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Precautions for buying wholesale kids glasses in summer

In the hot weather, the sun is dazzling. Parents wear sunglasses for their children when they come out to play in the summer vacation. After all, in addition to eye protection, sunglasses also have “cool” attributes! They are both beautiful and powerful, how can people not like them? I believe they are all sunglasses bought to protect children’s eyes. Do you know whether the sunglasses you choose for your child reach the goal? Unqualified sunglasses can’t protect your child’s eyes, and will also have a negative impact on your child’s eyes. When buying sunglasses, you must pay attention to the following points. Based on our experience in wholesale kids glasses, let us share what you need to pay attention to!

Kid Letter Decor Flower Frame Sunglasses

First of all, let’s first understand the role of sunglasses:
The outdoor sunlight is strong, the pupils of the children themselves are relatively large, and the amount of light is large, so they are more photophobic than adults. Children’s eyes are more delicate than adults’. Ultraviolet rays can damage the lens and at the same time, it can directly damage the retina through the lens, aggravating the damage. Qualified sunglasses can block ultraviolet rays, protect children’s eyes from ultraviolet rays, and prevent glare caused by strong light.

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Sunglasses are still very useful, but you should also pay attention to whether the sunglasses you buy are up to the standard when you buy them. Next, let us share the points that need to be paid attention to.

  1. Must Guarantee Quality

    The main purpose of wearing sunglasses is to prevent ultraviolet rays, which is often referred to as preventing ultraviolet rays. Children’s eyes are more fragile than adults’ eyes. The short-wave ultraviolet rays in ultraviolet rays have high energy and can damage the corneal epithelium outside the eyes of children. Long-wave ultraviolet rays have strong penetrating power and can directly damage the lens and even the retina of children’s eyes. When parents buy sunglasses, it is best to choose lenses that can isolate UVA and UVB wavelengths at the same time to provide the best protection for children’s eyes. The lens material is recommended to choose PC lens or a resin lens. Do not choose glass lenses, because no matter how well-behaved children are, they all have “bears”. After all, it is the child’s nature to play and cause trouble. If you accidentally fall, please choose a harder lens to prevent the lens from scratching children.

    Kid Boy Girl Lovely Metal Frame Sunglasses

    In addition to checking the lens, you also need to check the material of the frame. It is mainly divided into metal frames and plastic board frames. Most children are very active and they are more casual about taking off, putting on and putting on glasses. The metal frame is easily deformed and broken, and the metal frame may cause skin irritation. The plastic frame is not easy to replace and not easy to damage. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a plastic frame when choosing frame.

  2. Please Refer to the Product Quality Inspection Certificate.

    When buying glasses, please be sure to read the product quality inspection certificate, the name of the manufacturer and the address of the glasses you bought. At the same time, if quality problems occur, you must obtain a purchase invoice to protect your legal rights. In order to prevent children from being harmed after wearing glasses, I hope you can take a moment to carefully check the quality inspection certificate of the product.

  3. Pay Attention to the Size of Sunglasses

    The frame selection should pay attention to “big” and “light” and can fit the child’s face. Because ultraviolet rays can be reflected, with a larger frame that fits the face shape, it can reduce the ultraviolet rays entering the child’s eyes from the edge of the frame. Choosing a lighter frame can reduce the burden on the bridge of the child’s nose and ears, and avoid throwing away when the child feels uncomfortable wearing overweight sunglasses.

    Kid Crab Pattern Sunglasses

  4. Pay Attention to the Age of Wearing Sunglasses

    • children under 3 years of age:

      They are not recommended to wear sunglasses during the peak period of visual development, and should be covered;

    • Children aged 3-6:

      They are in the stage of perfect eye development and can wear sunglasses, but they need to be controlled within 2 hours;

    • Children over 6 years old:

      They also need to pay attention to time control when wearing sunglasses, so that they can be used as needed.

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    • First:

      Children love to play around, wearing sunglasses are easy to fall off, you can add glasses rope.

    • Second:

      Children’s sunglasses should be worn when the ultraviolet rays are strong, and do not need to be worn when the ultraviolet rays are weak. Generally speaking, it is not necessary to wear them in winter, and in the early morning or evening.

    • Third:

      You don’t need to wear sunglasses when you enter the room, because the interior itself is darker than the outdoor. If you wear sunglasses to see things darker, it will cause tension in children’s eye adjustment and cause eye fatigue.

    • Fourth:

      Keep the lens of the sunglasses clean. It is not advisable to wipe it by hand. It is best to wash it with water and wipe it dry.

    • Fifth:

      Sunglasses are not resistant to high temperatures, so pay attention to maintenance. Do not put them in the car or wash them with hot water.

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After learning about wholesale kids glasses, are you surprised to choose sunglasses for your children? There are so many beautiful things. Next time you buy sunglasses, please don’t forget the dry goods we taught you. The styles shown above are all from our wholesale children’s glasses, and our wholesale kids glasses are all high-quality products. In addition to the styles introduced above, we have more fashionable styles waiting for you to browse. In order to protect your child’s glasses and wear fashionable sunglasses in the summer, browse our products now. We hope you can buy the style you like. Thank you for your reading!

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