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Reason to Choose the King Single Mattress for your Room?

King single mattress is the most common mattress size in Australia, especially for singles. King single mattress has become a popular size for single people who want to buy a mattress. However, increased people are choosing king single mattresses due to the benefits they offer. 

Why you should buy the king single mattress for your room? 

Buying a mattress for your teenager can be tricky. You want them to have a comfortable yet sturdy bed that they can grow with. This mattress from king single mattress is the perfect size for teenagers or your guest room. It is longer than a normal single bed but the same width. It is also a lot firmer than a normal single bed, but it is still comfortable. Nice review of the Double soft mattress from king single mattress. A good mattress is a key component of a good night’s sleep; however, comfort and price are two crucial factors to consider. With the growth of the mattress industry there have been many new products added in the market.  

The king single mattress is one of them and is the best mattress to buy for your spare room or teenager’s room. How to Make a Website for Your Small Business Guide Intro: Making a website with a solid and professional looking design can be a daunting task. How do you make it easy on yourself? 

King single mattresses are the perfect choice for people who have a guest room or teenage son or daughter. A lot of times people do not want to buy a king size mattress because it is too big for the room. A king single mattress is the perfect size for a guest room or teenager’s bedroom. There are many unusual places where you can buy a king single mattress. This article looks at the various places you can buy king single mattresses and why you should buy it online. Find out more about single bed mattresses by checking out Sleep Republic.

Chiropedic runs a variety of mattress stores throughout the Australia.  

Based on the location you are in they provide high-end mattresses as well as individualized service at their locations. Like other mattress stores they earn money making mattresses more expensive, so be prepared to bargain. Directly from the mattress manufacturer could provide better cost-effective. 

Buying Guideline for the Best King Single Mattress

Mattress King’s Specifications 

Mattress King sells a variety of mattresses from name brands in their stores throughout the US. To make money they provide personalized service and mark up the mattresses they sell to customers. Although this practice is commonplace in the mattress business for many years, the market is experiencing a meaningful change — online retailers that deliver direct will provide more value since they remove the middleman. If you are looking for high-end options, See Our Top-Rated Mattress Brands that create mattress designs and deliver directly to their customers. 

Stearns & Foster 

Stearns & Foster is a high-end mattress company that offers high-profile (thickness) in-seam mattresses. While they do incorporate modern advances such as pocketed coils or foams in their comfort layers, they are well-known due to their pillow-top mattresses that offer a cloud-like sleeping surface. One drawback of the mattresses is that some have found that they were prone to sink over an extended period than is typical. 

Budget Brands 

A few customers have reported other mattresses that are not from the brand being offered at Mattress King as well. These mattresses cost much lower than the namesake brands. While they are appealing price tags, there are complaints about the durability. They may be suitable for use in short-term situations. 

Overall, Peace and Comfort 

Mattress King’s brand names get high comfort ratings at first from customers. There is a major caveat that there were some who had issues getting this comfort for long and this can be very annoying. Some people found it comfortable, however the cost is higher than the alternatives. Check out our top-rated mattress brands to see more choices. 


Mattress King has a variety of firmness’s to choose from across their brand name offerings. The image above illustrates the range of firmness’s is available. To be able to judge, sleepers who are lighter (who are either side or back sleepers) ought to opt for moderate or soft mattresses to reduce pressure points. People who are stomach or heavier sleepers would benefit from more firm mattresses that support the spine. 

Back Pain Relief 

There have been stories of relief from backaches from certain mattresses. Beware of mattresses that are not durable since they can impede the relief and make it more difficult. 


Mattress King comes with a selection of mattresses that perform well in cooling. Make sure to look for memory foam that is gel-infused and airflow on the upper layers to ensure that your mattress disperses heat. If you are a warm sleeper, then you may require a more specific mattress check out our best mattresses for hot sleepers to ensure that they perform the best. 

The Four Different Kinds of King-Size Mattresses 

There are a variety of kinds of mattresses that fall of King mattresses that fall under the “King mattress”. Here is a brief overview of the various kinds of King mattresses. 

  1. King Mattress 

In the world of mattress, the term “mattress” is used to describe the standard King-size mattress that gives the sleepers an additional 16 inches of width, compared to a queen-sized mattress. It is 76 inches wide and 80” in length. This is the same length and width you would achieve by pushing the twin mattresses. 

  1. California King 

The California King is larger than the regular King. It is also slightly smaller. It measures 72 inches wide and the length is 84 inches. The extra length is a plus. California King mattresses are especially suitable for taller people. 

  1. Eastern King Mattress 

This term is commonly used in conjunction with “King mattress.” It is mattresses that are the same size as the regular King or the same size as a 76” by 80 by 80. 

  1. Split King Mattress 

Like the name suggests the term “split king” refers to an item that is divided into two parts. Each piece is the size of an average twin mattress. Many couples like sleeping on a split-king bed because they can customize every side according to personal preferences. The split king mattress is often called twin King beds.

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