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Plain vs Printed T-Shirt- What To Wear For The Best Casual Look?

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The Internet world has always been the most popular hotspot for fashion inspiration. Mainly for men, the digital industry can never be short of creative insights. You can find tons of pleasing combinations and styles to get inspired from for men’s fashion. Amid this, the gents t shirt continues to give a unique edge to the men’s wardrobe. 

After all, this one of the most versatile fashion garments illustrating the real definition of comfort and luxury. But sometimes, men have to confront lots of difficulties when they want to try a t-shirt fashion for a casual look, as they are unclear whether it will work or not. 

This automatically gives rise to an everlasting debate between plain and printed t-shirts. So what is the best fashion ensemble that promises you a stylish look? Let’s find out.  

Below we have compiled a list of the few best alternatives to make perfect casual wear with both plain and printed versions of t-shirts.

  • Black Denims and loafers

Black denim fashion is endless; you can easily carry this dress-code with any dressing material to make a perfect statement. Although it is a bit conventional-alternative, its trend and demand across men’s styling are still rising. If you are trying velvet black, brown or maroon loafer for the footwear fashion, the results can be outstanding.  

You can try a printed strip tee or a plain red or raw colored tee for a catchy summer look upon this stylish combination. The denim and t-shirt fabric will embrace your body comfortably stimulating your look  to fall in the coolness category.

  • Ripped Jeans with Goggles 

Ripped jeans and goggles create a perfect casual outfit when combined together. Mainly if you give it a little add-on from your own diary of creativity, it can turn more attractive. For instance- a plain black tee will be a dominating style, whereas a printed logo tee might enhance your casual style. 

These styles have always been in our list of recommendation as it is a quick-fix solution that transforms your personality from simple to stylish. 

  • Blue Denim with Sport Shoes

Try out blue denim with a plain light shade t-shirt or choose a funny tag-line t-shirt and pair it up with denim and sports shoes. Your casual look will start looking more graceful. Though, you can try out this outfit for a day out with family and friends. 

This complete outfit will prove to be the most comfortable outfit for you on Sundays or other holidays. You boys are fond of this simple yet fabulous fashion, and it’s no surprise that you must give it a try. You can even pick a pink t-shirt as it is also quite fashionable.  

  • Cargo Pant + Printed T-shirts 

The trend of gents t-shirt had never been so pleasing to the eye a few years back as it is today. Especially when the t-shirt is available in commando pattern, then one must definitely pair it up with cargo pant as it is currently evolving into the most trending fashion. 

You can review John Abraham’s plain t-shirt look and Akshaya Kumar’s cargo pant style, who also adore this trend. On a day-out trip with friends or on a night out party, you can try this perfect look that provides you with a gentleman type feel. 

gents tshirt

  • Plain Check Shirt with Blue Jean

The plain check shirt is an excellent alternative to t-shirt fashion. You can bring more excellence to your outfit if you prefer dark-blue jean over other colour hues. For footwear, try sports shoes; loafers also make excellent sense. With a gents’ shirt, you can create tons of attractive looks using your own creative insight. 

gents shirts

Although, a plain t-shirt beneath a shirt equally amps your looks while creating a catchy statement piece for you. You can even try a printed tee as it will beautifully merge with the check pattern. 

In a nutshell

Ultimately, it is very clear that both plain and printed gents t shirt win because it is up to you how better you embrace these styles. If now you are clear about your fashion and love for t-shirt, head to, where finding the most trending fashion has turned effortlessly simple. They offer printed, plain, half sleeve tshirts, long sleeve tshirts, vests, pyjamas, boxers, lowers and many more clothing collection. You can also check their click for more info section to understand their sizing information.

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