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Psychometric Tests made Mandatory for School Employees by CBSE

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The CBSE- being the largest education board in India has always propagated psychological and career testing for not only its students but teachers as well.

But today, Psychometric tests are an inadequate solution. Especially with Brainwonders U.S. Patented DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) gaining momentum with Indian teachers and school management, genetic profiling is the demand for today.

Importance of Hiring Right

Profiling a candidate is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks for the School. Schools in particular have to make note of the process, as the staff they choose must be dedicated towards mental and physical well-being of the students, who are left in their care by trusting parents. The slightest error in recognizing a candidate can lead to grave results, as has been evidenced on many occasions. This is especially true, if a staff member has inherent traits that oppose their role as teacher or even as a part of the school’s nurturing ecosystem.

Genetics- The Ultimate Profiling Tool

Over the years, numerous methods have been devised, besides the traditional physical interview to gauge personalities and judge whether an applicant suits the job. Unfortunately, none of these reveal inborn proclivities or personality quirks that can remain hidden and emerge later on, often in detrimental ways. The wrong candidate can cause schools immense loss, in terms of danger, as well as money and time invested in them.

Limitations of Psychometric Assessment

The CBSE has now recommended Psychometric tests for all school employees, but these are self-defeating. Firstly, psychometric tests are exhaustive and contain almost 300+ questions.  Also, if someone is familiar with nature and research supporting the test they can easily fake the results in their further. Additionally, psychometric tests are of little use while evaluating lower strata of employees, like house-keeping, drivers, cooks, etc. due to language and educational barriers. This renders psychometric tests deficient and invalid for some classes of employees.

The Pros of Genetic Testing

Considering the scenario, Brainwonders proposes the DMIT as an upgrade to psychometric tests. The DMIT is exceptionally thorough, based on a scientific platform and correctly reveals hidden inborn personality traits. This test is highly scientific and derived from an individual’s fingerprints, which are unique and also, can be conducted on any individual within minutes.

The Science of Genetic Testing

Fingerprints are formed at the embryo stage and research has shown that these reveal latent characteristics of the individual. Brain Wonders DMIT offers a 24-page report that identifies several parameters, such as innate intelligences, behavioural patterns and tendencies. This makes DMIT an invaluable tool for correctly analysing and identifying a candidate’s true personality. A person may easily deceive an interviewer, but it is impossible for fingerprints to lie.

Brainwonders Solution

Brainwonders is the only organization in India, with the US patented DMIT and has been conducting Biometric and Psychometric tests since its inception in 2011. The company has already assisted 320+ schools and companies with the DMIT, as well as its integrated consulting and coaching facilities. Thus, as the country progresses- there is no surprise that DMIT is the chosen test for educators shaping the national development.


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