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Packing and Moving Tips, Tricks, and Advice

Nobody will tell you how to manage a household shifting. Especially if you have pets or kids to handle the move. It could get very stressful to manage things by yourself. Keeping a few tips and tricks up your sleeve can up your game and you can impress your hubby or parents using simple ways ensuring a smooth move.

Here, are a few essential tips, tricks, and suggestions that you won’t get through your favorite aunt, nosy neighbor, or intellectual books. These tips will you move and pack in the best possible way helping you surprise others. A little bit of smartness is all it needs. Read on!

Get rid of everything

When you think about packing everything up, you may feel the stress building up within you. How good it would be to pack only those items that are important. You can do that.

Just subtract the clutter or any unwanted items that you generally don’t use much. Those dresses with a loose elastic band, those clothes that have been chewed by your dog, antiques broken during a fight should all be removed.

The lesser you have the happier you’ll be.

This phrase works well when you are packing and moving to a new location. Purge through all your items ferociously and remove everything that you don’t need. Just place three bags; one for the junk, another one for selling items, and a third one for donating. Its’ that simple. Less to pack and move hence, lesser to unpack and organize.

Create moving folder

You are moving out of your old house now is the time to start collecting all the important papers. Bring in all the purchase or rental papers, lease agreement papers, new addresses, and others in one place. Move the hard copies into a folder as digital means can interact issues during the move.

When you are shifting things will get tight and at that time if you keep all the important papers near you, things can get fast and easier. Even the packers and movers estimate papers that you received from the packing and moving service providing company should keep them safe and nearby.

Packing in advance

Planning to move, you must have decided about it at least a month ago. If that is the case, why not start with the packing in advance?

It is better to start now than later.

Start with the off-season clothes or things that you won’t miss. Pack them and store them aside so that, when the time comes you’ll have lesser things to pack. If you start little by little, you will have a stress-free move and things will be ready to move. As time nears your nervousness will rise but if you are prepared for it, you won’t find it much difficult. You can focus on other important things rather than packing.

If you’ve kids and pets, it’ll be best if you can start early, or else packing and moving will be a complete mess.

Book early

Moving and packing services are crowded during month-end and weekends. If you are planning to move during these days, then you need to book good packers and movers as soon as possible. Booking early means you can get a discount on the services and have a lot of options to choose from.

Even if you are renting supplies or hiring cleaners, painters, or electricians you need to book their services beforehand. If you wait till the last minute that charges may increase, and you may have to compromise with little or no service. Especially if it is during the peak season.

Schedule utilities

Utilities are one of the important things that we can’t do without. After finalizing the date of relocation, contact the utility providers in your area. Imagine how you would feel when you arrive at your new place tired and the electricity, or water is off? It won’t be a good picture to imagine.

Mention it in your checklist and see to it that your utilities are fixed. Get this done ahead of time. keep all the requests, applications, and records in the moving folder. While moving out of the old place don’t forget to disconnect all the utilities or you may be charged for it at the end of the month. The bill could shock you. So, remember to start the utilities before you move into the new location.

Keep essentials nearby

You need to have a bag that will hold all your essentials. It is very important because as soon as you shift, you won’t be able to unpack things soon. For at least 2-3 days, if you have a change of clothes and toiletries, it will be very helpful for you. Pack the essentials such as medicines, toothbrushes, paperwork, clothes, etc.

You can also carry your kids’ must-have panda toy that he can’t sleep without. This will allow you to have a good sleep after a tiring day. You need to keep all your valuable jewelry with you in this bag as well.

Having this bag will make your days easier for you even if your moving truck is delayed due to some or other reason. Don’t forget to pack casual, sleepwear, and office outfits for two or three days. Once you reach your new house you’ll be thankful that you read this piece.

Invest in equipment

All the packing accessories and materials should be purchased at least fifteen days before. You won’t want to run out to get an extra pair of scissors while packing the box. This can be a mood spoiler. Whether you want to collect extra pair of boxes from the nearby store or get rolls of packing tapes do it beforehand so that when you are packing you be hindered by the missing items.

