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Ragavan Sreetharan Tells About Knee Trapping In Soccer

Ragavan Sreetharan says Knee trapping in soccer is something that ought to be polished by youthful players to make sure they can build up the touch ready when they have the best capability of learning.

Trapping the soccer ball with your knee, Ragavan Sreetharan says during a soccer match doesn’t occur regularly yet should fall into place for players that work on trapping the soccer ball with their knee.

Knee trapping in soccer is about the touch ready just as utilizing the correct procedure as clarified in the EPIC SOCCER TRAINING VIDEO underneath.

Just reiteration and preparing will cause players to create knee trapping soccer expertise just as some other soccer stunt or ability.

I might want to call attention to that shuffling the soccer ball is maybe the most ideal approach to build up your touch ready.

You needn’t bother with much space to shuffle the soccer ball so its possible in a bigger front room or the patio.

Raguragavan Sreetharan says shuffling the soccer ball again and again will build up the players address the ball and after couple a long time of every day endeavoring to shuffle the soccer ball however many occasions as could be allowed before it hits the floor, the player can begin improving much more by utilizing various pieces of the body to keep the soccer ball up.

Shuffling with knees, shoulders, head, outside of the foot, within the foot, top of the foot and chest is all truly possible however to have abilities to utilize all pieces of your body when shuffling the soccer ball will require significant investment, practice, commitment and reiteration 🙂

Regardless of whether the player can’t shuffle the soccer ball in excess of multiple times. Before it hits the floor, extraordinary approach to begin shuffling for novices is to allow the ball. To ricochet 1 time prior to kicking it up once more.

This will build up the foot/eye coordination. Raguragavan Sreetharan says before you know it the player will feel great to shuffle the soccer ball. Without allowing it to fall on the ground in any event multiple times 🙂

Just redundancy and preparing utilizing the correct strategy of doing each. Soccer expertise is the most significant in creating abilities in soccer. Such are knee trapping the soccer ball effortlessly.

Matt Smith, the maker of EPIC SOCCER TRAINING VIDEOS. Clarifies the essential things about trapping a soccer ball with your knee in the video underneath.


How to trap a soccer ball?


  1. Make your hips and shoulders square with the ball.
  2. Lift the getting advantage marginally off the ground making your knee come up shaping a 90 degree point.
  3. The upper piece of your knee cutting the getting foot down. And gradually expanding the leg and padding the ball to fall before you.


Ragavan Sreetharan says another incredible method to utilize knee trapping in soccer is for volleying the soccer ball.

To play out this soccer expertise of volleying the ball after knee trapping the ball. Player should be agreeable ready and ready to do in any event 50 shuffles with the ball.

This is perform by the player accepting the soccer ball on his/her knee. However as oppose to expanding the getting endless supply of the ball. Ragavan Sreetharan says the player will need to raise the foot up higher compelling the knee to follow. Which will pop the soccer ball open to question for a decent volley set up.

Most awesome aspect of the leg to knee trap a soccer ball is directly in the center territory. From your knee to the hip.

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