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Reference and Education

PCI Approved Colleges in UP

Pharmacy education is the benchmark of a country’s ability to develop superior drugs & vaccines because it lays the foundation for innovation. There are innumerous PCI approved colleges in UP which foster education because UP being the most populous state in the country.

Since Independence India has come a long way in upgrading pharmacy education because of quality parameters enacted by the Pharmacy council of India (PCI).

Colleges should follow PCI enacted guidelines because quality pharma education is crucial for innovating new molecules.

There are many approved colleges in UP which offer Pharma education like:

J P college of Pharmacy Lucknow

Kailash Institute of Pharmacy & management Gorakhpur

Kalawati College of Pharmacy Sultanpur

Jeevan Jyoti Institute of Pharmacy Aligarh

Kunal College of Pharmacy Agra

Lakshya College of Management & Technology Bijnore

Venkateshwara Group of Institutions Meerut

These colleges follow the guidelines mandated by PCI because it’s the governing body regulating pharmacy education in the country.

An institution excels depending on their commitment towards education.

One institution worth mentioning is the Venkateshwara Group of Institutions (VGI) Meerut because they foster skilled education crucial for employment.

We set the institution up in 1998 to offer skilled education because gaining professional education is difficult for the rural youth.

Rural youth cannot afford costly education because of lower income levels.

This prompted Philanthropist Dr Sudhir Giri to establish Venkateshwara Group of Institutions (VGI) Meerut that promotes affordable education & healthcare for all.

PCI approved colleges in UP grants scholarship

Dr Sudhir Giri, hailing from a humble background, fully understands the hardships youth face in gaining professional education.

A dedicated Jan Kalyan Department works to offer scholarships to meritorious students because it enables to realize their dreams.

VGI is among the best PCI approved colleges in UP because it fosters hands-on skills through internship.

Internship bridges the gap between theory & practice because students apply theoretical concepts leading to skill development.

Skills pay the bills is the new norm because industries want problem solvers & critical thinkers that foster innovation.

VGI, being a PCI approved Pharmacy colleges in UP, has tied up with leading industries for internship because the education world knows them since 1998.

VGI’s Medical College, the Venkateshwara Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) is a multispecialty hospital offering a variety of services for the masses.

The institute’s credibility in education plays a commendable role in earning internships because firms value our commitment to skilled education.

We promote industrial visits because learning from industry mentors is vital for employment.

Industry professionals mentor our students, thus making us one of the best PCI approved colleges in UP.

We place most students because we impart job ready skills which industries desire .

Regular interaction with industry experts ensures they are abreast with the latest trends because of business volatility.

Being a PCI approved colleges in UP, we foster research oriented education because R & D is vital for survival.

We encourage students to endure in labs because practical skills are crucial for discovering molecules.

India needs to establish itself as a new molecule developer because China, USA & Germany dominate this segment.

Promoting skilled education

To make India self-reliant in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) PCI approved colleges in UP should foster research because it is crucial for capturing the global market.

All PCI approved colleges in UP should organize drug contests & lab assignments because they foster hands-on skills vital for innovation.

As per Oxford scientist soon, more lethal viruses will attack mankind because of proximity with wild animals.

This requires a proactive approach wherein colleges should update their curriculum to include research skills because they foster discovery vital for survival.

Apart from hard skills, soft skills are equally important because they help climb the career ladder. All PCI approved colleges in UP should impart interpersonal skills because they are necessary for success in the corporate world.

VGI trains on communication & behavioral skills, leading to better assimilation because students come from different backgrounds.

Team work, cooperation & empathy are the desired traits because they improve the team bonding, leading to better results.

India is the Pharmacy of the world because we are the largest generic drugs & vaccine producer in the world. We can dominate the world provided we innovate and sell at affordable rates because patients want value for money.

How to select the best Pharmacy College?

Well, having worked in the education sector for over 20 years, I should be able to answer this well.

Pharmacy allows students to enter the fascinating world of drug discovery & formulation. During, the pandemic the need for quality pharmacists has increased. All over the world scientists worked overtime to discover covid vaccine. These happenings have made pharmacy even more exciting.

Students wishing to make a career in pharmacy should choose colleges on these criteria –





Teaching Pedagogy

PCI approved

d pharma colleges in meerut
VGI Meerut groomed pharmacist

Pharmacy is a challenging career that offers tremendous job opportunities. With new viruses affecting humans time again the need to discover vaccine has tasked pharmacists with new challenges. Every government & private hospital require pharmacists to read doctor prescription & give medicines.

