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Practical Reasons Why Adding Your Phone Numbers to Your Signage Is a Big No!

Let’s start with a small survey. Do you remember the phone number of your child’s school? Or your sister’s phone number? Well, apparently the answer would be a simple no or usually, you can recollect half of the characters of the mobile number. Have you ever wondered why is it so? This is actually called digital amnesia. The term is very strong and is used to describe the dependence of today’s generation on digital media. And this is what connects to your signages as well. So basically, we are talking about why you should not put your phone numbers on your signages today.

Why shouldn’t you include your phone number on your signage

We are dead sure you designed really fabulous signage in Melbourne through World Advertising. And since they are an expert in this task, they even created a fascinating one for your business. Now you can put it up anywhere you want. But please, we request you not to add your phone numbers in this signage. And if you want to know the reasons for the same, just read on.

Because of digital amnesia

Digital amnesia has shifted your concentration from the numerical to the names. So, you can just type the name of the person and hardly care about the number that’s in the contact. So, when the numbers cannot even be recollected, what’s the use of adding these to your signages?

Because the space on your signage is precious

We assume that you have lots to convey to your customers through your signages. And the numbers that you are including in it are definitely going to occupy a good amount of space. So, when the numbers aren’t going to be remembered at all, or even noticed twice, then what is the use of including them in your signages? Other than these, you can just put up your social media handles or even email ID because people actually connect to you through these nowadays.

Because your signage sounds primitive

Today the world is entirely digital. Phone numbers hardly have any value left. The medium to use is the Internet. So, when in such an advanced phase, if you are putting up your contact number on the signage, it gives your customers a message that maybe your signage is still of the 90s era or you haven’t upgraded yourself or your business.

Because numbers might change

OK, so this is something that rarely happens. But yes, numbers can change. And if you are spending so much in creating nice signage, you obviously expect it to last for about 2 years. And when you are adding a phone number and if by any chance this gets changed, then you obviously lose out.

So, the moral of the story is that you can include all the relevant information about your business on your signage but never ever include the contact numbers. Well, take it as the demand of the 21st century and the digital era, and you have to value this change. 

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