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Personalised Clothing – A New Trend in Fashion Industry

Anything that is constant in the fashion industry is changing. It is an ever-changing industry with new trends coming up every now and then. Trends usually come and go, but a few stays forever. Moreover, there has been a number of instances where an old or past trend has come up again and started ruling. It clearly indicates the changing nature of the fashion industry, which can change in a matter of just a few weeks.

However, with all the trends in the fashion industry that have come and gone, the recent trend of personalised clothing has gained a lot of popularity. Most importantly, personalised or customised clothing has got significant traction among all groups of people. In addition to this, the trend has spread to a wide range of clothing items and has emerged to be extremely popular in recent times. The popularity of customised clothing can be very clearly understood from the increasing demand for the same.

What is Personalised Clothing?

Personalised clothing is any clothing items that are customised according to the preference of the wearers. The wearers can print their preferred image, favourite quote, and many more as per their choice. In recent times, it has been observed that customisation of clothes has become a very popular trend and a considerable volume of the population are willing to go for the same. One of the best things about customised clothing is that there are innumerable ways of customisation or personalisation, thereby making sure that the clothing items are unique. In addition to this, personalisation is also about reflecting one’s own style and personality.

Evolution of Personalized Clothing

Previously in the fashion industry, mass production happened to be the most successful strategy. After a long period of time, there was a revolution from “made to measure” to “ready to wear.” This, in turn, resulted in the elimination of the individualised approach in the production of clothing. The major reason behind adopting this strategy was buyers were welcoming price reductions and accepting standardised products. With the advancements in technology, customisation or personalisation has become one of the most sought-after, relevant, as well as in-demand trends in the modern fashion industry.

Personalisation or customisation in the fashion industry can play a significant role in the generation of revenue. Studies reveal that there is a possibility of more than a hundred percent increase in the purchase of customised clothing items. Moreover, there is an added possibility of buyers spending about 40 percent more on what they had actually planned. The way of operation of different fashion brands is also flourishing as per the choice of the buyers. Most importantly, different brands belonging to the fashion industry have focused on the choices, preferences, as well as objections of buyers.

Different Types of Personalised Clothing Items Ruling the Fashion Industry

The overall popularity of personalised clothing is pretty clear from the different types of clothing items that have been customised as per the needs of users. To make it clear, here we have listed some of the most popular personalised clothing items

Personalised T-Shirts

T-shirts are undoubtedly one of the most popular clothing items, and therefore personalised t-shirts are popular too. The demand for customised t-shirts has been rising day by day, and different sellers are trying to the best of their possibilities to cater to the needs of individuals.

Personalised Hoodies

Personalised hoodies are another common clothing item presently ruling the fashion industry. Users are looking forward to customising their hoodies in their preferred way to reflect their personality or keep up their style statement.

Personalised Caps

It has been observed that people have also started wearing personalised caps in addition to the customised clothing items. It is true that the fashion industry is experiencing a trend of personalised clothing items, and the trend is expected to continue since there are no signs of stopping or reducing.

Personalised Workwear

Another addition to this category of clothing items is personalised workwear. We have seen a number of organisations focusing on customised workwear for their employees. This type of workwear comes with a wide array of advantages. Such as company branding, marketing & promotion, promoting togetherness in the workplace, and many more. The preference for personalised or customised workwear with a company logo or tagline has become a top choice for many organisations.

In addition to the clothing items mentioned above, there are a number of others that people love to personalise before wearing. Apart from clothing items, there are other different items added to the category of personalisation, such as personalised tote bags and others. Since personalisation of different items has gained a lot of popularity, it is believed that different other items might be added to the list.

How Has Personalised Clothing Become the Latest Trend?

Now, we have a clear understanding of the different types of personalised clothing items. So, it will be ideal to understand how personalised or customised clothing has become a new trend in the fashion industry.


Self-expression has always been one of the major points of consideration in the world of clothing. Here different people use clothing to show off their tastes, preferences, and personalities. The show-off can be done by one’s knack towards sport by wearing activewear. Wearing band t-shirts to show one’s love towards music. Your music, or simply fitting into subcultures by donning their style. Hence self-expression is a key part of the fashion world where one likes to design and customise their own clothing items. Since it is one of the best ways to show one’s specialty to everyone.


Technology has been another major promoter of personalised clothing. Customising clothing items might have seemed absurd years ago. Wearing personalised t-shirts previously meant buying a blank t-shirt and using an iron template or getting screen printing done on it for personalisation. However, with the advancement of technology, modern techniques of printing have come up. It is not only cheaper but also professional in the outcome. Moreover, the advent of the internet, as well as eCommerce, has made it quite convenient for different fashion brands to take customised orders.

A Move Against Fast Fashion

The only thing constant in the fashion industry is change. With fashion always making quick progress, things happen to very quickly move in and out of fashion. This, in turn, has resulted in ‘fast fashion’ wherein new trends come and go. Which means people tend to buy clothes often to be at par with the current trend. In the same way, personalised clothing has become the new trend in the fashion industry. It has made customised clothing a niche in the sustainable fashion movement.

Reasons Behind the Growth of Personalised Clothing

There has been a continuous change in the world of fashion over the past few years. About a decade ago, personalized clothing was not as popular as it is today. One of the major reasons behind the same is the quick progression of the industry. With the instant growth of the fashion brands, there was a boost to various personalised clothing designers. This, in turn, facilitated the trade and more brands became aware of their personal identity. Fashion business owners are proud of the business status they have created for themselves, regardless of their size. Moreover, they are always eager to showcase their work to the whole world.

Another major reason behind the growth of personalisation in the world of fashion is the rising demand. From the corporate as well as the education sector. Over the past few years, organisations have focused more on the satisfaction of employees. By providing them with the best services. Designing a premium quality personalised workwear for their employees helps boost morale and build good rapport among themselves.

Future of Personalised Clothing

The future of personalised clothing certainly looks bright, and it is expected that hyper-personalization. It will be seen in the time to come. A number of fashion brands can make use of real-time data as well as artificial intelligence. So that they can supply more personalised and unique clothing items to every customer. With personalised clothing trending, customers will have the control to create their own merchandise.

Firstly, there will be a shift from physical places to digital places thanks to augmented reality and virtual reality. These technologies have facilitated the introduction of virtual try-on technology, where customers can easily try their personalised recommendations.

Secondly, empathy will enhance the potential to relate to and understand the emotions of another person improvise. For the enhancement of empathy, different fashion brands can incorporate the technology of machine learning for the purpose of accurately predicting the inventory demand. Thereby reducing wastage and costs of unsold inventory costs.

Thirdly, fashion brands will start using ecosystems for the purpose of personalising journeys end-to-end. Artificial Intelligence will aid fashion brands and retailers in predicting the needs and preferences of their customers.


Moreover, personalisation will bring about an end to overproduction and ultimately eliminate clothing landfills. Therefore, an appropriate understanding of the needs of customers needs will play a significant role in increasing the ROI for both manufacturers as well as retailers.


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