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Online Shopping in Pakistan

The rapid expansion of the Internet in developing countries has allowed consumers to conduct international transactions. This research aims to identify the factors that affect online shopping in pakistan behavior, including the motives, acceptance, and motivation behind this latest way of selling. It uses exploratory factor analysis, structural equation modeling, and cluster analyses to pinpoint the factors that have the greatest impact on the behavior of consumers. It finds that price perception is the primary aspect of consumer behavior, while information accessibility and trust are less significant factors.

Online Shopping in Pakistan

The popularity of online shopping in Pakistan has increased significantly in the last few years. The country’s high Internet penetration has allowed a wide variety of online retail stores to open their virtual doors. Some of these stores specialize in specific products, such as women’s fashion. Others, such as Shoprex, offer a wide selection of items at low markups. Some of these websites offer products from international and local brands.

According to one estimate, the e-commerce industry in Pakistan is valued at over $60 million. It is growing at over 100% per year, and it is predicted that the industry will hit the $5 billion mark by 2020. The country has several key players who have established themselves in this burgeoning industry. In the coming years, online shopping in Pakistan will continue to grow exponentially. It is expected that online shopping in Pakistan will become the second largest e-commerce market in South Asia.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

While you’re shopping on online retail sites, make sure to read customer reviews and ratings of different vendors. If you buy a product that doesn’t meet your expectations, you can always return it for a refund. There are many benefits to online shopping in Pakistan. For one, it can help you save a lot of time. It also lets you get access to international brands at low prices.

Shopping on the internet has become very easy. Many popular stores and websites have mobile apps you can download. You can also use price comparison websites to compare prices and find the best deal. These websites also offer free home delivery for many items. With so many options available, online shopping in Pakistan can be both fun and convenient.


Jerdoni is a company based in the United States with regional operations, sellingells various active and casual clothing. It also has stores located in Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi. Its popularity has risen dramatically in the last year, with an average of 1 million new customers joining each month. The company has joined forces with Amazon to ship its goods which is one of the main reasons for the rapid expansion.

The site for shopping online is also well-known for the free delivery service to your home. You can also benefit from bundle deals and attractive discounts on selected products. The website accepts electronic products and offers the option of selling your device. The site offers top-quality service and quick delivery. Cash-on-delivery options that make shopping online more comfortable.

Qmart is another online retailer offering a broad selection of items. Its selection includes well-known brands as also local brands. It offers six different payment options. It is also able to accept international buyers. In fact, It is among the first to offer online shopping in Pakistan and offers a range of products at affordable prices. The site sells kitchen appliances, beauty and health products, gadgets, and many other products. Its inventory grows constantly and includes toys as well as outdoor activities.

Other online stores

Other online stores that are located in Pakistan comprise Merkit as well as Daraz. Merkit is one example. It is a store that focuses on tech-related products. Both sites use TCS logistics for delivery. They also offer discounts on coupons as well as complimentary home delivery. You can also buy clothing on these sites. They also provide home delivery and exchange services.

Another popular online store is ShopRex. It provides a wide range of products, including free home delivery and the option of exchange. Its inventory includes products from local and international brands. Additionally, the website offers a variety of payment options, including installments and credit cards.

jerdoni Polo Shirts

If you want to purchase the latest polo shirt but don’t know where to begin, think about shopping online. The site is a hub for content written by authors and allows them to connect with more people. The articles are regularly updated and include a range of choices for clothing, such as Jerdoni Polo shirts.

After Imran Khan came out in the Jerdoni Polo shirt during this year’s Bani Gala, the fashion brand saw an increase in sales. The sales increased by as much as 380 percent! The news was announced following the Prime Minister’s meeting with The Maulana Tariq Jameel, who lives at the Bani Gala residence. Jameel invited Imran Khan for a discussion on the issue of peace in Pakistan.

The Polo shirt was not just stylish, but it was also extremely cost-effective. According to reports, Imran Khan’s white Polo was only $18! The brand is also becoming more well-known in the UAE, where it is based. Alongside Pakistan, Jerdoni’s sales are currently accessible throughout Dubai, Mexico, Australia, Canada, and the US.

jerdoni Polo Shirts Man

Jerdoni is an established Pakistani fashion label. Its white polo shirt is said to retail at $18. Imran Khan has been a brand ambassador, and his presence at an event has boosted sales. The PTI chief was seen wearing the Jerdoni Polo shirt as he met with a renowned scholar of the religious world. The PTI chief wore the color-changing version in an interview in the house. Moreover, The PTI chief’s appearance has increased the sale of Jerdoni shirts in Pakistan by more than 380 percent. %.

Imran Khan’s Polo is talked about everywhere. In the past, he wore an orange one. However, the latest version is white. The band fans are delighted over the new look, and the ratio of purchases has been up by 380% from the day Imran Khan donned the outfit. Polo’s popularity isn’t limited to Pakistan also. It’s expanded to Mexico and Canada, Mexico UAE, Canada, Australia and Australia, Canada, and United States.

The company’s fast growth has seen more than 1 million new customers signing up every month. Pakistanis can now shop for Jerdoni Polo shirts without having to leave home. Whether searching for the most recent Jerdoni Polo shirt or a classic one you have owned for a while, you’ll find the perfect fit for your fashion and wallet.

Polo shirts are a vital component of the wardrobes of men. They are suitable for any event and for any time of the year. Short-sleeved shirts are ideal for hot summer days, whereas long-sleeved shirts are perfect for keeping warm during the winter.

jerdoni Polo Shirts Women

It is no surprise that the popularity of Jerdoni Polo Shirts for women has risen dramatically since Imran Khan was spotted wearing one. The PTI leader wore the company’s white polo shirt in the meeting with a prominent scholar of the religious world. In an interview with the company, Imran had worn the brand’s red polo shirt. Imran’s recent appearance has helped boost the sales of Jerdoni shirts by more than three times.

Jerdoni is a company based in the United States with regional offices in the UAE, Australia, and Canada. The brand offers a variety of active and casual wear for women and men. Jerdoni has two stores in Dubai. The brand is international shipping and is accessible in over 150 countries.

The brand has a broad collection of affordable polo shirts for men and women. The versatility of the brand makes it suitable for many occasions. A polo shirt can make you appear elegant and relaxed when you’re at work or at a social gathering.

A Polo shirt is a classic garment that is suitable for wear all year round. Its breathable fabric will keep you cool in the hottest weather. Also, it’s easy to mix with other clothing items and is ideal for casual events. It can be paired with anything from jeans to shorts to jackets.

jerdoni Polo Shirts Wearing Imran Khan

Pakistani political figure Imran Khan wore a Jerdoni Polo shirt at an informal meeting on Thursday with Moulana Tariq Jameel. It was a similar style he donned in an interview with an internal source earlier this week. The former cricketer wore a white shirt with black pants. The fans were thrilled with the outfit. The purchase rate has risen by 380 percent following the appearance.

The white polo shirt Imran Khan was sporting was made by Jerdoni product. When the public saw Imran Khan in it, they instantly noticed the brand. The brand also reported a significant increase in sales. It’s easy to see what this means for the brand.

One of the most significant advantages of wearing the Jerdoni Polo shirt is its price. A Jerdoni Polo shirt can be bought for around $18. Imran Khan’s appearance has increased Jerdoni’s sales by 378 percent.

If you’re searching for an excellent polo shirt, there is a wide range of designs and colors on the Internet. Some have flattering cuts and soft collars with ribbed edges. Jerdoni polo shirts are available in a variety of sizes. Imran Khan’s presence has increased Jerdoni’s sales in Pakistan.

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