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Play Safe For Your Family And Valuable Electrician

Play Safe For Your Family

When lightning strikes and thunder rolls, do you get prepared for the power surges that follow?

When you think about storm proofing your home, power surge protection may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However Electrician, getting caught in a power surge during a storm without protection could leave you with some very expensive, important electronics failure. Maintenance Plus has reasons why power surge protection is necessary and how it can help you protect what matters. When spending on home, people spend almost all of their lives earning in making their homes comfortable, but what about protection? Nearly half of the population thinks seriously about the protection of what really matters. But Maintenance Plus is here to think for you, as we have our professionally trained Electrician in Dubai to make this easy for you. You can make your home well protected with the ease and in a cost-effective way by getting our help.

So think about not only bringing comfort in your home through various machines and appliances but also protect the precious appliances and lives of your loved ones by getting power surge protection.

The Cheapest Options Are Not Always The Best Options.

Many homeowners have the idea that surge protection is simply a matter of plugging their devices into a low-cost, multi-outlet surge suppressor. However, we all know that the cheapest option isn’t always the best option. And making exceptions can lead to more expensive consequences in the long run.

Protection Costs Outweigh Replacement Costs.

If you think about it, adding surge protection to your home costs is very little compared to the replacement of your electronics. A single surge can follow any wire into a house and threaten televisions, computers, appliances, satellite systems, and phone and cable lines. Or any other electrical devices you can or can’t think of.

The cost of replacing a single large home appliance such as a washer or dryer will probably cost you double the investment of a whole house surge protector. And I can prove it through various records from the last years.

How You Can Go Green Electrician

The more you search and try to bring brightness in to your life, the more you help your planet. Our Electrician in Dubai is there to help you tie any whenever you are ready to switch to smart solar energy system. Get briefed on not only the use of solar lamps and lights but economic installation of solar panels and the complete solar energy system, which can run even your ACs and other heavy voltage appliances.

This solar energy system is equally suitable for home and office use. You can light up your homes and run all the other appliances at home. Whereas in the office place, this system is effective as it can run your computers, ACs and other useful things that use electricity to run them.


Power Surges Occur More Often Than You Would Think Electrician

Most people associate power surges with lightning strikes. However, many things, both outside and inside the home, can cause them. Outside the home, events such as power outages and power transitions in large equipment on the same power line can introduce damaging power surges on your electric lines. Inside the home, reengaging trip circuit breakers or switching of pool pumps, AC units. And other devices with large motors can also introduce power surges onto your electric wiring. To effectively protect your home from these damaging surges, you need to implement whole house surge protection. For this, you can only find our professional Electrician in Dubai to be the most reliable and trustworthy all over Dubai.

Ask yourself if you can afford to live without surge protection. A few hundred dollars isn’t much when you compare it to the cost of replacing some of your most cherished possessions. Not to mention the inconvenience of living without them until you can replace them.

Therefore, we recommend you to trust us to keep your valuables safe and let our Electrician in Dubai power your tomorrow.

Here I Would Give You 5 Reasons To Give Surge Protector A Try

People rely heavily on electronics for everything from communicating with each other and checking the weather to preparing meals and keeping clothes cleaned. All of these devices, even your home’s LED lights, use electronic circuit boards to operate, which can be highly sensitive to power surges. Therefore, in order to keep these valuables functional, you need to keep them protected from any kind of mishap.

They’ve Got You Totally Covered.

A whole house surge protector prevents damage not only to your larger electronic appliances but also to every outlet and electronic device in your home. Thus, offering protection for everything from your e-reader to your exercise machine.

They’re Inexpensive Electrician

For far less than the cost of one of your major appliances (and many of your smaller ones), you can protect every electronic device in your home. You simply can’t afford not to protect your home with a whole house surge protector.

They Come Highly Recommended Electrician

Organizations from the National Fire Protection Association to the Institute for Business and Home Safety recommend surge protectors.

They Complement Surge Protection Power Strips.

60-80 percent of power surges start inside your home. While whole house surge protection prevents outside surges from entering through the breaker box, surge strips protect electronics from power fluctuations occurring from within the home.

Still feeling uncertain and confused about ending up making any decision, consult our most trustworthy Electrician in Dubai for free. And to your surprise, our services cost you much less than you think. So what are you waiting for?

Make The Wisest Decision To Brighten Up Your New Year’s Eve

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is making resolutions, turning over a new page of life, and looking to make this year better than the last. Make this year great by making sure the page you’re turning over is bright. It is always in your hand how you make your life bright. When it is about making lives bright, you can switch to solar use for a continued bright life. Therefore, consider solar power and the benefits it could bring to your home and/or business. Maintenance Plus offers one of the most trained Electrician in Dubai to assist you in making your lives brighter and economical.

Solar energy is in plenty, and if we make use of it, it is free of cost. Therefore, the more we use it, the more we help in making our planet brighter and greener. So unbelievably, solar energy is the most economical, eco-friendly and effective way to brighten up lives.

Solar Power And Its Uses

Solar power is a popular form of renewable energy that helps keep the planet clean. Oil, gas, and coal will produce energy, but require human resources to refine it into a usable form. With solar power, as long as the sun is around, you have power. We can use solar power for many things around the home or office, including generating heat and electricity. And it’s great for indoor and outdoor lighting. In fact, the installation of solar powered outdoor pathway lights is one of the easiest ways to use solar energy in your home or business. One of the best uses of solar power is heating water. Homes that have hot tubs or swimming pools should consider looking into heating them with the help of solar power. Due to low operating costs of the solar power, it is very cost effective.

Therefore, we at Maintenance Plus, really look forward to increasing its usage. Hence, we train our Electrician in Dubai to make the most of it.

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