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Pros and Cons of Espresso Cabinets

There is nothing as challenging as choosing the right cabinetry option during a kitchen remodeling process. The many options that you are exposed to make it hard to pick on a single option. This kind of confusion becomes even worse if you do not have an idea of the pros and cons of the cabinetry type that you want to choose.

Espresso cabinets are among the options that homeowners have when it comes to replacing their old kitchen cabinets. So, if this is one of the options that you have, you should understand the pros and cons then decide if you’ll take it or not.

The Pros:

  1.     Elegant

The dark theme is one of the most elegant options that you can have in the kitchen. If you are intending to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen, you can try the espresso cabinets. Over the years, they have been associated with the high and might in the social class because of their elegance.

  1.     Add warmth to the kitchen

Another benefit that you get from installing espresso cabinets in your kitchen is the additional warmth that they bring. The dark colors are excellent at creating a homely feeling in the kitchen. Therefore, you’ll be more comfortable working in your kitchen.

  1.     Easy to maintain

If you are a busy person who is looking for ways of avoiding regular maintenance of the kitchen cabinets, then you should try the espresso cabinets. They hide dirt and you don’t have to be on task every time wiping the dust off.

The Cons:

  1.     Makes the kitchen looks smaller

One of the drawbacks of espresso cabinets is that they make the kitchen look smaller than it is. This can work against you if you have small flooring space in your kitchen. Therefore, you should avoid the cabinets if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen.

  1.     Hides dirt

Whilst this may sound like an advantage, it also has its disadvantage. Assuming that you have forgotten about cleaning the cabinets simply because you cannot see dirt, you might end up with stubborn stains stuck on your cabinets.

Final verdict:

At the end of the day, you should choose a cabinetry option that reflects your personal needs. Just remember to consider the pros and cons presented here as they give a comprehensive guide for your next kitchen remodeling project with the espresso cabinets in mind. 


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