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Polyester Vs Cotton – Which Fabric To Choose For Your Sports Uniforms?

Using the correct fabric for your sports uniforms can indeed make all the difference there is need to be for your regular working days. No person wants to feel too hot during the summer season or too cold during the winter season. 

Therefore, picking the correct material should be of utmost importance for any sports enthusiast out there. In the current day and age, cotton and polyester are two of the most common materials that you can find in the market for sports uniforms. But, which one should you pick? Let’s find out. 

Utilising Cotton

Cotton is said to be a naturally occurring material and therefore feels organic on the skin of human beings. Cotton is simply the most comfortable material of all. That is the reason why it has been so often over the last couple of centuries for making shirts, trousers and other types of clothes. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you can always wear cotton-made clothes. 

Cotton clothes are also quite able to absorb moisture, which means that it absorbs sweat quickly. However, you can also find heavier duty cotton in the market. 

It should be realised that due to the absorbing property of cotton, it can be dyed in different types of colours. Therefore, you can use different uniforms for different types of sports. For example, green cotton sports uniform for playing soccer while a red one for playing golf. 

Alternatively, you must remember that cotton has an extreme tendency to shrink which means rewashing the sports uniform multiple times can lead to fading away from the colour of the clothes. Furthermore, it’s suggested that you should not allow cotton clothes to be exposed to direct sunlight because the colours will be faded as well.

On the durability front, cotton doesn’t last as long as polyester. But, in the long-run, it’s better than polyester because it’s biodegradable. 

Utilising Polyester

Polyester can be defined as a synthetic material that is extremely durable over time. Polyester is made from recycled plastic and therefore it will not be breaking down quickly. Moreover, polyester uniforms don’t shrink, unlike cotton. 

However, you should learn that polyester is not a good absorbent of liquid or sweat – which cotton does greatly. Furthermore, you cannot expect polyester to wrinkle or fade, which can be a massive bonus point for many people out there. 

Even though polyester doesn’t breathe as much as cotton, polyester tends to be similarly comfortable in summer & winter. But, since the material is inorganic, it’s not biodegradable and therefore bad for the environment. 

Thus, for obtaining the best results, it’s suggested that you use a blend of polyester and cotton for your sports uniforms. 

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