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Online Soliciting And Legal Implications That Follow

As you already know, sex offenses through the internet can have serious legal consequences. Most internet users neither know nor understand the possible consequences of some of their online activities. Online solicitation usually involves a person that may not have the capacity to consent to sexual relations. As a result, innocent people find themselves being accused of what they haven’t done.

So continue reading to understand better how criminal lawyers Adelaide deals with online soliciting. We will also look at the kind of actions that fall under online soliciting, along with the legal offenses that a person may commit or get charged with.


Online soliciting and other sex offenses are severe offenses punishable by law. Online solicitation of minors is a third-degree felony offense. It carries a minimum sentence of two years and a maximum of ten years in child prison. A convicted defendant must pay a fine of up to ten thousand dollars. An improper relationship between a teacher and student charged has second-degree felony weight also. All other kinds of charges are misdemeanors, punishable through fines. But a person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor sexual offense might be registered as a sex offender.  


An accused person has the right to defend themselves as you must be aware of how serious the offense is an online solicitation. You need to look for an experienced lawyer to help avoid charges. Mounting a defense is tricky and often seen as complicated. These strategies may favor the defense, and every prosecutor will find any pathway to a conviction. A seasoned defense lawyer such as Liptak lawyers knows the law and strategies to employ for the best outcome. So hiring a good professional lawyer is a route to avoid charges.

Other Offences 

Brace yourself right from the start; as a prosecutor, you can charge a defendant accused of online solicitation with multiple charges. For instance, suppose a teacher solicits one of their students improperly. They can be charged online soliciting, further attracting other charges simultaneously. Additionally, if the defendant does anything to the minor, they can be charged with indecency with a child. It only occurs the defendant engages in sexual contact, such as touching through clothing.

Search For A Serious Criminal Lawyer

Associating yourself with online solicitation charges can be detrimental for both the prosecutor and the defendant. There have also been cases where the defendant was falsely accused of trapping them in a very adverse situation. On the other hand, the prosecutors might not always be aware of their legal powers resulting in them losing the case. 

But no matter the case, one must have a strong lawyer to defend them in court. You must look for lawyers who have relevant experience in this field to further increase your chances of winning the case. You can seek assistance from Liptak lawyers to help you out in this situation. 

Ending Thought

Getting over the consequences that follow online solicitation is not easy for anyone. Thus, it only makes sense to press the necessary charges and get the desired outcome with the law. The aforementioned information will help you better navigate through the nuances of online soliciting and get the right results.

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