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Queen beds and king beds: What’s the difference?

A bed is essential in your house for a good night’s sleep, especially after a long day of work. Some people adore their beds and prefer not to sleep on any other beds. That’s because comfort is an important factor when it comes to preference of beds. So, if you are looking for a comfortable bed, you can opt for a queen-sized bed. This bed is quite versatile and appropriate for all ages. To add further, there is another type of bed called king mattress. Although the king and the queen mattress share some similarities, there are certain differences between them. So, read further to know their benefits and differences.

What are the benefits of a queen-sized bed?

Queen sized beds are larger than a single bed. They are also far more popular than the king bed. As per a study in 2016 from the Better Sleep Council (BSC), 25 percent of consumers sleep on a king mattress, whereas nearly 47 per cent of consumers sleep on a queen mattress. Below listed are some of their benefits.

  1. Design and material: Queen-sized beds offer a variety of stylish designs that match the theme of your bedroom. When it comes to creating this bed, wood is primarily used. This material looks premium after it is polished. You will find a wooden queen-sized bed in a wide range of designs.
  2. It is useful for kids: This bed is useful for kids since they provide sufficient space to play and sleep. In addition, if you purchase this bed with a storage facility, you can put away various important things and your children’s toys.
  3. Budget beds: Purchasing this bed can fulfil all your needs and requirements. An added bonus is that it is budget-friendly.
  4. It is lightweight, comfortable and easy to transfer: You might find a queen bed that combines wood and metal folding. You can transfer this bed effortlessly from one place to another. Moreover, a folding bed provides a lot of free space. While sleeping, some people tend to move all night. With this comfortable bed, you can move your arms and legs effortlessly without falling off the bed.

What are the benefits of king-sized beds?

King-sized beds are popular among many couples. Plus, they are larger. Below listed are a few benefits of this bed.

  1. Extra comfort from extra space: Your sleep quality significantly improves when you have extra legroom or elbow space. You can stretch your arms and legs with the king-sized mattress even if you are sharing the bed with another person. You will still get enough space to sleep, so you don’t have to worry about your sleeping positions.
  2. It has a flexible design: Generally, king-sized beds have a flexible design. Whether your bedroom has a classic or minimalist style, it will surely harmonise with your bedroom design.
  3. It is a family bed: If you want to bond over the weekend with your family, then the king beds are perfect for a handful of children and dogs. You can enjoy and relax on the bed even if your idea of relaxing is having a movie marathon.
  4. Pressure points: It helps in relieving all the pressure points from your body when you sleep. You can then wake up peaceful and refreshed.

What is the difference between them?

The queen mattress and king-sized one have similar lengths, but they differ in their width. The width of the king-sized mattress is around 76 inches, whereas the queen-sized mattress is approximately 65 inches. King beds can fit any master bedroom, whereas the queen beds are appropriate for guest rooms or small master bedrooms. What’s more, they are reasonably priced compared to the king-size mattresses.

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