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Reasons To Do Your Yoga Teacher Training In India

Are you interested in taking your personal yoga practice to the next level?

Are you interested in taking your personal yoga practice to the next level?

Thought of enrolling in a yoga teacher training course but are confused whether you should do it abroad or back at home?

If you want to do your yoga teacher training abroad, then India is the perfect place for you to visit.

Not convinced? No problem!

Scroll down and walk through the following reasons to do your yoga teacher training in India.

Why Should You Do Your YTT In India?

Get To Study Yoga At Its Birthplace

One of the topmost reasons why you should do your yoga teacher training in India is because it is the birthplace of yoga. Surely you can get trained in any damn corner of the world, but just imagine how fun learning yoga would get if you go to India.

The seeds of yoga were sown in India ages ago. The yoga teachers and instructors there have studied and understood yoga like no one else. If you go to India for your yoga teacher training, you will not just learn how to perform different asanas but also how to incorporate yoga in your life as an individual.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

When you’ll come to India, you’ll be far away from your home, isn’t it? This will prove to be a big challenge for your comfort zone. Doing your yoga teacher training will give you a chance to not just get away from your home but also step out of your comfort zone.

No doubt, the very thought of leaving your comfort behind might be challenging, but once you learn how to face challenges with courage, you will eventually strengthen your inner self and won’t think of your comfort zone the next time you feel like trying something new.

Meet Like-Minded People

India is a land of different cultures, traditions, religions, and let’s not forget – different people. So, if you are looking for an opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds and stories, visiting India might just be the best option for you.

In addition to doing your yoga teacher training there, you might build some life-long friendships too. Who doesn’t like aiming two birds with one arrow, right?

Connect With Nature As Well As Your Inner Self

Yoga centers and schools are often located in beautiful places like Rishikesh, Goa, Dharamshala, and Kerala. All these places are nestled directly into the lap of nature. If you are someone who lives in an urban area and hasn’t connected to nature in a while, then it’s time for you to step out of your house and visit India.

Getting connected to nature also gives you a chance to become friends with your inner self. With the assistance of a yoga teacher training program, you will understand yourself a little better as an individual.

Have An Experience Of A Lifetime

Traveling to India and doing your yoga teacher training there will present a plethora of life-changing opportunities in front of you; you will learn how to focus on yourself, you will observe a change in how you view things, how to socialize, and so much more.

Coming to India to learn yoga will never disappoint you. Just put all the hard work and dedication that you have for yoga while getting trained and see the results for yourself.




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