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Read To Know About Different Photography File Formats

These days most cameras take photographs digitally. When a picture is taken, the camera has to store that image in the memory. Most cameras store the image in a RAW format and later the image is further edited. However, many cameras can also store the image in both RAW as well as JPG format to reaConverter software.

Usually, the JPG format compresses

the image, as a result, that takes lesser space in the camera memory. Therefore, there is a controversy regarding the preferred format for storing the image. 

The reaConverter software can convert as well as process your image files in any format that you would like.

JPEG or the JPG format is a very well-recognized file format that is generally used for photographs and can be used for sharing or transferring through the web. Also, if you want to upload a picture to any social network site like Facebook then you will need the image in JPG format.

However, converting your image file into JPEG or JPG, your image file will be compressed. That is actually the cause of controversy, whether to use JPEG format while taking any pictures and also storing on the computer.

In what way RAW file format is different from JPEG format?

If you have set your camera for storing the picture in RAW format, then you are simply telling your camera not to do any processing of your photo in any manner. So, your camera will try to preserve the entire pixels present in the image. 

As a result, your image file is going to be much larger as compared to a JPEG file. With your camera set at JPEG mode, it means that the largest size of JPEG image is possible.

Now the next issue will be that you need do something with your photo before you send it for printing or try to post it on the web. This means you need to process your photo on the computer. 

You can compare your RAW file with the negative film that we used to have during the olden days when we used to take pictures by using a camera with a film. Although, the RAW format is not like the negative that we used to have in the olden days.

We are trying to explain that like we used to get the print of our photo from the negative, in the same way, these days to get photo print we need to process the RAW file. This processing is however done these days through software. 

Another big difference while dealing with the RAW file

is, you cannot use any of your creative modes on the digital camera. However, you can use certain manual settings e.g. shutter speed, aperture, but if you ever set your camera for a setting e.g. “party”, then essentially you are canceling the RAW mode and going to JPEG mode automatically. 

Whereas shooting in the RAW format will offer you complete pixel sets to work with, however, you need to do the processing.

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