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Overview of the Different Types of Diamond Grinding Cups

A diamond grinding cup is a high-powered abrasive tool that makes light work of tough concrete and stone material. Its name comes from the fact that it has diamond bonded to the metal around the periphery and a cup-like depression in the center of the wheel. Their primary function is to prepare and polish surfaces. A concrete grinding cup effortlessly grinds down rough concrete, resulting in a smooth, polished and clean surface. Diamond cup wheels are also used to remove unwanted coatings such as paint and enamel. Grinding cups are used frequently in the construction industry due to their great horsepower and versatility. However, before you rush out and buy a diamond grinding cup for yourself, it’s important to understand the different types or “classifications”. In this blog we will cover the five most common grinding cups available and how they may benefit your projects.

Single Row Diamond Grinding Cup

The single row grinding cup has a high concentration of diamond bonded around the perimeter. This is the grinding cup for you if you need to grind down chips and produce a precise finish with a long service life. You can also use this grinding up to deburr and shape the edges of masonry work. This grinding cup also has the flexibility of working both wet and dry. Finally, the thick diamond edge is fantastic for concrete repair, because of its quick dissipation of air and cooling properties.

Double Row Diamond Grinding Cup 

The double row diamond grinding cup may, on face value, appear very similar to the single row diamond cup, however, when it comes to surface grinding even the slightest changes can produce very different results. Surface grinding is all about precision, so if you need to perfectly smooth an uneven surface this may be the grinding cup for you. The double row grinding cup has an extra abrasive rim closer to the centre of the wheel, which results in a much more aggressive grind. Not only is it tough, but this grinding cup also works up to speeds of 8,600 rpm, so you can be certain of a flawless end result.

Turbo Row Diamond Grinding Cup

As the name implies, the turbo row diamond grinding cup wheel is really fast, but that’s not all that is special about it. This grinding cup has bonded diamond placed around the perimeter of the wheel in a unique wavy configuration that allows for easy dust control. Furthermore, the large holes toward the centre of the wheel allow for fast and effective cooling. This grinding cup works well with rough surfaces and is the perfect choice if you need a machine that produces minimal vibrations. The end result is a clean, smooth finish.

Continuous Rim Diamond Grinding Cup 

This grinding cup wheel is eye-catching to say the least. Unlike other grinding cups, it has a continuous smooth surface, rather than raised segments or notches. This grinding cup is used for raiding and water-cooled grinding and is particularly useful when working marble and granite. This grinder is also an excellent choice if you need to work corners and edges. This wheel is capable of producing some of the most precise grinds and shapes, for a perfectly smooth result on even the finest stone.

Segmented Diamond Grinding Cup

This grinding cup is the polar opposite of the continuous rim grinding wheel. The multiple segments on this grinding cup are heavy-duty and belong to the category of concrete grinding wheels. The segments come in a wide variety of shapes so each segmented diamond grinding cup wheel will need to be assessed on its own merits for your particular project.

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