After completion of course students can join different sectors in pharmacy as a

  • Drug Inspector,
  • Pharmacist,
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing,
  • Quality Control and Production,
  • Medical Underwriting,
  • Scientist,
  • Own Pharmacy business.
  • Product Manager

Please ensure Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) recognizes the college and has an excellent infrastructure that aids in research & drug discovery. Infrastructure includes laboratories, latest machines & equipment’s, classrooms with AV aids, own departmental library with books & journals that aid in the learning process.

pharmacy colleges in meerut

They should draw the faculty from industry who can train students on key skills enhancing their job prospects.

Internship should be part of curriculum. This ensures students get time to practice in actual life situation enhancing employability. The college should have tie-ups with industries for internships. If the student performs well, they may receive the job offer.

I visited one college & found it equipped with all the requirements is –

 Venkateshwara Group of Institution

VGI offers global standards in education, training and research with an admirable infrastructure, better course-structure & innovative teaching pedagogy making it the best B. Pharma Colleges in Meerut.

Meerut is the next growth hub of National Capital Region. The Meerut expressway connecting Delhi has opened immense opportunities for B. Pharma professionals.

The 60 acre lush green campus on the Delhi Dehradun highway provides the perfect adobe of holistic learning.

VGI has carved a name for itself in B. Pharma education by installing world class infrastructure. Modern laboratories, latest machines provide the serene environment for budding pharmacists making us the best B. Pharma Colleges in Meerut.

Pharmacy is a specialized field requiring research for drug discovery. We make our students endure in sophisticated labs to refine their intellectual & scientific talent, making us the best PCI approved Colleges in Meerut.

The faulty is an interesting blend of academic & industry trained professionals who ensure students imbibe key skills making us the top D Pharma Colleges in Meerut .

To make our students, job ready compulsory internship is part of the B Pharma course. This guarantees pupils have time to apply theory in actual life situations. This way majority of students find placement by the course end.

Our unique specialty is the teaching method. We designed the course curriculum after consultation with industry. This is to ensure we are teaching what they require in the market.

The Course Committee regularly updates the syllabus after feedback from industry experts, ensuring our graduates achieve lucrative placement making us the top B Pharma Colleges in Meerut.

We integrated the syllabus with curricular & extracurricular activities to refine the personality of the students.

The college strives for all round development of students by organizing presentation, seminars, conferences, online teaching, dramatization, poster presentation, assignments, industrial visits, latest teaching aids and practical experimentation making us the best B Pharma Colleges in Meerut.

Courses Offered

  • 2 years Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharma) from Board of Technical Education (BTI), Lucknow
  • 4 years Bachelor in Pharmacy (B. Pharma.) from Abdul Kalam Technical University, (AKTU) Lucknow. The Pharmacy council of India (PCI) approved both these courses.

I hope it helps.

Why we need Pharmacists in emergencies

Such patient’s trust Pharmacists because they are skilled in giving correct dosage, giving instant relief.

The Corona pandemic reinforced people’s faith in Pharmacists because they dispensed vital drugs to the ill.

Cesarean deliveries are becoming common because Doctors avoid the risks involved in normal delivery.

They prescribe antibiotics to kill infection because infections are common after childbirth.

Such mothers trust Pharmacists dispensing prescribed drugs because they are skilled in their role.

People avoid visiting Doctors for common flus because Pharmacists keep OTC medicines that are reliable & give instant results.

Pharmacists are becoming wellness experts because people are augmenting their health through health supplements.

They guide on the benefits of supplements like Protinex, which help vegetarian people increase their protein intake.

We need Pharmacists because they give health supplements because with age people require nutrients in requisite quantities.

In Corona, Pharmacists played a commendable role by dispensing lifesaving drugs because patients were reluctant to visit hospitals.

In a late night health emergency like fever or loose stomach, one consults the Pharmacist because Doctors are not available.

Just imagine our fate had India not devised its own Corona vaccine?

With such a vast population, lakhs would have perished because of the unavailability of vaccines.

The Pharmacist toiled in labs to develop India’s first Corona vaccine Cowaxin, which empowered the masses against the virus.

The world recognized the importance of Pharmacists because they ensure health by dispensing drugs with correct dosage.

Diabetics require regular insulin to control diabetes because it’s crucial for life.

They trust their pharmacist because they are skilled in dispensing the right dosage to different age groups.

They cure Common cold, fever, toothache, headache & stomach ache because Pharmacist give OTC medicines giving instant relief.

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