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Proven tips for parents to choose best preschool in Bangalore for kids

Selecting preschool in Bangalore for your child: What to know?

One thing that has not changed with the recent pandemic is the fact that schools are still admitting students for the next academic year. With a lot of learning now happening online, parents can be confused about choosing the best preschool for their children. Bangalore is home to some of the best preschools in Karnataka. Early childhood education is the foundation of academics that your child will grow with, so you must make the best decision. Below are a few factors that you must consider when choosing a preschool in Bangalore. 

1) Admission age

According to the law in Karnataka, for a child to be admitted to preschool in Bangalore, they have to be at least 2.10 years old. However, some schools have playgroup classes for younger kids. If you are working parents enrolling your toddler in playgroup sessions might be the best option for you. However, most playgroup classes last for half a day which might be challenging to work around as a working parent. 

2) School curriculum

Various schools offer different curriculums. Your child must get an excellent educational foundation when they are young as it will set the pace for the future. Some of the most common curriculums offered by schools in Bangalore are the Montessori program, Waldorf Steiner, Reggio Emilia among others. Ensure that you do your research on the different types of teaching methodologies and how they will benefit your child. This will help narrow down your choices of the preschools you wish to enroll your child in this coming year. 

3) The student to teacher ratio

For many toddlers, preschool is the first time they are spending so much time away from their home and parents. To make it easier for them to adjust to their new environment, a student to teacher ratio of 10:1 is ideal. Additionally, smaller classes that your child will get the individual attention they need during learning. If the classes are larger, a teacher should have an assistant to help attend to each student as needed during various lessons. 

4) Teacher qualifications

Toddlers are busy human beings. It can be challenging to get young kids to sit still or be quiet for an extended period. A teacher who is professional, trained in early childhood education will know how to deal with a class full of preschoolers. Qualified teachers are patient, and have extensive knowledge of the curriculum being offered in a specific school. When you visit a school, and you get the opportunity to talk with the headteacher, feel free to ask about the teacher qualifications so you can be sure that your preschooler is in good hands. 

5) School environment

What is the school culture? Is the environment safe? These are essential questions you should ask when visiting an institution. It is always best to visit the school physically to see for yourself if the school environment is clean and child friendly. You should check if the classrooms have age-appropriate materials for the students and if the playground is safe for kids to play in.

Security is also a key factor when choosing a school for your preschooler. Check if there are CCTV cameras within the premises, security guards and ask about the protocol when kids use the school bus. Is there a teacher present on the school bus? Do they drop your child and leave or do they ensure that another grown-up known to the school is there to pick the child at the drop-off?

The first three years are crucial to a child’s development. Choosing the right preschool can set your child apart from the rest as they grow up. Take your time to ensure that you pick the right school for your child

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