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Nobody hands out flyers at a traffic light anymore or stands with a stall at a mall entrance with samples of products. Ninety percent of all marketing and promotion happens digitally nowadays, and even if you do have a booth at the mall, you need to post about it on your Instagram and Twitter accounts. That’s the only way to ensure people know about your promotion.

Social Media is one way of digital promotions; however, it is only one method of promoting a website business. There are other methods to ensure word gets around and you get enough sales. This article will discuss these methods in detail and equip you with the correct information before creating your digital marketing strategy.

Online marketing is one of the most popular ways to promote your product online. Content marketing includes blogs, podcasts, videos, and more; content marketing aims to inform. Consumers want knowledge and information, and the way you relay this information is essential.

●    Social Media Marketing (SMM)

This method uses social media to promote your product. You can pay for ads to be placed on specific networking sites or do it organically. If your primary target market is on Instagram, you may opt for paid ads on the site.

One of the advantages of SMM is that you can interact with your target audience in real-time and get valuable feedback immediately through shares, mentions, and comments from the audience.

●    Email marketing

Email marketing


Email marketing has been the oldest form of digital promotion, and it’s overused, so it would not be effective. You must use it strategically to avoid all your emails going to spam. According to the Lyf Marketing average, email marketing ROI is $44 for every dollar spent.

To keep your subscriptions interested, you must provide your customers with helpful, useful, quality content. This will ensure that your subscribers will visit your site more often. An example is how Nike will first run a feature on how to stay fit during pregnancy. Only in their fifth or sixth email will they mention maternity workout gear. By this time, the consumer is invested in this content and is more likely to purchase the advertised apparel.

An advantage of Email marketing is that they offer a personal touch and can be customised for each category of customers based on buying habits. You can also provide personalised coupons and vouchers, which works well for online stores as customers don’t even have to leave the couch to claim their discount. Always respect your client’s time, and privacy, don’t send spam.

●    Video Marketing

What we love about video marketing is that it gives visual aid to your already great content. Customers go to Youtube for two reasons: to see how the product works and how others have used it and to read reviews from those who have used it before. There are roughly 2 billion people running searches on Youtube monthly; that is too big an opportunity to pass up. If 55% of people only buy items after seeing them work on Youtube, then this is a space you should add to your marketing strategy.

●    Influence Marketing

Influencers are specialists in specific subjects and have a substantial social media following. Influencer marketing combines video marketing and social media marketing. They can publicly test your products and recommend them to millions of followers. The Gen Z Generation is exceptionally loyal to its influencers.

The disadvantage of influence marketing is that the publicity could be harmful if the influencer doesn’t approve of your product or is called out by their followers for endorsing the brand. So it is a bit risky as it could go both ways; again, research is vital in matching your product with the relevant influencer.

●    Mobile Marketing

With 83.72% of the population owning cell phones, mobile marketing has enormous potential for product promotion. The average smartphone user has over eight smartphone applications, so what better way to engage with your consumers than through an app.

The advantage of having an app is that you have a creative licence, interact with your clients in real time, and results are measurable immediately. You can even use the same app to help resolve client complaints or queries.

Other mobile marketing options you can use are instant messages and SMS. These are well suited for giveaways and rewards. With mobile marketing, you can also offer discounts and promotions based on geolocalization.

The future of digital promotion

The future of life is in the Metaverse if Mark Zuckerburg is to be believed. Whether you believe in the Metaverse or not, if you plan to take your products and business into the future, you cannot ignore virtual reality. Virtual reality and Augmented Reality are picking up steam, and major brands have already jumped on the bandwagon. It may not be possible for a small business to enter at that scale, but it is worth researching and maybe starting small. Virtual Reality Marketing is an innovation; if your products align with it, you will also be considered innovative.

By the time the metaverse is accessible to everyone, your business will already be well adjusted to the minutiae of VRM.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of any marketing activity is to turn a visitor into a lead, which leads to a customer. Finally, you want that customer to become a walking brochure that will refer more customers to you. The great thing about digital marketing is the variety. You can use all the above methods to target different markets and trends. Or you can stick with one medium that genuinely works for you and maximise that.

It is important to remember that any marketing plan requires extensive research, so do not skip this step; otherwise, you will find yourself pouring money down the drain. Also, know that you will have to change and adapt your strategy to stay relevant. This is by no means an easy feat; giant corporations like Meta and Nike are constantly working on their marketing campaigns and changing them to align with current market trends.

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