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Product Packaging Trends for 2022

Product Packaging

We can conclude with absolute certainty that 2021 was an equally unpredictable calendar year, as was 2020.

With the ongoing supply chain challenges and disruptions, both big and small companies have been forced to deal with massive shifts.

The balance between business concerns and customer expectations can be difficult; however, that’s the reason it’s so important to plan.

If retailers are planning, one of the primary items that require special attention is the supply of packaging.

The supplies for packaging and shipping are running out faster than ever before, as more consumers purchase online. This will be likely to be the case for the foreseeable future.

We’ll review some of the major product packaging trends to watch in the year 2022 to aid your planning efforts and keep ahead of your competition. 

Important Packaging Factors for 2022

One of the most important factors to be considered for 2022 is the optimization of product boxes throughout the entire supply chain.

If you are planning for the coming year, here’s what you need to be focusing on:

How Packaging Plays an Important Role in Your Brand?

Although this might not be the case for all people, it’s essential to be thinking about it.

Packaging and branding go hand-in-hand, and does your packaging show what your brand is about?

If not, this could be the best moment to review product packaging trends and figure out what you can do to update your packaging to reflect the current direction of your business better.

Customized packaging can create an immediate “wow” effect on new and existing customers.

It’s increasingly crucial to stay current with changing demands of the consumer.

It’s true that sometimes redesigning packaging is the easiest approach to tackle new purchasing behaviour.

Customized packaging



Allocation of Resources for Packaging

Budget and quantity are always to be considered; however, this is particularly applicable to 2022.

The primary current packaging trend emerging is the stockpiling of packaging and shipping supplies as soon as feasible.

Whether you decide to revamp your packaging with custom designs and/or not, sufficient supplies are essential as you enter 2019.

In the event of more supply chain challenges to come, having a budget for storage for packaging can help you ensure your growth is managed effectively in unexpected supply chain shifts.

Think About Your Time

Another critical aspect to be considered for the year ahead is the time of year.

Making, designing, and receiving product packaging aren’t easy processes anymore.

With the constant disruptions to manufacturers and suppliers, you must allow yourself sufficient time to ramp supplies and control the growth.

This means you should order ahead when feasible and focus on product packaging trends to ensure that you have the supplies you require to provide your customers with goods.

Supply Chain Management

The essential advice for this year’s year’s challenges the supply chain?

Make plans as far in advance as is possible.

While it could sound redundant, it’s vital to head into the new year.

Numerous businesses have begun signing multi-year contracts to ensure regular supplies for packaging. Some are also following suit to ensure that their production requirements are met.

This also includes being flexible with your needs and dealing with extreme fluctuations when needed.

Companies that can adapt and connect their services get better results on supply chain issues.

Many businesses have taken advantage of this opportunity to reconsider their manufacturing, supply chain, and packaging.

For instance, companies seek out more efficient warehouses and packaging partners to minimize delays while also gaining control over the length of lead time.

Similar to this, many businesses are now shifting their focus towards diversifying the packaging partner, manufacturer, and other aspects in the chain of supply to ensure that items are covered.

Although it could cause price issues in the short term because buying orders are divided between partners, it will mean increased flexibility and speed in the production process.

Emerging Packaging Industry Trends

What direction is the industry of packaging heading in the present, with such lots of new demands appearing?

Let’s take a look at some of the emerging trends as we enter 2022.

Pandemic Prepared Certification for Packaging Lines and Supply Chains

It is becoming more apparent that COVID-19 won’t be going anytime soon.

With lockdowns and resurgences expected for next year, companies must consider ways to secure their supply chains and products.

One way to achieve this is by obtaining a pandemic prepared certificate to help facilities gain an advantage against COVID-19 related issues.

Safe and Tamper Evident Packaging

With the possibility of COVID-19 being a threat, an additional concern has been the safety and health of packaging.

Protective packaging, tamperproof packaging and other protection measures are becoming the primary focus of packaging in 2022.

Consumers can be assured of the security of the items they buy, which are crucial to businesses’ success.

Companies that can develop creative ideas using protective packaging can provide a more effortless experience for customers affected by a coronavirus.

New Ways to Look at Packaging

It’s not only the supply chain that has been disruptdisrupting. There’s also been a rise in the number of worker resignations too.

This has led to smaller teams and fewer feet on the ground in many companies.

To tackle this, it is likely that the modern-day packaging flexibility will be most significant in 2022, with fewer workers having to be faster and more efficient.

Many businesses have outsourced their packaging lines and supply chains to keep their business running.

Automatization and temporary workforces like packaging equipment are now a major sectoral trend. We expect to observe more of this in 2022.

Additionally, AR/VR is becoming a more integral part of every day.

It’s a revolutionary idea gaining momentum as businesses attempt to stay ahead of their competitors.

It’s safe to say that digitally enhanced packaging is likely to gain more traction in the coming year as businesses design new experiences that are interactive for customers within a smartphone-driven world.

Product boxes

Packaging Design

In today’s competitive environment, companies are looking to establish a distinctive identity for their businesses.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends in packaging design to watch out for this year.

Illustrations and Graphics

Lettering and text are becoming distinct art forms in modern packaging designs.

Instead of using illustrations and graphic elements, businesses are more focused on creating unique and distinctive packaging designs that incorporate text.

This increases brand recognition while using a minimal approach that consumers may not have heard of before.

Colour Mists

Colour mists are the latest trend in social media. So, companies are currently trying to replicate digital trends in the physical world.

Colour mists focus on creating a captivating appearance that promotes calm and clarity. That’s exactly what businesses want to create with their packaging.

Overblurring, adding texture to packaging colours may be the best way to go about this. However, numerous designers are still figuring out the latest design trends for product packaging.

Maximum Inside, Minimum Outside

Another trend is creating a minimalist look on the outside of the packaging and contrasting it with luxurious and stunning designs inside.

The goal is to create excitement and delight for the customer as they unpack the package, making it a truly memorable unboxing experience.

Many companies are making simple external packaging while making the insides vibrant and vivid to boost the appeal of the packaging and give customers the feeling of being a surprise.

Imperfect Raw Materials and Durability

Sustainability has been a critical aspect of packaging over the last few years, and it’s here to remain.

As the sustainability trend develops, there’s an increasing emphasis on using raw materials that aren’t perfect and environmentally friendly inks or water-based protection coatings that make the packaging look more natural and sustainable.

This could mean creating more earthy-looking textures for packaging and employing natural materials that make distinctive colours and textures in this world full of environmentally friendly packaging options.

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