Reasons to Study in Russian Medical Schools

  1. Top Rankings and Excellent Curriculum

Russian medical schools are recognized in the world because of their top rankings and excellent curriculum which they offer in the MBBS program.

  1. Established a Successful Career

Since their established these Russian medical schools have been able to establish themselves in the world area as top-ranking medical schools which are known to give established and successful career advantages to the students.

  1. Medical Schools in Russia Approved by the MCI

There have been many top-ranking medical schools in Russia that are approved by the MCI (Medical Council of India).

  1. Top Rankings and Economical Fee

The Indian medical aspirants have taken admissions in large numbers in MCI (Medical Council of India) approved universities because of their top rankings and economical fee.

  1. Excellent Reputation Earned

Earlier, International education was not famous in Russia however with time because of the excellent reputation earned by these medical institutions of Russia.

  1. Encouraged to getting Education from Russia

Many of International students were encouraged to get an education from Russia which resulted in Russian universities started offering courses for foreign students who are in the English language.

  1. High Fees and Travel Expenses

Studying in abroad has always been a tricky situation for Indian students as they feel that they would not be able to afford the high fees and travel expenses which are incurred.

  1. Majority of the Foreign Medical Schools

However, the truth is that majority of the foreign medical schools in countries like China, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc. are known for their economical medical programs.

  1. Total Fee Charged by Indian Medical Schools

There are much lesser then the MBBS program offered by the Indian medical colleges and even if we calculate the accommodation expenses and traveling expenses than also the total comes much lesser than the total fee charged by Indian medical schools.

  1. Encouraging Towards Promoting Education

In Russia especially, the government has always been encouraging towards promoting International education.

  1. Scholarship Schemes for International Students

They provide many scholarship schemes to able students which gives them an extra concession of the fees of the students and thereby encouraging the students to get an education in Russia.

  1. Would not be Paying any Extra Fees in the Name of Donations

To study MBBS in Russia, the students must know that they would not be paying any extra fees in the name of donations for getting admission and only get admissions on a merit basis.

  1. Russian Medical Colleges Offer Various Courses for the Students

Students who want to further pursue their studies after graduation can easily do that because all the major Russian medical colleges offer various courses for the students which include master’s courses and doctoral programs.

  1. Total Fee of 6 Years MBBS Program

It is to be noted by the students that none of the Russian universities offer an MBBS program in which they charge the total fee of 6 years MBBS program together.

  1. Get Admission with the Help of a Consultancy

If they come across an agent or consultancy who is looking for the same, then that person is to be reported for fraud.

  1. Be Aware of Fake Agents or Consultancy

There have been various cases where the students were duped by many of these fake agents by offering them opportunities to study MBBS in abroad.

  1. Reputed Higher Educational Institution

The Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) is a reputed higher educational institution that provides the students with a variety of courses.

  1. MBBS Program Offered in English Medium

Most famous of them being the MBBS program which is offered in English medium and at an economical fee.

  1. Experienced Teachers and Faculty Members

The experienced teachers of the FEFU (Far Eastern Federal University) have always made sure that the curriculum matches the International standard which has resulted in great results for the students and the university alike.

  1. International Faculty of the FEFU

Many of the International faculty of the FEFU (Far Eastern Federal University) have completed their education from top medical institutes abroad.

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