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Power loom Rugs is best for you if you are on a Budget

As the name suggests power loom rugs means they are made using machines and controlled by computers. 

The process of making Power loom Rugs 

These power looms can be operated using hands, a computer, or a machine. In this method of rug making they first start by selecting the design and the color. They then create a card that tells the computer the color and size of the rug that needs to be produced. Then they strung the loom with a warp of jute or sometimes even cotton is used. Then the rug is woven using any suitable yarn. Two different types of the loom can be used to make three types of oriental rugs, and those are Wilton, cross-woven Wilton, and Axminster. Using the machine all these three types can be altered based on the height, density, finish, and quality. 

Some common doubts people have before buying machine-made rugs are: 

There is often a presumption that machine-made rugs cannot compete with the finish and quality of the hand-woven rugs. But now the technology has advanced so much that machines can almost achieve the feel and looks of any handmade rug. 

A heat-set polypropylene rug is preferred over the regular polypropylene rugs because they resemble the hand-woven rugs more. The main advantage of power loom rugs is that they are extremely cheap. We all know that every room in our house needs a rug, so buying that many hand-woven rugs cause a huge hole in your pocket. If you are on a budget that loom rugs are the best for you. 

Another complaint many people had about power loom rugs is that their designs were always a bit off and not as intricate as the handwoven rugs. But with advancements in technology, even the designs have become more intricate. Power loom rugs have become extremely popular in the past years because of how cheap they are and they are also easy to maintain. The only disadvantages this type of rugs have are that they are mostly only available in 8 colors. 

How machine-made rugs help in decorating? These machine-made rugs help when you have a large area to cover and cannot find a rug that big to cover the entire space, you can buy 2-3 same rugs and align them next to each other and they will give a uniform look. This is not possible using hand-woven rugs because they are all unique and the same design cannot be copied to the exact detail twice but the machine-made ones are the same and help give that uniform look. 

You can also give your house a particular vibe by using the same kinds of rugs in every room. These rugs also are the best option if you have kids because if they mess up the carpet, it is extremely easy to clean. It is also best if you like to change the look and vibe of your house frequently; as these rugs are inexpensive it is an affordable option rather than the hand-woven ones. 

Why Choose Power Loom Rugs

If you can buy exclusive and designer power loom rugs then Amer Rugs is the best option for you. Amer Rugs is the best manufacturer, supplier, and exporter company in the USA At Amer rugs, find different quality and design stylish rugs at a different range. Power loom rugs are one of the best rugs that your home is beautiful and more attractive. If you are purchasing power loom rugs at Amer rugs that several policies are used like return policies, quick delivery, cash on delivery, and have 100% genuine these loom rugs.


As the best rugs are Power loom rugs. Amer rugs are leading Power loom rugs manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in the USA. Our high-quality rugs are available in different shapes and designs. If you are purchasing rugs and carpet then Amer rugs offers you a return policy and quick delivery process and have the best & authentic power loom rugs. As the best manufacturer and wholesaler of rugs and carpet in the USA, Amer rugs is the best platform to provide the best quality rugs and carpet for households, hotels, schools, residences, cafes, restaurants, hospitals, and for upgrading the flooring of a location.

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