So as not to miss any item, make sure you prepare an inventory list. Before you start with the packing remember to stock up on the supplies. You can either order these kinds of stuff online or visit a nearby store to get them.

Get permanent markers, colorful stickers, adhesive bandages, garbage bags, packing tapes, paper towels, tissue wipes, box cutters, and other items. You can stock them and if they are not used during the shift they can be used later.

If you move frequently it is better to have equipment ready. You can rent, borrow or buy these things such as furniture pads, tie-down rope, furniture dolly.

Book a truck with a loading ramp

Do you believe in a DIY move? You can get a truck with the ramp easily for rent. It will cost you lesser if you rent a truck for shifting without the ramp, but it will be a lot of struggle to get all your things in the truck. It will not only cause you sore muscles but also be a waste of time and energy. When you think like that you’ll find paying a little bit extra enticing.

Keep first aid kit

Accidents are prone to happen when packers and movers arrive. It is not possible to pass that day without a cut or scratch. For that, you need to be prepared. Keep a box handy with a couple of band-aids, disinfectant, ointments, bandages, and cotton. This will make things easier if anyone gets hurt during the process.

If you already have one at your house, then replenish the items so that, there is no shortage of any first aid thing. Wet wipes should be included as it is the best way to disinfect the area.

Packing tips for household shifting

If you keep a few pointers in mind while packing, you’ll find relocation easy to deal with. Lets’ check some of them out.

Using the right kind of boxes

You can’t use one kind of box for packing all kinds of things. For instance, for packing fragile items you’ll need a glass box whereas to deal with utensils you are going to need cardboard boxes. Bring in different sizes of boxes so that, you can pack them all at ease, dealing with one particular kind at one time.

Like for example, you need to pack appliances in smaller boxes according to their size. This will leave them with no space to bang into each other. Also, check that larger boxes are not packed with heavy items as it will be troublesome for the packers and movers to deal with. Here your things have higher chances of breaking.

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Heavier items in the bottom and lighter ones on the top

To be on the safer side always pack things in the correct order. By putting heavier ones in the bottom and lighter ones on the top will make the packing secure. Even while loading the boxes in the truck make sure you place heavier boxes first and then top it with the lighter ones.

This will not only help the packers and movers to avoid any accidents but also make it easier for you if you are loading the truck yourself.

Try not to leave blanks in between

Try not to leave empty spaces in between the items. Use balls of packing papers, kitchen towels, old linen, etc. to pack things up tightly. If you don’t leave blanks in between the boxes will stay balanced and the things won’t bang into each other. This way you can avoid damages and scratches.

If you pack them loosely, the packers won’t shift it and would ask to repack it again. This can cause you extra cost.

Don’t mix and match things

Mix and match look cool when you are experimenting with clothes and accessories. If you try to mix and match items from different rooms in the same box, you’ll find it difficult while unpacking them. Remember not to add any item from a different room in the box even if it half full. This will make unpacking and packing a lot easier.

Label each box properly

Labeling the boxes should be the most important thing to do while packing items. This way the intercity packers and movers will know how to handle those things and where to place them in the new location. You can number the boxes and prepare an inventory which will help in keeping the track of packed items. This is one good way to keep yourself updated.

Tape them well

Don’t be a miser when it comes to packing the box with the packing tape. Use enough tape to pack the box well. Tape the bottom well by using enough tapes to stick from within as well as outside the box. One of the techniques used by the moving company is by wrapping the box couple of times with tape. Especially remember to go all the way from top to bottom, where pressure can build up.

Pack your valuable art carefully

Using regular paper to wrap the oil painting won’t be a good idea. Pictures framed with the glass should be marked with a big X. Make this X using masking tape. This will hold the frame together and strengthen the hold. After that wrap the artwork with bubble wrap and then put it in the frame box. Don’t forget to use a piece of cardboard in between to protect it from getting damaged.

Packing and moving, then unpacking can be a stressful job that requires a lot of patience. If you have kids at home who require your total attention, things can get difficult for you. Having a shortcut for every bend is not possible. For them, you can use simple tricks to help you overcome those difficulties. Using the tips mentioned can help you in many ways.

Happy relocating!

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