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QuickBooks Features and Its Price

QB Features & Its Price

QB is an accounting software widely used by small businesses. QuickBooks is used for everything from payroll management to income and expense tracking to financial reporting package development and more. QB Features & Its Price automates time-consuming processes, such as preparing bank reconciliations, and you don’t have to be an accountant or accountant to use it.

Features Of QuickBooks 

The QuickBooks product line includes QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Self-Employed, and QuickBooks Phone Number for Mac. Each of these products offers a variety of features starting with a 15$ monthly fee for QuickBooks Self-Employed or a one-time fee between 300$ and 1,155$. To help you determine which one is right for you, see the summary table below.

1. Pay Bills Online 

As we tell about the Quickbooks Support it’s an accounting software it’s through we can manage all financial activities. So It’s through we can pay bills like electricity, mobile, etc. QuickBooks provides bill payment in QBQ. So if you can use Online Bill Payment in QBO service you just need to sign up. Then you can use the different feature of the regular 

2. Credit Card Charges

The import process converts all credit card charges in your QuickBooks support Desktop data file to QBO. QBO has no specific credit card charges transaction so the import process converts credit card transactions to expenses.

The import process converts credit card credits to corresponding QBOcredit card traction and bill payments made by credit card to QBO Bill payments.

3. Custom Fields

QBO currently doesn’t support custom fields on customers, vendors, employees or items. These fields appear only on transactions and you are limited to displaying a limit of three custom fields on transactions. therefore, custom fields from the QuickBooks Support desktop won’t be converted.

4. Discounts 

Although you can define terms to specify the discount that will be given in case of prepayment of invoices, QBO does not automatically calculate the discount when you receive the payment. When converting data from Quickbooks Support desktops, the import process converts the discount already granted to customers for the advance payment of invoices to credit notes applied to the outstanding balance of the customer.

5. Finance Charge

The import process converts invoices for financial charges from existing QuickBooks Support desktops to invoices in QBQ without data loss.

6. Journal Entries

QuickBooks Support provides journal entries with the single exceptions of a journal entry’s billable status; you can’t make a journal entry billable in QBO. In rare cases, if QBO can not recreate the original transaction the import process converts transactions such as checks or invoices in a QuickBooks Support desktop data file into general journal transactions. Like as if the import process comes across a check that uses an income account interested in the bank account as its source account the transitional converts to a general journal entry.

7. Customized sales for template

QBO does not convert custom sales templates but you can not create completely new custom templates. But In this QuickBooks Support templates, ready-to-use and business owners can use to create invoices, spreadsheets, charts, and business plans. The software also facilitates the customization of the appearance of those documents, which provides them a less cookie-cutter appearance and helps them stand out from the mob. 

Price List Of QuickBooks 

Product Best For Price
QuickBooks Online Small to medium-sized businesses that need flexible access to financial data 25 to 150$
QuickBooks Desktop Small to medium-sized businesses in any industry 299 to 1,500$
QuickBooks Self-Employed Independent contractors, real estate agents, Uber/Lyft drivers 15 to 35$
QuickBooks for Mac All businesses industry that needs a Mac solution. One-time fee and 299$

QuickBooks Online 

QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based product that requires no software installation. This QuickBooks product is available at multiple subscription levels, including Simple Start, Essentials, Plus and Advanced. It is ideal for any business that does not have complicated billing requirements.

QB Desktop

QB Desktop comes in six versions that are Pro, Pro Plus, Premier, Premier Plus, Enterprise, and QuickBooks for Mac. These industry-specific versions of QuickBooks include a custom chart of accounts and reporting for these industries.

QuickBooks Self-Employed

QuickBooks Self-Employed is the ideal product for freelancers, real estate agents, and freelance contracts. Similar to QuickBooks Online, it is a cloud-based product that can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection and its secure login. It includes unique features not available in QBO and QuickBooks Desktop, such as the ability to separate business expenses from personal expenses, track miles, and transfer data to TurboTax. There are three stand-alone QB Features & Its Price to choose from. For more information, read our QuickBooks Self-Employed guide.

QuickBooks Mac

QuickBooks for Mac is the only desktop product available for Mac users. If you don’t want to use QBO and you have a Mac, then you should use a QuickBooks Customer Service Mac. This product is very similar to QuickBooks Pro and is ideal for most small companies that do not manufacture products. QB Features & Its Price See our article on QuickBooks for Mac for more information on this product.

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