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Reasons to use cable drum stands in your construction projects

If your business field involves dealing with really big wires, then you will need one or more efficient cable drum stands. Such versatile equipment will help you save a lot of your resources. These stands, for example, will save a lot of time and can save a lot of wasted manpower on the jobsite.

Heavy and large wires can be really bulky and hard to control on construction sites. Fortunately, you won’t be left alone to trip over wires all over your work site. There are cable stands that can keep your site safer and more organized.

What are cable drum stands?

Cable drum stands are reel stands that are used to lift electrical wires and cables from the ground. These stands can keep your wiring off the ground without hiding it from the working crews on the site. This way, anyone can use the wires whenever they want without jeopardizing the safety of your site and the lifespan of the wires.

Cable stands are essential for all types of construction and mining sites, as there are always wires and cables involved in these sites. The stand facilities move and store different types of wires. For instance, cable stands are efficient for handling standard copper wires. Also, they can take care of modern fibre wiring. Cable stands are not a one-size-fits-all kind of solution. In fact, there are different sizes and shapes to fit different weights of wire.

There are small or compact stands, which can be useful for carrying lightweight wires. Such wires can be found with an electrician, for example, carried around in everyday jobs. This type of stand can come with wheels to facilitate maneuvering. Also, there are big stands that must contain disk brake systems to function properly.

Reasons to use cable drum stands 

So, no matter what type of industry you are in, as long as there are wires, you will always need cable stands. Here are a few reasons why:

Keeping the wiring off the ground 

Construction sites are notorious for being the sites of numerous accidents. Despite all the steps taken to improve the safety measures there, slipping and tripping accidents seem to keep happening. And bulky cables play a big role in such accidents. Yearly, thousands of construction workers fall over heavy Sometimes, things get even worse when these wires are electrical. So, you need efficient stands to eliminate the dangers that come with tripping over any type of wire.

Moving heavy and bulky wires effortlessly 

On a construction site, you will need to have your wires present whenever and wherever you want. So, imagine how much effort is required to move bulky and hefty wires over one or more sites. But a high-quality stand can make things really simple. They coil and uncoil wires fast and efficiently. Also, they are easily moved due to their light weight.

Flexibility and ease of placement 

Any site requiring cables, wires, or cable drum stands will easily fit in. In addition to their variety of sizes, their height can be modified as per need. You can make the stand a bit higher or lower easily. High adjustability can be useful in ensuring more safety.

Durability and cost-efficiency 

Cable stands are truly versatile and durable. They can resist common wear and tear factors. Stands can also perform their functions for years. This means that they can be a good investment over the years, as you will reap the benefits of buying them. You can save money when you invest in a high-quality stand that can last for decades and accompany you on multiple projects. So, with extended life expectancy, your company can end up saving money from using such equipment.

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