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Places in Europe to visit in 2022

The best places in Europe will provide an incredible experience for you who want to travel to the Old Continent. With the ease of locomotion and proximity between many of them, it is possible to meet even more than one and marvel at what we see in films and photos.

To decide which is the ideal destination, it is important to define the trip’s purpose, after all the options range from cities with preserved ancient history to paradisiacal beaches and megalopolises that mix between the modern and the traditional. Anyway, the certainty is that you will find exotic, incredible, paradisiacal places and the most beautiful cities in Europe, not to mention the European continent’s beautiful tropical countries.

Paris, France

I open the list of the best places in Europe, simply with the city of light! Paris was elected, according to the TripAdvisor list, the best European city to visit, because it oozes charm, whether in architecture or in people’s clothing; the capital of France is situated between the curves of the River Seine and has a great speciality in wines, cheeses and perfumes.

Rome, Italy

Following the list of places in Europe, it certainly appears the most legendary capital and full of ancient stories on the list; this is the fourth largest city in the European Union and stands out for its archaeological wealth, religion, art, fashion and cuisine, after all, it is the land of Spaghetti à Carbonara in Italy: Rome, the eternal city. Among the sights of Rome, the Colosseum stands out, in addition to the Basilica of Saint Peter, Pizza Venice, Roman Forum, Campidoglio, Roman Pantheon, Fontana di Trevi and, of course, the Vatican.

 Crete, Greece

Next, Greece’s first paradise appears on the list of the best places in Europe, being this the largest and most populous island in the country. This place can very prepared for tourism. That it has three airports and receives foreigners from all over the world on its beaches, especially in August, at the European summer height.

Its main tourist attractions are the Heráklion Archaeological Museum, Knóssos Palace, Elafonisi Beach (one of the best globally), Cretaquarium, Arkadi Monastery and the Venetian Castles. Pay attention to accommodation, as the island is large and you can be very distant; it is recommended that you stay in Chania hotels.

Barcelona, ​​Spain

The fifth place on the list is simply the city that receives the most tourists in Spain. Barcelona is modern and traditional, because, at the same time that it is world-famous for the hype of nightlife, it preserves its nature, architecture and, above all, the local art and all the geniuses that made it history.

When you go to the Catalan capital, visit the following sights in Barcelona: Sagrada Família, the Picasso Museum, Casa Batllo, La Pedrera, Park Güell, Camp Nou, National Art Museum, Montserrat and Montjuic; concerning the best neighbourhoods, stay in the Old Town or Eixample.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is another city that is visited a lot by young people concerning nightlife, but that goes far beyond that. I speak of the Czech Republic’s capital with an impressive architectural heritage, the people who revolutionized and beer and the most consumed in the world; not to mention that the city was designed to be known on foot, due to the main attractions being close to each other.

Be sure to visit Prague’s main sights, which are: Prague Castle (largest in the world), the impressive Astronomical Clock, Chapel of Bones, Beer Museum, Lobkowicz Palace, Terezin concentration camp and the Old Town. Among the options for staying, the places most used by tourists are Hradcany and Malá Strana.

 Istanbul, Turkey

I arrive in Istanbul, which is simply the fourth largest city globally, and, in this immense territory, it reserves many incredible attractions in Turkey. I am talking about a place rich in beautiful urban settings, religious centers and, of course, the much sought after and famous trade. You can book a local taxi for your tours.

The main tourist attractions include the Hagia Sophia (architecture of a millennium and a half), the Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque, the Gülhane Park, the Galata Tower, the Hippodrome Square and the Topkapi Palace. The best neighbourhoods are Taksim Myd and Ortaköy Mosque.

Lisbon, Portugal

In the eighth place in the list of places in Europe, the whole tradition of Portugal’s capital, which is already a draw for us Brazilians simply because it does not have the language barrier. Lisbon preserves its architectural landmarks very well and the mansions and the main streets, not to mention the unmistakable gastronomy, tasty sweets, and the refinement of its wines.

The most visited sights in Lisbon are the Belém Tower, São Jorge Castle, Lisbon Cable Car, Jerónimos Monastery, Tagus River, Estádio da Luz (where the eagle flies over Benfica games) and Praça do Comércio. Stay preferably in the Alfama and Mouraria neighbourhoods.

Venice, Italy

I arrive at the romantic capital, where you park your car outside the city and sail by boat in an unparalleled climate. Venice is located in the northwest of Italy and has a unique identity among the postcards of the world, the fact that it is all crossed by rivers, which, mixed with the local architecture, form a charming setting.

When you go to the city, Venice’s most incredible sights are: Pizza San Marco, Basilica of San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, Grand Canal, Bridge of Sighs, Belfry Tower and, of course, be sure to take the romantic gondola rides. To stay, choose between the regions of San Marco and Castello.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I close the list with a flourish when talking about the unique charm of the capital of Holland. The truth is that Amsterdam has a unique architecture, made up of hundreds of bridges, maritime channels and windmills; take the opportunity to see the tulips up close, the different shopping options and, obviously, the curiosity about the famous “showcases”.

When visiting the city, discover Amsterdam’s sights: Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, Dam Square, the Heineken Experience, the Vondelpark and the Royal Palace. Stay in the centre of the Jordaan neighbourhood.


As you can see, Europe boasts an impressive wealth of places to visit. In all of them, the range of tourist spots is extensive, so it is worth visiting to explore each postcard as much as possible.

You have seen no shortage of exotic, incredible, paradisiacal places and even the most beautiful cities in Europe. As all cities can considered centers with a lot of demand from tourists. The idea is that you book in advance the hotel where you will be staying and the tours you want to enjoy.

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