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Oppo Enco M31 Specifications, Features

Oppo Enco M31 Specifications, Features

Everyone is in the race of making the best neckband earphones now we have the Oppo Enco M31. So in today’s post let’s see how well they perform in terms of build quality, comfort, features, battery life, and sound quality. so recently I reviewed the Oppo w31 which were great true wireless earphones from Oppo that was the first time I tried an oppo device. I was really impressed now they have dropped their new Oppo Enco M31 and neckband style of earphones.

Features & box :

we will talk about it in a minute high res wireless audio nine point two millimeter driver AI noise reduction. It also says smart magnetic earbuds 22 gram weight 8 hours of playback timebase mode and IPX 5 odd rating below this.  We have this little compartment that contains a USBC cable, some extra ear tips, and our beloved user manual and warranty card. We are going to keep this and this is for noobs so those were all the contents of the box. Now let’s move to the review now this is the first time I’m trying any neckband earphones from Oppo and I have to say that I am impressed.

Design and Build quality :

These earphones boy stuff all this is a neckband earphone but unlike others, this has a soft flexible neckband which doesn’t irritate at all generally. We have this hard neck band that feels like you’re carrying something on your neck but the band here is quite soft and you won’t mind it. If you want to put this in your pocket then you can do that by talking about the weight the earphones wave 22 grams which is quite a feather like mostly life index paint earphones weighs around 30 grams but this is even lighter than that other materials feel premium and high quality. we have these end caps in metal pole though I feel the cable to be a little fragile overall the build quality feels good.

Comfort & Fit :

The comfort and fit of the earphones are comfortable I didn’t face any issues even after using them for three to four hours the thing is that the earphones are so tiny in size in comparison to other earphones. So when you pop them in this snug fit into your ears and become well secured. Even if they don’t have any ear hooks they will not fall out during heavy workouts or running sessions.

Features :

We have Bluetooth 5.0 but with no multiple device connectivity but if you are connected to your smartphone. Now you want to connect to your laptop you can select the OPO m31 from your laptop.It will disconnect from the phone and connect your laptop instantaneously second we get high res and L deck on this thing which is the first time I’m saying this on earphones at this budget. If you want me to compare these neckband earphones with the oneplus.Click here for Oppo Enco M31 Vs Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z.


Magnetic Buds :

We are going to ignore this feature moving on we have magnetic Buds which means the earphones have magnets. So if you are not using the earphones you can easily manage them onto your neck along with that we also get auto on and off which means whenever you will connect the two earbuds together. They will pause the playback and turn the earphones off and whenever you will detach them it will turn on. So this saves a lot of battery and also there is no need to hold any kind of person for few seconds to turn them on or off to make things durable. we have IPX vibrating which means you can easily throw water splashes.

Battery life & Control:

The battery specification we have 88 milliamp hour battery on the m31 which is quite low in terms of mAh but after an hour of charge with the USB type-c port. It is supposed to give us 12 hours of playback on the typical audio format and it ours if you are only linked to elder similarly in my testing. I was able to get around 10 hours of playback at 60% of volume which is pretty average as compared to other neckband earphones.

But I think most of us would only charge it once a day so we can get away with this to control media playback. We have the main multifunction button and volume rocker on the neckband which can do all kinds of stuff like the play/pause change tracks adjust the volume skip track use voices instant and take calls. There is a feature for calling which is the AI noise reduction which means the earphones use AI to reduce the background noises. My quality should be good.

Sound quality :

The driver specification we have nine point two millimeter driver which produces excellent sound now in terms of sound. There is a great thing about these and oppo w31 which are their true violet earphones which are the different modes. So basically, we have two types of people one who like balanced sounding earphones and the second one who like bass rented but every earphone has its own character. There is no one size fit for all so we as a reviewer cannot give you a go-to recommendation to everyone but here on the Oppo Enco M31 we get balanced and based modes.

Bass mode:

So if you are the one who likes balanced sound then you can switch to balanced mode and if you want to expose the bass then you can switch to bass mode. Now for the sound itself, the sound is very good on each of the modes. On balanced mode but I mostly listen to we have good mids and highs with the bass at the apt amount. And there is so much clarity everything is so present this is the perfect mode for almost all genres like boosting pop rock etc but sometimes when I switched to the bass mode I feel it’s on another level it feels like a 3d kind of piece. Read also:All the New Features that You Can See in New Oppo Smartphones

So conclusion:

If you guys are getting me the boosted bass make some hip-hop trap music be much more enjoyable one thing. I noticed was that the earphones add a few reverb benefits to the base mode which I don’t like much but maybe you will yes but on the EDM songs. It makes you feel like you are in the club now in terms of loudness. And clarity the earphones are loud and clear even at max volume although you won’t have to go that far in all the earphone serves a great sound quality and you can definitely try the L deck to take your listening experience to a whole new level.

The prices of the earphones is set to 2,000 rupees in India and hundred dollars in the u.s. why maybe the seller is out of his head but maybe by the time you are read this post the price might change.  would say they are priced well every neckband earphones are at this range at this price point and it doesn’t really justify the features and the sound quality. So if you are looking for an earphone under 2,000 rupees you can definitely pick this up. Now if you want me to compare these neckband earphones with the one plus.

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