especially for a customer who has to decide between different proposals. The economic weight, however, must also be in balance with a suitable and convenient offer. Otherwise, the game is not worth the candle. Online insurances allow you to save about 30-70%, as they do not have physical offices and do not have to pay for the work of sales agents. Therefore they can guarantee their customers very advantageous RCA proposals.

Therefore, the insurance companies that focus on online policies focus a lot on the quality of the services offered to the customer (for example, they have anticipated direct compensation), which reciprocate the sector with a significantly growing percentage of associates.


The practicality and simplicity in stipulating the contract are among the advantages of online insurance. In addition, purchasing a policy online is very simple and just as safe, with just a few clicks.

Once you have chosen the one that best meets your requirements, it is essential to purchasing the policy. To proceed with the contractual phase, it is necessary to fill in the indicated fields with the information necessary for the insurance company to draw up a contract. The data relates to the personal data of the customer and the car you want to insure.

During the contractual procedure, in case of difficulty, the toll-free numbers are at your complete disposal for any clarification.
The insurance company sends the payment slip related to the insurance premium after the confirmation of the purchase. Once the payment has been made, it is necessary to send the receipt by post, by fax, or by email, to obtain a confirmation from the insurance company.

The coupon to be displayed in the car is sent by post to the insured’s address. Still, someone can anticipate it by issuing a provisional document that certifies the payment of the car policy.


The relationship with online insurance is not very reliable. In reality, speaking, in these cases, is the lack of knowledge of the contractual clauses of the insurance companies, as well as of the terminology of the policies. To be clear, many people are wary of online procedures, as they cannot figure out the deductible, ceiling and maximum limit. Resorting to a real-life insurer appears to be the safest method to stipulate an RCA contract.

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It is more useful than ever, in this case, to reiterate that online insurance offers a regular service that is ideally in line with the regulations governing online commerce. Therefore, fears have no reason to exist.

However, to exclude any form of fear, the necessary expedients are provided below to fully understand the seriousness and reliability of an insurance company that operates online. The primary assessments to be made are the following:

  • Make sure that the company is under registeration with ANIA, the National Association of Insurance Companies.
  • Check that the company is subject to the regulations of IVASS, the Institute for Insurance Supervision, formerly ISVAP.
  • The minimum value of the ceiling, by law, must amount to € 6,000,000. Therefore, knowing this value, it is possible to assess whether the online offer is compliant with the law or not.
  • Make sure that the company has already abolished the tacit renewal, now required by law.

In this way, you can be sure that the insurance company navigates in safe waters. That means it perfectly complies with the regulations imposed by the national institutes.


To ensure your vintage car directly online, it is unnecessary to follow a different procedure than that indicated for ordinary vehicles. It is essential to pay attention to some factors that allow you to save and customize the policy based on the use that makes itself of the vehicle.

Usually, a vintage car is a collector’s item that owners exhibit in particular situations, such as travel or at events. It is necessary for the customer to carefully choose his car insurance online.


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