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Private Power Pole Installations Services in Newcastle

Some homeowners want to Private Power Pole Installations Services on their properties. Electric poles are used to replace regular road poles for your power supply. It acts as a connection point from home to public power sources. Pole installation in Sydney is done by connecting cables from a network tower and attaching them to private poles on your site. Beautify by removing unsightly wires in the accommodation area. and creating a safer environment along roads, sidewalks and surrounding trees.

The Importance of Electric Poles

When you call an electrician, make sure your electrical system is checked. They will check if the location of the mooring point to which the cables in your home are connected is unsafe to use. They will recommend installing poles to ensure the power supply connection is secure and does not endanger sidewalks, surrounding roads and vegetation.

for other homeowners Installation of electric poles is possible for aesthetic reasons. When there are a lot of wires running over the head Eyes may not be pretty By installing electric poles, unattractive wires that run in front of the house and block the path of trees and other plants can be released.

Certified Electrician to Install Electric Poles

Find the best and professional electricians to install electric poles. Sydney is the best practice. An experienced electrician needs to know how to do it in the most time-saving way. Other than installing the poles, this way you don’t have to talk to several electricians to complete the system.

Most professional electricians will explain the process to you. And see that you will get a good overview of the projects they will be running in the next few weeks. Power poles are available in two configurations: wood or steel. The tower must be maintained and inspected periodically.

Electrical Pole Installation

The difference between wooden poles and steel poles

There are advantages and disadvantages of being connected to each terminal. the surrounding area, weather conditions and other environmental factors can be one thing to consider when choosing between the two extremes.

Wooden Pole

This type of pole lasts longer than steel poles and generally lasts more than 30 years. It is also of better quality than steel poles. However, there are conditions that wooden poles are not suitable. He may be at risk of being disturbed. Another reason not to choose wood is when the property is close to the beach or the humidity is high. This condition can cause the poles to rot.

Steel Poles

Another type of pole to choose from is steel. They usually last up to 15 years and require periodic maintenance. in recent years Steel poles are famous for several reasons. When the iron pillar is built in the residence Can be painted to match the environment This may be the reason homeowners choose it. Another reason may be that it does not rot or rot easily. especially in coastal areas

Installation And Maintenance

Electrical pole installation requires a certified electrical contractor such as Integrum Power Group. They have a certified electrician who is licensed to work and perform regular maintenance on the poles. Call them today on (0400) 946 965 for all your pole installation needs.

the electricity supply (Safety and Network Management) regulations 2014 state that if a private power pole is to be installed It must distribute and transmit electricity safely. to ensure successful installation. and wires and poles will work safely. Proper planning is required. To install a personal electric pole, permission from the network and the electricity supplier is required.

Lighter Treasure

The location where the electric pole will be installed must be excavated before starting the installation. In places where excavation is not easy, such as in the city, underground service lines are required. Where suburbs or roads do not have overhead power lines An underground power line is also required.

It is important to know information like this before installing a personal electric pole. If an underground service line is required It is necessary to ensure that there are several service lines and that they must also be allowed to connect to them.

Tree and Vegetable Management

The main obstacles with power lines and private poles are plants and trees. The electricity supplier, before authorizing the installation and connection of the poles, will submit a tree management plan. Property owners must contact a specialist to clean the plant to ensure the poles can be installed. Contacting the local council and letting neighbours know what happened to the tree felling is also important.

Installation of private electric poles

Installation procedures for electric poles on private property must also comply with the NSW Service and Installation Regulations and US/NZS 3000. properly

There are strict guidelines And Level 2 electricians who use the service will know how to complete the installation of electric poles. From the connection point on the wire to the connection point on the feature is where the Level 2 electrician will work.

Type of pole and soil quality

Two main types of bollards can be installed on personal property:

Wooden Poles – These are usually taller and last longer than steel poles. Wooden electric poles are vulnerable to termite and insect attacks. and maybe destroyed due to water damage if not properly cared for.


Steel Poles – These will not be attacked by insects and water usually will not damage them due to the specific coating. They are often shorter than wooden poles and most are not long.

To learn more about the differences between wooden and steel electric poles. Our blog provides a more detailed view.

Soil also affects the type of poles to be installed and if they can be installed at all:

Bad – This soil will absorb a lot of water and often includes soft clay and less compacted soil and sand.

Medium – This soil will have adequate drainage. Mainly composed of sandy loam, sand and gravel, and medium clay.

Good – This soil is good for drainage and includes sand and gravel that adhere well. hard clays and wellcompacted rocky soils

Electrical Safety Inspection After Installation

An electrical safety check will be performed after a Level 2 electrician installs a personal electric pole. A licensed electrician will perform some tests to ensure that the connections and parts of the system are working properly If damage occurs or parts of the system are incorrect, they will be repaired.

Notification And Repair Of Electrical Faults With Personal Electric Poles

Electrical faults will be reported if private utility poles are assessed to be damaged. Notifications of damage to private utility poles may come from fallen poles or plants too close. Part of the private electric pole law is that property owners must contact a Level 2 electrician to resolve the issue. If a private utility pole is not repaired within 21 days, the electricity supply will be cut off until the fault is repaired.

Integrum Power Group Level 2 electrician Provides private power pole installations services in Newcastle, Australia. Integrum Power Group is always here to help you with private power pole installation. We have installed private poles for 10 years serving all of our customers with a great reputation.

For a free quote, you can call us at (0400) 946 965. We make sure you won’t have any problem with the source of electricity and live life more comfortably.

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